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Exchange Program for international students: Pros.


Lakhs of students travel abroad every year for their higher education. Countries like UK, USA, Canada, Ireland are the most popular destination where students often enroll to Study Abroad. The exposure and experience offered by these foreign countries are top priorities. There are many schools, colleges, and universities in every country that offer their students to explore and experience a foreign life for a short period of time which is called a student exchange program.

In recent years, the Student exchange program has become a global trend. It is a program in which students from an institution travel to another country as a student of their institution’s partner. The students can spend one semester or a year away from home.

The student exchange program offers a wide range of benefits.

There are two types of student exchange programs.

· University Exchange program: If one’s university is linked with an abroad university, you can catch up with the classes with the partnered university.

· Third-party Exchange program: It is a flexible exchange program in which you can take regular classes at your regular university, so you can apply for an internship or volunteer and yet get university credits.

Duration Period.

· One semester or academic year: In this period of time one can have plenty of time to develop skills and to understand the lifestyle and culture of the country in a few weeks

· Short-term Visit: Students can take a short break from their normal schedule but still complete graduation from the home university by taking a short language course or internship in a foreign country.

Pros of students exchange program.

· Adaptable Environment: Exchange Program students get to see the world and exploring the country’s architectural sites, parks and wildlife, learning their history, delicious food, climate, etc. Experiencing new life is an interesting thing. Even experiencing different academic communities and their teaching styles.

· Can make you more beneficial: International exchange program helps students in increasing their chances of employment and also develops skills for the coming future. By the time the student finishes their graduation, this would be helpful in your CV to make a student stand out from the crowd.

· Can make you more flexible: being in another country, you need to start from the beginning. Making new friends, settling down, to know more about the place you are going to live in until the end of course. It will make you more proactive since you are going to live in a new country all by yourself.

· Connection and network: This is the perfect time to engage with the people to grow your connections and network. This is a kick-start to one’s career. This connection will someday help you with many things in the future. You get to know people around the world and can also learn some new skills from these people along with their language. You can increase your connection through internships

· The exchange program is affordable: This program costs thousands of dollars. This is why it is more attractive. Students get to experience traveling and living in a foreign country at a low cost.

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Thursday, 19 August 2021

Top Colleges in Canada in 2021

Among the various study destinations in the world, Canada is one of the preferred countries. There are a number of top-ranking colleges in Canada. Courses in Canada are offered in numerous subjects across various disciplines. The following are some of the best colleges in Canada for international students.

George Brown College

   One of the colleges in Canada for international students.

   Founded in 1967, known as the George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology.

   First to conduct a distance education system with over 15,000 global distance education students at present.

   Offers courses in Business, Health Sciences, Art and Design, Community Services, Hospitality and Engineering.

   Specialized and diploma programs along with 28 graduate certificate programs are also offered.

   Houses more than 35,000 students including 5,500+ international students, the majority of which come from India.

   The best research college in Canada in 2014.

   Home to three campuses, of which Casa Loma campus is the primary one. St. James campus houses the Centre for Hospitality as well as Culinary Arts. Business Administration, Financial Services, and Creative Arts faculties are also housed. The Waterfront campus comprises of Centre of Health Sciences.

Centennial College

   Founded in 1966, as a local community college in Ontario.

   Publicly-funded university, home to more than 25,000 students, including 13,000 international students.

   Offers numerous scholarships viz. The Nate Horowitz Scholarship, Kalim Ansari Scholarship and Investors Group Markham Scholarship.

   Initially, the university offered courses in a couple of streams. Presently, thousands of part-time courses in a vast spectrum of disciplines are offered. Over 300 and 160 full-time and part-time programs respectively are also offered. In addition, fast-track programs can also be opted for. Apprenticeship programs enable students to acquire on-job training while pursuing their studies.

   Houses five campuses with Progress Campus being the largest and offering programs in Culinary Arts, Engineering, Computer Science, Automation etc.

   Has eight schools- Business School, School of Tourism and Culinary Arts, School of Communication, Media Arts and Design, School of Engineering etc.

Seneca College

   Founded in 1967, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology is a leader in post-secondary education.

   Houses nine campuses with Newnham Campus are the largest.

   Offers both full-time and part-time graduate, diploma, baccalaureate, and certificate-level programs in various subjects like Accounting, Police Foundations and Liberal Arts, Business, Health Care, Accounting and Finance, Early Childhood Education, Applied Arts, and Health Sciences, among others.

   More than 97,500 part-time and full-time students are enrolled at the college. It has more than 3,500 international students.

Humber College

   Founded in 1967, a publicly funded and one of the top colleges in Canada with more than 27,000 and 50,000 full-time and part-time learners respectively, including 6,500 international students.            

   First college to be conferred the Silver Rating for Sustainability Tracking Assessment Rating System.

   Offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s level programs.

   Houses the faculties of Business, Media and Creative Arts, Applied Sciences and Technology, Social and Community Services, Health Sciences and Wellness and Liberal Arts & Science. 

   Offers full-time as well as part-time programs in Media Studies, Health Sciences, Applied Technology, Business, Liberal Arts and Hospitality and Tourism.

   In addition, there are Bridge Training programs in Information Technology and Engineering for globally trained professionals.

Algonquin College

   One of the publicly funded colleges in Canada founded in 1967, with founding institutions- Ontario Vocational Centre and Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology.

   Ranked among the top 50 research colleges in Canada.

   Houses three campuses with the primary campus in Ottawa. The others are in Pembroke and Perth.

   Provides Special interest clubs and associations, Athletic Activities, and Campus events.

   20,000 full-time and 37,000 part-time students are enrolled at the college. Of these, 4,000 are international students.

   Offers several undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Nursing, Commerce, Aircraft Maintenance, IT, Design, General Arts and Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism Management etc.

   11 Bachelor degrees and 19 Apprenticeship programs, diplomas, certificate programs, and advanced diplomas are also offered by Algonquin College.

   In addition, to gain practical knowledge and create industry relations, 52 Co-Op programs are also offered.  

   Algonquin College is a great choice for international students seeking scholarships to study in Canada. Various scholarships viz. International student scholarships and leadership award, International House Prize, and Harry Bloomfield Bursary School of Media and Design: Music Industry Arts etc.

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Thursday, 5 August 2021

Study abroad updates: U.K. has moved India from the ‘Red’ to ‘Amber’ list.

As the pandemic raged on, the United Kingdom (UK) was one of the worst affected countries. The UK was forced to announce a nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of a UK variant of Covid 19. Most universities in UK shifted their operations online so as to not disrupt the administration of its courses.

As India faced a very brutal second wave of infections, the UK put India on a ‘Red List’, which is a traffic light system for international travel. As a Tier 4 (student visa) has residential rights, aspiring Indian students were met with a sigh of relief for their education abroad as they could travel to the country, but however, the cost of quarantine proved to cause financial strain.

On August 5, 2021, the U.K. Transport Secretary tweeted, “The UAE, Qatar, India, and Bahrain will be moved from the red list to the amber list. All changes come into effect Sun 8th August at 4 a.m.”

Based on the rules issued by the UK Government for countries on the ‘Amber List’, here are the guidelines that arriving passengers have to adhere to:

With effect from August 8, 2021, for India:

- Arriving passengers have to take a COVID-19 test, a minimum of three days before departure, and book two Covid tests in advance, which will be taken upon arrival in the UK, and present a complete Passenger Locator Form on arrival.

- Arriving passengers will have to home quarantine at the address mentioned on their Passenger Location Form. They will be required to take a COVID-19 test on or before day two and on or after day eight of quarantine.

- Highlighting relief for fully vaccinated passengers, the UK Government also stated “fully vaccinated in the U.K. or under the U.K. vaccine program overseas; under 18 on the day, you arrive in England and resident in the U.K. or in a country with a vaccination program approved by the U.K. and part of a U.K.-approved vaccine trial”. Covid shield, the India-manufactured Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, is likely to be covered under this exemption.

This relaxation announced by the UK is a big win for students who want to travel for their study in UK. We strongly advise students to be fully vaccinated before they travel with vaccines approved by the respective study destination as this will exempt them from mandatory quarantine upon arrival.

Students can still apply to courses in UK and achieve their study abroad dreams. For further assistance or queries students can contact us, Edwise International, and avail for our wide range of services for students on destinations like Universities in USAstudy in Germanystudy in Canadastudy in Australiastudy in New-ZealandStudy in USA, study in Singapore and many other countries.

Saturday, 31 July 2021

Making a Successful Application to Study in USA

Over the years the number of students who choose to study in USA has significantly risen. With this increased competition, students need to go the extra mile to make their applications stand out. If you too are looking to stand apart from the rest, here are some factors that you need to take into consideration.

Scholastic Ability

· A determining component of your application to study at universities in USA is your GPA and CGPA. Thus, offer immense prominence to your academics.

Scores in University Admission Tests

· To study in USA, students need to appear for certain admission tests. These include the likes of English Proficiency tests such as the IELTS/TOEFL/PTE and other admission tests such as the GRE/GMAT/SAT and ACT.

· IELTS score of 6.0- 6.5 for Undergraduates and 6.5–7 band for Postgraduate studies is usually sought after.

· A TOEFL score of 70–80 for Undergraduate studies and 80–90 for Postgraduate studies is considered decent.

· Scored out of a total of 340, a good score is considered that of 320 and above in the GRE.

· The GMAT is scored out of a total of 800 and a good score is of 650+.

· Scored out of 1600, students looking to study undergraduate courses in USA need to appear for the SAT. A good score is considered that of a 1250+, but that again depends on the university.

· All four-year universities in USA utilize the ACT to evaluate the undergraduate application, scored out of a total of 36, a good score is considered that of 30 and above.

· Courses in USA generally have an expected score that they expect their students to attain.

Application Documentation

· Two integral components of your application are the SOP and LOR.

· In your Statement of Purpose, apart from covering your academic and professional background, also offer insights as to why you wish to study in USA in that course at that particular university.

· Based on your academic and professional background, universities will ask for 2–3 LOR’s. Ensure that your LOR, speaks highly about your skills and attributes.

Selecting the Right University

· Whilst through the entire process you’re trying to fit into your university, what is also important to consider is whether the university is the right fit for you.

· Though university rankings hold prominence, what you also need to check is the survey, student-faculty ratio, courses offered, research activities and alumni network to name a few.

Course Specific Requirements

· Students looking to pursue Ph.D. programs in USA are required to submit a research statement.

· On the other hand, those students looking to study MBA in USA should pay special heed to their essays as well as GMAT scores.

· Another prominent course is the Masters of Science programs and here your performance in the GRE plays a major role.

· For undergraduate courses, the SAT and ACT scores are critical.

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Monday, 19 July 2021

UniversitiesStudent Visa to Study in Canada


Through the years an increasing number of students decide to study in Canada owing to its vibrant culture, quality education, and multicultural lifestyle. Universities in Canada focus on research and development activities as well, thus, it comes as no surprise that students flock there.

To be eligible to study in Canada, however, students are required to attain a Canadian Study Permit. Here are some of the steps you need to undertake to secure a student visa.

Getting an Acceptance Letter

Once you are accepted into a Canadian educational institution, you will receive an Acceptance Letter. This letter comes in handy when making applications for a student visa.

Application for the Canadian Student Visa

Once you secure your Acceptance Letter, it is time to commence the application process for a student visa. The process occurs online, however, there are provisions made to send physical documents if you are at a dearth of internet connectivity.

Documents Required

· The complete application form along with the visa application.

· A valid Passport.

· A Letter of Acceptance from the respective university.

· The Certificate of Acceptance from the province of Quebec (If applied for Quebec).

· IELTS score sheet/ TOEFL or English proficiency test score result.

· GRE/GMAT score sheet (As per the student’s case).

· Visa processing fees — Bank Draft.

· Proof of Funds

Where to Apply

Students may deposit their application at the Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC), India operated by VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd. Once deposited at the Visa Application Centre, the VAC staff will perform a complete check, based on IRCC requirements and will then submit the application on the student’s behalf on the following business day. Applications may also be submitted to Canadian Immigration and Citizenship by using the online application system of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s website at

What is the SDS

Under THE SDS proposal, the student has an advantage if they apply to colleges that are under the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) members. The student visa will be processed faster with a lot more positive response from the High Commission. To qualify for a Study Permit Application under SDS the student should hold an unconditional offer letter from one of the institutions that are included under this scheme and meet the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations. The study permit is a document issued, that allows foreign nationals to study at designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada.

Ancillary Factors

A visa interview is not mandatory, but if required the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada may ask students to attend an interview. Once the Visa Office has assessed an application, they will make a decision and affix a visa counterfoil in the passport or otherwise issue a letter explaining why a visa could not be granted to study in Canada.

Summary of the Complete Process

1. Obtain an Unconditional acceptance letter from the University/ College.

2. Paying the tuition fee for 1st year as requested by the University / College.

3. Demonstrating the proof for purchase of Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating Canadian financial institution to cover the living expenses for the first year in Canada.

4. Complete the medical examination before submitting the study permit application by visiting one of the panel physicians in India.

5. Submission of the visa application forms along with the relevant documentation.

6. Collecting the passport from the nearest Canada Visa Application Centre after the application gets processed and receive a notification to get the passport collected.

The visa application process is seamless with the services of Edwise, overseas education consultants. For assistance get in touch with us today!

Saturday, 17 July 2021

Study Abroad: How to get into your dream school


Through the years an Indian student’s approach towards university applications has drastically transformed. Whilst academics continue to hold immense significance what has also gained trajectory is the extra-curricular aspect of the student’s profile. With the application season now looming upon students, they are in seek of tips that help them shine above the rest.

What is also important to note is that over time, the competition to get into these established universities abroad has also risen significantly. Thus, it becomes the need of the hour to do everything to get one step ahead.

Certain study abroad destinations continue to remain prime options for aspirants, these include the likes of the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and much more. If you too are looking to make a place at universities abroad, here are a few factors to consider when making applications to your dream school.


The focal point in any admission process is the grades and scores that a student hold. Universities abroad, tend to have a minimum criterion that students need to uphold when making an application.

Entrance Exams

There are certain English proficiency tests that students are required to appear for when looking to study abroad. These include the likes of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE. Other than these, SAT/ACT/GMAT/GRE are also requisite university examinations, depending on the course of application.


This part is one where you will be able to stand apart from others looking to study abroad. Focus on the projects undertaken, social services done, and bring to light the many attributes you possess other than being a diligent student. This shows to the admission committee that you have a holistic personality.


In some cases, students might also be required to appear for an admission interview. This enables the university to judge what your aspirations are and thus, enabling them to understand whether you will be a right fit for the program. Meanwhile, it is also a great opportunity for you as a student to understand whether the university is the right fit for you.

Track Record Outside the Classroom

What a lot of competitive schools look at is a student’s track record outside the classroom. Therefore, an internship or work experience in the course of the application comes in handy. What might also take things up a notch is endeavoring on activities by yourself. It shows to them that you as an overseas education aspirant possess an entrepreneurial drive.

Highlight your inclination towards the college or program

Another factor that has gained traction now is the student’s interest in the program or college. Taking virtual tours, interviews, interacting with delegates, and showing other signs of interest, brings to light the fact that you have the drive and zeal to enroll in the program.

Application Documents

Your Statement of Purpose needs to be a perfect balance of professional and personal endeavor. Find your voice and be unique and authentic. Proofread and edit your documents before sending them across. Letter of Recommendation helps the admission officer to attain an alternative viewpoint on your application. Ensure that you get it from someone who can speak credibly highly of your attributes.

There is no magic formula, however, keeping these factors in mind will take you the extra mile. For more such tips, get in touch with Edwise.

Monday, 12 July 2021

Covid 19 relaxations for study in UK and study in USA

With the world finally turning a new leaf in its battle against COVID 19, countries across the world are making provisions to lift restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the virus. In about to restore normalcy and allow economies to recover from the aftermath of the virus, countries like UK and USA have announced new relaxations that will come or have already come into effect for their populations. For students who have secured admission in UK, this is a big relief.

Here are country-wise relaxations that students enrolled at universities abroad can look forward to:

United Kingdom

As of July 5, 2021, the United Kingdom is sticking to its 4 Step Roadmap created to ensure a systematic unlocking of the country to help its citizens adjust to the new normal and facilitate normal life, amid rising infections in the country.

In the Step 4 section of this roadmap, premises, and establishments, like clubs, gyms, non-essential shops, etc., whose operations were curbed till Step 3, will be allowed to open and function normally.

People will be allowed to meet and interact socially without the limitation on the number of individuals and households. However, they are encouraged to meet in outdoor settings rather than indoors

While social distancing is not imposed, people are advised to maintain a 1-meter distance among themselves in public and avoid crowding.

While wearing masks is not mandatory, the decision to wear masks is left to the individuals.

While vaccinations abroad have been ramped up, the people are encouraged to take their jabs whenever it is made available to them. International students enrolled to study courses in UK and have not been vaccinated can receive their jabs on campus by registering on the NHS app.

Students will also be welcomed to study their courses in UK on-campus in face-to-face classes and lectures.

United States of America

As cases in the USA see a downward trend and the vaccination drive continue to vaccinate a large population of the country, it was announced that from June 2021, the compulsory mask mandate will be lifted in the USA along with the indoor mask mandate.

Many states across the country have announced that they will be relaxing other curbs imposed to control the virus. New York will be removing its midnight curfew and will allow establishments to remain open at night. In Massachusetts, all business-related restrictions will be done away with, which will allow businesses to function at their full capacity. This will help students, during their study abroad at US colleges and universities, to find part-time employment during term time.

Gatherings will not see a curb, and restaurants and dining establishments will also be reopened to the public. Social distancing and wearing of masks in public will be recommendations to the general public but not imposed upon.

The country has not made it mandatory for students traveling to the USA, for their courses abroad to be fully vaccinated, but however, it is has given autonomy to universities abroad to mandate the same for their students. Students can also receive their vaccination jabs on campus, mostly free of cost.

For further assistance or queries students can contact us, Edwise International, and avail for our wide range of services for students on destinations like Universities in UK, study in USA, study in Canada, study in Australia, study in New-Zealand, Study in Ireland, study in Singapore and many other countries.