Thursday 24 December 2020

Blending Learning and Education Abroad


With the lockdown now easing and countries gradually opening their borders to international students. However, before students can go back to attend classes full-time on campus, a new form of education has emerged. This is the blended form of learning which ensures that the health, as well as education prospects of students, are catered to.

·         Blending learning is an amalgamation of online as well as on-campus classes for students.

·         The primary motive now is to ensure that students are safe, and their health isn’t compromised. Universities across the globe are working hard in this direction to ensure that this is possible. They have assured that they need of every student is catered to and wherever possible a blended form of learning will be utilized.

     Certain universities have made statements regarding their protocol for the future and students are advised to get in touch with their respective universities to understand the same. Taking into account the situation in the local area, universities will undertake decisions accordingly. Reiterating the point made before, the health, well-being and safety of students remain the priority when making these decisions.

·         A major benefit of online classes to study abroad is the fact that it addresses both the issues we are currently facing adequately. It simultaneously ensures that the health, as well as education prospects of students, remain intact.

·         Blending learning for education abroad is seen to have widespread advantages to those online students, who earlier may have not received the opportunity to access these avenues.

·         The beauty of blended learning classes is profound. For instance, you don’t have to put your education prospects on the back burner. Even when you are in your home country you can commence your study abroad journey. What’s more, when the situation normalizes you are set to travel to your study abroad destination. This means you don’t have to wait like others who haven’t started their online classes.

·        Moreover, attending blended learning classes ensures students stay in their destination and with the time in hand, students have the opportunity to undertake part-time classes as well. Technology is the future, and it comes as no surprise that it is continuing to hold a strong grasp in the realm of education as well.

It is important that you keep up with the changing times as well. Thus, don’t hold back seize the opportunity that has come to your hand and commence your study abroad journey with blending learning.

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Scholarship Tips to Study Abroad


One of the most arduous aspects of the process to study abroad is that of making financial considerations. For many, this can be a make-or-break decision. The tuition fees, accommodation and other living expenses are some of the many considerations a student has to make when it comes to attaining an education abroad.

To solve exactly these issues is where scholarships and other financial aid comes into the picture. Attaining this scholarship will not only make the entire process a whole easier, but is often subject to requirements. Only upon successfully fulfilling these requirements is a student able to grab a scholarship.

Undertaking research is one of the paramount considerations a student needs to make when attaining a scholarship and this enables the pupil to understand the options at their disposal.

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·         After a meticulous analysis of your entire student profile, we at Edwise recommend the best scholarship for you. We connect you to the most suitable university that offers to its students’ impeccable scholarship avenues.

·         For instance, those students looking to study in UK, Australia and New Zealand can make applications for Commonwealth scholarships. These scholarships are available at the undergraduate as well as postgraduate level.

·         With Edwise, you will not be limited to one university or course, but will have at your disposal a range of avenues. Since there can be some paperwork and other considerations to bear in mind, we are your best bet.


·         With the advent of social media and making use of your own connections, you can garner further details about scholarships.

·         Interacting with past alumni will help you understand the options you have at your disposal. Since they have gone through the experience themselves, they will be a great source of support when seeking scholarships to study abroad.

·         Moreover, there are a considerable number of support groups that also offer their services for scholarships.


·         Before looking at your study abroad destination, it is also important that you investigate your home country. Many countries themselves have scholarship programs for their residents who are looking to study abroad. Thus, it is best to look into the same as well.

·         Apart from scholarships, there are also other financial avenues such as loans that a student can consider.

·         The Fulbright scholarship program to studyin USA is a prominent scholarship platform.

Therefore, your personal savings, coupled with scholarships and other financial avenues will make your dream to study abroad seamless. As a student, there are a range of avenues at your disposal, all that you need to do is take advantage of them.

Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award.

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