Thursday, 16 February 2012

India's Largest Overseas Edu Fair - Don’t Miss It!

Everyone knows that a successful future in this day and age, depends mainly on the right education and degree. No wonder today’s youth is far more focused and selective in seeking a degree that leads to a promising and exciting career. No longer are they satisfied with dull drab degrees and diplomas from local colleges. Instead they seek to explore newer avenues abroad which will nurture their natural talent, hone their skills and give them the best education possible.

If you are one such student looking for overseas educational opportunities, then there is no place better than our World Education Fair to acquaint yourself with the plethora of opportunities available in leading colleges and universities across the world.

The World Education Fair provides an ideal meeting opportunity for students and education institutions from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to meet delegates from top universities and colleges from various countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Singapore and France get first hand information and even apply, making the entire process extremely simple with the aid of our expert counselors. Over 70+ institutions from 8 countries will be participating with select institutions in select cities meeting with students, solving their queries, handing out “on the spot offers” and admissions.

Scholarships and Spot Admissions are given to meritorious students with complete applications by some institutions. Some also offer application fee waiver & you could save upto Rs. 35,000/- and save time too. Time is of extreme essence, especially when it comes to applying to colleges abroad, as several reputed institutions attract a huge number of talented students from all over the world and the seats fill up quickly. So, you should apply now for programmes commencing in March, May, July or Sep 2012. The knowledgeable international representatives at this Fair can work as a sounding board for your admission concerns; assist you in making a better decision and a complete application, well in time.

Varun Shah who attended the fair says “The Fair helped me in reducing the confusion that I had with regards to my higher studies abroad. The seminars were very informative. The counselors assisted me with completing applications and the visa procedures. Simply put, the Fair is a one-stop destination if you want to find an answer to all your queries regarding pursuing higher education abroad. Plus, it is also an excellent way of researching not just the college/university of your choice, but also the city and country that you choose to go to.”

The event will bring together the entire spectrum of courses on offer. There is information available on the tests required to study abroad, with discounted packages as well as an Academic Pathway Planning counselor who will help solve your queries as to what is the right course for you. Visit our nearest office to register for the event, submit an application and secure appointments with the delegates. Prior Registration is mandatory to attend this fair.

This Fair is scheduled from the 1st of Feb ‘12 to 21st of Feb in 11 cities across India. For more information you may visit our website:, The Fair is ideally timed for applications for Sept 2012 intake. Entry is free and parents too are invited to accompany the students.

The World Education Fair gives generation-next a great opportunity to look at the various options available to them in various countries which meet their needs and ambitions--all under one roof-- this is an event one should not miss!

Sushil Sukhwani

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