Saturday, 15 February 2014

USA – Wealth of Knowledge

Top Universities USA continues to be the higher education Mecca for the whole world. If you want world class education along with good career opportunities the United States is the best destination for you. USA has always been an attractive study destination for prospective students, the reasons being quality education, cutting edge technology, work opportunities, excellent funding options and flexible curriculum.The Universities in the United States being the leading destination for international students, offers the most attractive opportunities and choices for furthering their education. The education system lays a lot of emphasis on not only building a very strong base but also on the practical aspects and employment related skills.

USA is an education hub with over 4500 institutions. Universities in the USA are amongst the best for higher education in the fields of science, technology, management, hospitality, mathematics, engineering etc. The institutions consistently rank very high in world rankings which is just one of the reasons to study in USA. Programs are very well structured and there is a great deal of flexibility in the academic system. USA is known for its latest technologies and advancement in technical fields. It has always been a hub of inventions.
Prerna Lanjekar who pursued her Masters in Computer Science passed out from California State University, East Bay says “ It is an enriching learning experience. The courses are practical and provide in-depth knowledge of the subjects.”

The availability of financial aid is another incentive for students wanting to pursue their education in the United States. Universities in the USA offer students grants, loans and stipends which help students cover their daily expenses and in some cases even their tuition fees.  International students can also apply for various scholarships which are offered by the USA universities. In addition to various aids, students can also work 20 hrs per week on campus during the program and 40 hrs per week during vacations. After their education, the students are entitled to Optional Practical Training of 12 months and for students of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is additional 17 months totaling it to 29 months. 

Dr. Stephen Hodges, President Hult International Business School says “American culture places great emphasis on academic excellence and the educational experience.  Being the world’s largest economy and geographically huge, the USA offers insights and opportunities along with a multitude of culture and leisure activities.  Chosen by 30% of all international students seeking further education, the US is an accessible option, and the number 1 choice for those seeking study abroad."

With all these aspects in view, USA is the destination to further your education. Many Universities in USA require UG students to appear for the SAT exam. At the graduate level those applying for management programs need to appear for the GMAT exam and those applying to non-management programs need to appear for the GRE. To assist with Test Preparation we have tied up with Barrons USA and created an intutive and integrated curriculum to unleash the best potential in students. 

Last year the number of students going to USA increased dramatically due to the growth signs shown in the USA economy. It is an ideal time for those with 3 years Bachelors degree or 4 years Bachelors degree to contact our counselors to assist with admissions for Fall 2014 or Spring 2015.

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