Friday, 12 August 2011

UK - Amended Visa Rules - Can Apply Now!

United Kingdom is the most preferred destination by international students for its world renowned high quality education system which is its century old tradition. So if you have overseas education on your mind then now is the time, avail the opportunity and apply to renowned universities of UK for your aspired area of specialization.

In Apr' 09 Britain announced new immigration rules for students from India known as Points Based System (PBS). The new system is more transparent, easily understood and simplifies the existing rules for students. This hassle-free visa system of UK is the acting magnetism which encourages international students to choose UK, which has attracted 30% more students to study in 2008.

The PBS also is for those wanting to migrate to UK for study or work. It awards, points for objective criteria such as qualifications, previous earnings, age and UK experience. Under the new rules, universities and colleges will take more responsibilities of international students, which in turn ensures a safe stay for students in the new environment, a sigh of relief for the parents.

According to the latest amendments to the PBS on 1st June the visa applicants can show the funds required to cover the course fees and living expense available on or before the day of visa application rather than the requirement of the funds being of 28 days old. The loan requirement is also now revised. Applicants account number on the loan document is not mandatory.

The university in UK have higher rankings in the World and a wide range of courses are offered. The courses which a student can enhance his/her knowledge are applied and pure sciences, MBA, business, finance and administrative studies, legal studies, communications, tourism, computer and mathematics, architecture, creative arts, music, literature, fashion, human resource management, etc.

A degree from renowned university in UK will see your career soar to new heights. One of the biggest advantages of UK education is its accelerated one-year Masters degree for almost all courses, which saves you substantially enough time and money. Universities recognize the Indian education system of three-year graduation which means an Indian graduate can enter an MBA or Masters after graduation. For the undergraduate a single application takes care of 5 universities thus cutting short on the application process time.The student must show funds to support his living for 9 months and his tuition fees for one year only. The best method to learn more about the Universities and gain a quick recommendation / decision on your application is to meet the universities on a one is to one basis when they meet students at their representatives offices such as Edwise. Please see the website to find the University of your choice visiting your city.

Edwise is one of the best national representative of a large number of institutions from around the world.

For those worried about the recession, all studies, logic and trends show that it is better to study now and acquire a qualification and be prepared for the future when employment opportunities open up.

The other good news for the aspiring student is the new opportunity announced by British Government for successful international graduates of UK institutions to work in the UK for up to two years. With increased demand for Study in UK and immigration friendly rules, why are you holding up? Apply now to universities in UK to set the firm foundation stone for your career.

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