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Edwise had organised the 12th World Education Fair at J W Mariott, Juhu on Tuesday, February 7, 2012.

There was personalised help available to students right from filling up of application forms to admission process. Over the years, thousands of Edwise students have secured their lucrative future overseas.

Delegates from different countries representing over 75 universities worldwide were available for on the spot interactions and admissions to many institutes.

Sameer Patil said, " The fair me in reducing the confusion that I had with regards to my higher studies abroad. The seminars were very informative.

The counselors assisted students present there with completing applications and the visa procedures. Simply put, the fair was a one- stop destination to all your queries regarding pursuing higher education abroad." Student queries about courses, visa, scholarships, loans etc were answered by these delegates in the seminars that were held every hour.

Some institutes also provided application fee waiver for up to Rs. 35,000, scholarships and spot admissions for complete applications.

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Want to go abroad for studies?Your time starts now

World Education Fair

February is the ideal time to start researching for ideal courses and preparing your application process

If you want to go abroad this year for higher studies, the ideal time to apply is February. This was emphasised at the World Education Fair, organised by Edwise, on Wednesday, which saw more than 1,000 prospective students taking part.

With more than 40 universities taking part in the fair, the organisers noted that it was the perfect time for students, who are contemplating studying abroad, to look into the logistics more seriously.

“We have universities from six countries participating. For students wanting to start their studies in their intended university by September, February is the ideal time to start looking,” said Sushil Sukhwani, director, Edwise. He also said that the fair would take place in 11 cities in the country, with four more to go after Bangalore.

The fair was oriented towards students intending to do their master’s course abroad. “In India, about 85% of students who go abroad to study want to pursue their master’s. The number of students wanting to do their under-graduation has increased from 15% to 17%, but it is still a small gain,” he said.

As for the courses that are popular among students, management still tops the list. “About 35%-40% of the students go for programmes offering management studies and another 35% go for either engineering or IT-related courses. Only about 20% go to study pure sciences, journalism, literature and other courses,” said Sukhwani.

However, it is a number that has been gradually increasing, according to Sukhwani. “We see a slightly more number of students off to pursue courses like music and arts, but you see it more in progressive cities such as Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai,” he added.

As for countries that are most popular, Sukhwani said that because of the economic climate, students were gravitating towards countries other than the United States. “Canada and Singapore have seen an increase in the influx of students. They are now choosing countries based on the courses offered, whether the country boasts a stable economy, employment opportunities and favourable stay back options,” he said.

He added that students have problems when it comes to financing studies. “As opposed to five years ago, the number of scholarships from the US has gone down, but Australia is actually offering more scholarships. However, students still have a problem with loans. The upper limit for student loans in banks is `14 lakh and students often need a little more and the paperwork is also a little bit different,” he said.

Sushil Sukhwani

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Boom Recession Boom - USA

Study in USA Universities

As spring will be followed by winter, prosperity and economic growth will be followed by recession. New jobs are scarce, while old jobs may be gone tomorrow. So you have concluded that recession is not the time to venture abroad for further studies?

Quite contrarily, despite the ongoing recession, now is the best time for students to go abroad for further studies or even take a break and enhance your current qualifications. Hard to believe, well, here's the simple explanation. We all know recession is the best time for investment as every investment is available at a lower cost. Then why not invest in education so you fetch better returns at the time of boom. This is an advice not only given by education counselors, but also a fact vouched for by thousands of students who are heading to various universities in USA for the coming academic year. Even universities in USA have announced an increase in number of applications for Fall 09.

Experts give the US economy a year to recover and two years to start booming again. By the time students enrolled for Fall 09 graduate, the US economy will be in the recovery stage. And it will be the ideal time as a fresher to step in the market and grab the best of the numerous opportunities available.

Alternately if you choose not to enroll this year, you will be competing for jobs which are scarce. If you think of enrolling after 2 years, you will be in college when the economy and job market will be booming. So don't go against the flow of the world, but instead walk with its pace.

International students can work for 20 hrs per week on/off campus during term and 40hrs per week on/off in vacation time. After graduation, international students are allowed to work for one year what is known as OPT (optional practical training). Students of science, technology, engineering and mathematics streams have an OPT period of 29 months.

The right thing to do is to choose the career of your interest and arm yourself with the requisite degree. Degrees in healthcare, medicine, teaching, art, music, literature, Study MBA in business and finance or hotel management will continue to get you good job opportunities.

"It is a myth that recession has hit the field of education in the US. I have seen so many international students like me queuing up for degrees in the coming year," said Poonam Mahadik, 21, who is planning to major in psychology at (SUNY Plattsburgh) Fall 09.

It is the long lived stereotype that education in USA is unaffordable. A wide spectrum of tuition fees, accommodation options and financial help from the institutions in the form of scholarships, fee waivers etc makes US education affordable.

Understanding the situation the students are in, many universities are giving a helping hand by increasing the amount of scholarships offered. One of them is Johnson &Wales University which has increased the scholarships for international students for Fall 09.

So what are you waiting for? With admissions still open at selected universities for Fall 09 intake all you need to do is come to Edwise to make the right investment and head to the USA for the experience of a life time.

Sushil Sukhwani
Director - Edwise


Study in Canada

Canada has majorly emerged as the most preferred destination for Indian students. It is an excellent option for international students with a wide array of study programs. International students are flocking to many reputed Universities and Colleges in Canada to pursue Masters Degree which requires 16 years of education or a Post Graduate Certificate or Diploma accepting 15 years. Large number of students from India enroll for PG programs in Canada in areas like business, engineering, computer, science & IT, hospitality –tourism, media and animation.

Over 7,00,000 people of Indian origin currently reside in Canada. "Recognized globally, the Canadian education system provides students with a quality a learning environment and a great deal of flexibility. With quality vocational and academic course offerings the college and university system in Canada allows students a truly personalized learning experience." says Mike Henniger, International Director of Thompson Rivers University.

Theses factor have charmed Indian student resulting in an increase of about more than 25% in enrollments. In Canada most of the institutions are public institutions. With over 92 universities and 175 colleges and technical institutes , featuring virtually every program imaginable, from nuclear science to engineering, MBA to arts and music.

Wendy Curtis , International Director of Fanshawe International Center says “Canada is a safe and economically- strong country with an excellent education system. It has immigrant- friendly policies that allows eligible international students to work for up to 3 years after completing education in Canada.”

Several international students who complete post-secondary education in Canada wish to stay on and obtain Canadian work experience. A wise move considering Canada has also been consistently ranked by the UN as the number one country in the world to live in.

The Canadian High Commission launched the immensely successful Student Partner's Program with the idea of increasing the approval rate for study permit applications at participating Canadian Colleges. This SPP program assists students to get a Visa faster, provided they meet a specific list of conditions with very limited documentation.

The courses in Canada are designed as per the requirements in Job market. Many of these programs offer Co- operative education program which is a work term of one semester providing opportunity of working full time during their study. The major intakes for studying in Canada is September January and May. Students are allowed to work part time on campus for the first 6 months for 20 hrs per week during the course and thereafter off campus. As per the recent immigration rules the student graduating from an eligible programs (2 years) form Canadian Post secondary institution will be eligible for an Open wok permit for 3 years and can work for any Canadian employer in any industry. For those who have studied for 1 year is eligible to work for 1 year on completion of the course.

Maulik Doshi pursued PG in Project management from Humber College, Toronto says- “It was the best decision of my life, good people, safe surrounding and ample of opportunities to work and permanently settle down. I currently have a good job a respectable salary and now my younger brother is planning to come here for a program in animation.

We have organized Mission Canada from 15th April - 1st May in 8 cities across India. Visit our website for more information.

Clearly the rewards of a Canadian education will last you a lifetime.

Sushil Sukhwani
Director, Edwise

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India's Largest Overseas Education Fair will be held in 11 cities. Delegates of over 80+ universities from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland and France will be participating with select institutions in select cities . Student queries about courses, visa, scholarships, loans etc will be answered by these delegates in the informative SEMINARS that will be held every hour. Some Institutes will also provide Application Fee Waiver (up to Rs. 35,000) and scholarships or Spot admissions for complete applications. Scholarships will be given to Meritorious applicants.

There is an astounding number of students from around the world who are opting for education beyond what their local colleges and Universities have in offer. You may choose from below multiple benefits offered by various countries :

Study in UK :
With a high degree of reputation, an incomparable charm, and above all, educational quality that's backed by centuries of tradition, making the United Kingdom just the right place to give your career that global edge. UK has a large number of universities which rank among the best in the world and offer a wide range of courses with the specialization. UK qualifications are both recognized and respected throughout the world. One of the biggest advantages of UK education is its one-year Masters degree for almost all courses or a 3 years Bachelors degrees which saves your considerable time and money.

Study in USA:
USA education is one of the best in the world with more than 4800 universities catering to undergraduate and postgraduate. It follows an experiential education system where both theory and practical experience is given equal importance. It not only prepare students for academic success but also help them succeed in culturally diverse environment.

Study in Canada:
With amongst the best education systems globally, Canada offers international students a whole new lot of opportunities in specialized and profession- oriented programs of study. With a high standard of living and being one of the safest places in the world to study in, Canada welcomes students from all over the world. The institutions offer an extensive range of courses from Bachelor's,Diplomas to Postgraduate Certificate / Diploma courses in Canada.

is a great destination for education and living, it has a highly developed education system and leading in many fields. They have skills shortages in many areas, so there is plenty of opportunity for the right candidates. With the recent introduction of the post study work visa, students benefit from being able to acquire not just an international education but also relevant work experience after their course if they choose the right University. It has ample part time work opportunities while studying in Australia.

Study in NewZealand:
An Indian chooses New Zealand as an ideal destination because it is considered “Best of Both the Worlds” providing a qualification which is globally recognized at the lowest cost. It has eight state-funded universities New Zealand which are internationally acknowledged for their academic and research performance.

There are other emerging countries like Singapore, Switzerland , France which are providing cost effective, affordable & quality education.

Students who are interested in interacting with University delegates should visit our nearest office to register for the event, submit their tentative applications and secure appointments with the delegates. Prior Registration is mandatory to attend this fair.

This Fair is scheduled from the 17th May - 4th June in 11 cities across India. For more information you may visit our website:, Entry is free and parents too are invited to accompany the students.

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Australia is a multicultured , safe and sophisticated society in which students can learn and get a unique experience. Apart from a world class education system, it also offers excellent value for money and a standard of living which is among the highest in the world.

Australian qualification and institutions are recognized globally for their high quality and excellence. Graduates from Australia are very successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide. Additionally, they are rapidly accepted for postgraduate study (in Australia) at leading international universities.

Priya Kamineni , International Regional Manager, Bond University says “Australia is a great destination for education and living, it has a highly developed education system and leading in many fields.  The people are friendly; the place is not crowded and they have skills shortages in many areas, so there is plenty of opportunity for the right candidates.”

Australian universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses covering areas such as accounting, architecture, business and management, communications, computers, IT, creative arts, economics , education/training, engineering, environmental studies, health services, humanities/social sciences , tourism and hospitality, law, nursing , psycology, sciences and more. Also, MBA in Australia is available for freshers. 

There are dual degree options available with MBA with masters in IT, hospitality, international business, commerce , HR and many more. So, students get 2 Awards in hand after course completion.

Students who go to Australia for full time studies can also work part time for 40 hours per fortnight while studying and 40 hours per week during their vacations. This helps the students to cover their living expenses and sometimes even save for their following semester.

Effective from 24th March 2012 Australian Government has introduced Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP) arrangements for a specified list of Australian Universities and partner institutes. The student must hold a CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) and eventually study a Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral Degree. 

Under the SVP, funds need not be held for a specific period of time or of a specific nature as long as the student is a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) ie. he intends to study at Australia, will study a Bachelors, Masters, PHD degree eventually and he can afford to study in Australia. This is a very positive step in terms of providing access to higher Education in Australia to students from all countries.

The onus of the student rests with the university. Students who do not wish to be assessed under the SVP may continue to apply for their visa under the regular system in Sub-Class 573-AL 3 ( or as the case may be ) where they have to show funds in acceptable format for a specified period of time.

In early 2013, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will clarify details whereby graduates who have spent at least two academic years studying their degree in Australia will be allowed two years Post-study work rights. Master by research graduates to receive three years of Post-study rights and PhD graduates to receive four years post-study work right.

We are also encouraging students to come for counselling and meet University representatives and get more information. Students can avail a fee waiver during the application fortnight which is between 9th April - 21st April. At this time students can also interact with Alumni from an Australian University and gain more knowledge about student life on campus. The world stands for you, you just need to move one step forward.

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New Zealand – YOUR DESTINATION TO STUDY WORK & RESIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Zealand is truly multicultural in nature this will help an international students to enhance his network , to know their culture and thus maximize his flexibility and knowledge for the other parts of the country , standard of living in New Zealand is very high as compared to the other countries.

New Zealand has eight state-funded universities, all of which are internationally acknowledged for their academic and research performance. All universities offer internationally-recognized Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral degrees in a broad range of subjects including in popular streams like arts, commerce and science as well as in specialties like engineering, computer studies, biotechnology and architecture, hospitality & tourism, culinary arts, teaching, physiotherapy , nursing etc. Eligible students can now apply for a work permit entitling them to work part-time for 20 hours, during the academic year, and full-time during vacations.

Farnaaz Mohammed Senior Manager, International Marketing & Recruitment , Massey University says “New Zealand universities perform well in international rankings - New Zealand had a higher ratio of universities in the top 500 of the 2011 THE/QS World Ranking of Universities than most other country systems. New Zealand universities are trusted for offering high quality teaching based on the British model and delivered at a very affordable cost. New Zealand university degrees are highly transferable - our graduates gain employment in career positions world-wide and gain entry to top universities around the world for postgraduate study.”

The good news is, both quality education as well as accommodation, is far cheaper compared to other countries. Coupled with the lesser costs & international recognition of its qualification New Zealand offers “Best of the both worlds qualification.”

New Zealand Government has a Code of Practice, signed by over 1200 institutions in the country, to ensure that a consistent, high standard of care is provided to all international students studying there.

Manpreet Kaur, International Marketing Manager, University of Waikato says "New Zealand has a worldwide reputation for being a welcoming and safe destination. New Zealanders are renowned for their honesty, friendliness and openness. While New Zealand is a relatively young country it has a rich and fascinating history reflecting both our Maori and European heritage. Also New Zealand is one of the world's affordable English speaking destinations and is one of the most racially tolerant.”

Besides this, international students who have graduated from a course in New Zealand can apply for 1 year work permit to obtain practical work experience relevant to their qualification, thus gaining not just the degree but professional experience as well in the field of their choice. After getting job student can apply for Permanent Residence (PR) under skilled migrant category. With the best of New Zealand education qualification & New Zealand work experience the likelihood of qualifying for a residence permit is high.

Shonali Thakur pursuing Masters in Business from University of Waikato says “University campus is beautiful and has wonderful amenities. The courses are practical and provide an in-depth view of the subject.”

What's more, if you intend to apply for the intakes in July/Sep, now would be a good time to approach our counsellors who can be readily accessed by students under one roof at the fair, courtesy a simple registration process with us.

The American Dream

Study in USA

'The Land Where Dreams Can Come True'- These words truly define the US, a federal republic founded by intellectuals coming together from different parts of the world.

A multicultural society, the US boasts of excellent opportunities be it in education, career, or living. US education is one of the best in the world with more than 4800 universities catering to undergraduate and postgraduate education needs. There is no program that the US education system does not offer. The well known universities include Columbia University, MIT, California State University, Embry Riddle, Long Island University, Hult International Business School to name a few.

Mayumi Kowta Director, International Programs, California State University Channel Islands says “According to the Institute for International Education's research, the number of international students currently enrolled at U.S. Universities during the 2010 – 11 academic year is 823,277.  The US is clearly the number one destination for prospective international students from all over the world.  The US universities not only prepare students for academic success but also help international students succeed in culturally diverse environment in business and social settings.  I believe, this is a long term trend and would like to encourage all prospective international students to explore the opportunity.”

The US follows an experiential education system where both theory and practical experience is given equal importance. US universities are flexible in course choices and duration of completion of programs. For example, a 4 year undergraduate degree can be completed in as less as 3 years. The popular intakes are September and January, although quite a few universities have additional intakes open for international students. Most universities follow a deadline system and few universities have open rolling admission. Generally, prospective undergraduates have to take SAT and TOEFL/IELTS exam, while prospective graduates have to take GRE/GMAT and TOEFL/IELTS.

Numerous funding opportunities are available to meritorious students through scholarships, assistantships, and student loans. International students can take advantage of the part time employment opportunities USA available as they progress through their program and full time employment opportunities available after completion of their degree.

Rick Groleau, Assistant Director of International Admissions, Study in Southern New Hampshire University says "Nothing can replace an experience of getting your undergraduate or graduate degree in the USA.  The time spent with fellow students and faculty, experiencing academic and work related internships will be key to your success.  Your network of classmates and contacts are befitting an international experience needed for todays leaders."

We represent over 150 institutions in USA. However we help students enroll in any other institutions of their choice and we charge a reasonable service fee, giving special attention to admission formalities such as students application, highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented, error free application. We assist with References and the 'all-important' Statement of Purpose. We follows up with the chosen Universities and ensure Positive and Quick Response. We have exhaustive information prospectus, brochures, CD's & application forms, etc. We provide personalized training for the standardized tests such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS and PTE (Mumbai only).

So what you are waiting for, go for it now! Visit today and fulfil your American Dream.

Sushil Sukhwani

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