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Study in Top Colleges in Singapore

Singapore is a modern, vibrant nation with an excellent educational system, providing numerous opportunities for internationals who wish to study abroad. Education is a priority in Singapore and the nation is recognized as a ‘global schoolhouse’.

Study in Singapore

Singapore Education is a multi-government agency initiative launched by the Singapore Government in 2003 to establish and promote Singapore as a premier education hub and help international students make an informed decision on studying in Singapore. This initiative is led by the Singapore Economic Development Board and supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, SPRING Singapore and the Ministry of Education.

Tuition fees are affordable and the cost of living in Singapore is still significantly lower than of many developed countries. With Singapore's tradition of meritocracy talented students who need financial assistance can find the help they need in form of scholarships, bursaries and study loans.

Why study in the Top Colleges in Singapore?

1. Hub of education excellence:

In an environment that is inspiring and conductive education, Singapore provides high quality of teaching and research. More than 16 international universities has their campuses in Singapore.

2. Affordable quality education: 

Tuition fees are affordable in Singapore and still significantly lower than many of the developed countries.

3. Infrastructure: 

Singapore is well connected via sea, air and telecommunication to all parts of the world.

4. Global business hub: 

Singapore is consistently acknowledged to be a global business hub with its developed infrastructure, political stability and open business policy. More than 7000 MNC alongside 100000 small and medium enterprises have set up their base in Singapore with many choosing Singapore as their regional hub and launch pad to dynamic market of Asia.

5. Vibrant and cosmopolitan environment: 

Singapore may seem like a small dot on the world map, but the island state bustles all over with attractions and actives. The nation's rich multicultural living together.

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