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Study MBA in UK Universities

One major advantage of studying MBA in Universities in UK is its duration, which is just one year. This allows the student to re enter the work force quickly.

An MBA from UK universities is different for different categories of students. Students with no work experience, Students with one year of work experience, students with two years of work experience, students with three or more years or work experience can apply for the MBA in UK universities. Most AMBA (Association of MBA) accredited universities need 3 years of work experience out of which atleast 2 years should be managerial work experience. GMAT may be required in some Universities though not compulsory in all.

The most popular one is the Freshers MBA in UK universities (no work exp. required) mainly due to the fact that the qualification is popular in India and most of our fresh graduates prefer to do an MBA from UK universities. With ample of choices available in London and other parts of UK, this MBA remains to be a strong choice and good value for money since India has a trend of Freshers MBA.  Multiple scholarships as well as internships offered add even further value to the course and its popularity in India.

The senior MBA in UK universities has limited takers but is an excellent move to enhance earning potential and help gain better positions and promotions.UK MBA's add immense practical exposure to one's profile and serve as a strong thrust for career growth. This level of an MBA in UK universities greatly involves networking with business professionals from around the world with a diverse range of skills and experience. Most MBA's incorporate live projects or internships and have proven to have high records with regards to return of investment.

Varun Sukhija from  University of Sheffield  in UK says “I am truly thankful to Edwise for their individual attention and support throughout the entire application process. Edwise has done a great job”

The association of MBAs accredit MBA programmes in the UK universities and worldwide.

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Study in New Zealand University

New Zealand is not just for water rafting and skiing to abseiling, mountain biking and snowboarding. If you are looking for education abroad at an affordable price, look no further than studying in New Zealand university. New Zealand University also have an international reputation as a provider of quality education. 

NewZealand University offer a safe learning environment which provides excellent study opportunities and support services for international students. Courses are available for academic, professional and vocational Study in New Zealand university, polytechnics, colleges of education, secondary schools and private training establishments.

Students come from Europe, South East Asia, UK, North Asia, Japan, South America, India, and Australia, amongst many others. New Zealand university offer a progressive education to help students take a leading place in the exciting global environment.

Education in New Zealand offers an attractive and stimulating academic environment. New Zealand universities are diverse in size and location and offer a wide range of general and specialist courses. The best thing about studying in University in New Zealand is that the expenses involved are comparatively less than the other major destinations.

Students who have completed their courses in New Zealand Universities are finding more job opportunities and many of them have secured Permanent Residency. Jesal Ashar had a remarkable learning experience in Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. “I would strongly recommend any aspiring student who wants to go abroad to consider New Zealand University in their list of education destinations” says Ashar, a student from Edwise.

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Monday 19 August 2013

USA Universities

      Universities and Colleges in USA rank high in world rankings because of their infrastructure, technological advancement and the quality of education provided by them. USA universities require 15 or 16 years of education, depending on which courses you are interested in and which USA University you are applying for.
      The main intakes for USA Universities are in January and September and some of the USA universities offer spring intake also. The UG courses in USA Universities are generally of 4 years duration and the PG courses in USA Universities are of 2 years duration.

The 10 most popular USA Universities are  :
  1.  University of South Florida
  2. NYU Polytechnic
  3. Hult International Business School
  4. University of Massachusetts Lowell
  5. Rochester Institute of Technology
  6. Oregan State University
  7. San Francisco State University
  8. New York Film Academy
  9. Embry – Riddle Aeronautical University
  10. Colorado State University

Studying in USA Universities is an ideal destination for acquiring higher education which offers a mind blogging range of USA Universities with highly sophisticated and enlightening educational environments. USA Universities are known for its latest technologies and advancement which gives the student a very good chance to make his/her future in these fields. USA Universities has always been a hub of inventions. Students therefore have first hand knowledge about cutting edge technologies coupled with excellent research opportunities.

         Are you wondering how to apply to USA Universities? Well we advice you that this is the right time to plan for your USA university application. You can easily achieve your dream of studying in USA Universities even if you have limited funds. We give complete step by step guidance for preparing for the standardized exams, university selection thorough documents and excellent USA visa guidance. Visit your nearest Edwise branch today and get complete details about USA Universities before you apply!

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Study in Australia

Studying in Australia can be an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. Australia is a leading global education hub with some of the world’s best facilities and educators, providing local and international students with a wide range of Australian study options.

One of the world’s leading destinations for Study in Australia and research in the areas of science, information technology and engineering with State of the art laboratories, classrooms, libraries, campuses, etc. It’s more economical to Study in Australia when compared with the other first-world countries, especially since course fees and the cost of living can be well balanced.

Most student Australian visas allow you to work for up to 40 hours every two weeks while your course is in session, and unrestricted hours during any scheduled course break, but before you undertake any paid work you need to make sure your visa allows you to work in Australia. Working while you Study in Australia can help complement your study and living expense. There are a number of reasons you might want to undertake part time work while studying in Australia, including assisting with living expenses and gaining work experience in your study area.

Students who complete a course of study in Australia may also apply for Australian Permanent Residency under the skilled migration program. Prof Julia Connell the Asst Dean of the Graduate Business School of Newcastle University states that “Australia is a multicultural, safe and friendly place to study. The standard/ cost of living, the clean and stunning landscapes, in addition to the high educational standards make it a first choice for many international students.”

So no matter the type of course you want to Study in Australia, how long you want to study for or which Australian universities you want to study, you can be assured that in Australia you will have a high quality and rewarding study experience.

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Australia Universities

Australian Universities are becoming a fast preferred destination in terms of education among Indian students. Australian Universities offers an educational experience that makes a real difference. Universities in Australia provide a unique kind of education and learning style that encourages one to be innovative, creative and think independently. Graduates from Australian Universities are very successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide.

The 10 reasons to study in Australian Universities are:

  1. Qualification Recognition- Most courses and training undertaken by international students in Australian Universities are covered by Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) which is authorized by the Australian government.
  2. Excellence - Australian universities are widely recognized for excellence in many disciplines.
  3. Possibility of more scholarships- Australian universities offers scholarships and bursaries for aspiring students and some Australian Universities offer scholarships to academically meritorious Indian students exclusively as well.
  4. Job opportunities- Be it in agriculture or aeronautics, accounts or actuaries, Australian Universities offer work permits to international students like none other.
  5. More research opportunities- Australian Universities offers country-based research that is spread all over the continent. Selection for these highly regarded research opportunities are based on merit and is highly competitive, and a proven track record of academic excellence is a pre-requisite.
  6. Cost of living- In Australia, a student gets value for money in terms of cost of living. The conversion factor is cheaper compared to other countries.
  7. Multicultural Society- Australian Universities are safe, multicultural, friendly and harmonious society.
  8. Quality Assurances- Australia's national quality assurance system is unique both in its structure and its rigor.
  9. Innovation – Australian Universities has a reputation for adopting new technologies at a faster rate than in most other countries
  10. Visa red-tapism- Australian Universities now follows Streamlined Visa Process for student visas. This has brought improvements in student visa rules making it faster and also eases the financial requirements which are aimed to make studying in Australian University easier.


            Australia is a dynamic, vibrant country with energetic and friendly people. Multicultural Australia is English-speaking, safe and friendly in which students can learn and travel freely.Ms Bianca Mendonca pursing her Masters of Business Advanced from University of Queensland in Australia says “It is a very good University, the courses are practical and provide in-depth view of the subject. I have no worries about my future now; I will be equipped to face the world”. Students studying at Australian Universities gain experience beyond the classroom. Students are allowed to work 40 hours per fort night on or off campus and full time during vacations.

Confused about which Australian Universities to study? Well, Edwise is a one stop solution for all your international needs. Students also get opportunities to meet Australian University Representatives, faculty members, attend education fairs and many more services. Visit your nearest Edwise office and get complete details before you apply.

Canadian Universities

Canadian universities and Canadian colleges are world renowned for their high standards and educational excellence. The education system in Canada encompasses both publicly funded and private schools, including community colleges in canada/ technical institutes, career colleges, Canadian Universities and university colleges.

Canadian Universities also offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programmes  Canadian universities charge lower tuition fees for international students than their counterparts in completing countries and at the same time, maintain excellent educational quality. However as the fees are more affordable and admissions are more competitive.

Canadian universities are mostly public funded and as a result, offer consistently high quality education at lower tuition fees. The choice of universities in Canada is wide and varied. Increasingly, Canadian Universities are becoming the country of choice for students from all the parts of the world.

Important Tips for applying in Canadian Universities are as follows:
  • Start with a Checklist to keep track of all the steps you must complete during this process.
  • Make sure you have all the forms you need to apply, both for schools and residence in Canada.
  • Read all the guides, information materials, and instructions before you begin filling out the forms.
  • Make sure that Canadian Universities you're applying to is genuine before you pay any advance tuition or any other fees to secure a place
  • Make a special folder with all the necessary documents and copies of receipts, etc.
  • Make a copy of your blank forms to use as a rough draft or working copy. Keep this copy in your application folder mentioned above.
  • Fill in the forms thoroughly and with care. You have to meet the deadlines, but you also want the correct information to be submitted, avoiding weeks of delay caused by communication or mailing time requesting corrections or additional information neglected the first time around. Use black ink or fill out the forms online if your circumstances permit.
  • Mention the date and sign all your application forms.
  • Determine the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) office where you will be submitting your application.
  • Verify the payment amounts and acceptable methods of payment with your CIC office.
  • Double check all the information above, get somebody else to look at it to avoid typing errors, etc.
  • Submit the application.

A Degree or Diploma from a Canada University or Canadian College has international recognition. Moreover its tuition fees are the lowest among the English speaking Countries as bulk of the institutes are public funded. It boosts a wide range of quality educational institutions for both Degrees and Diplomas in technical and professional disciplines.

“It was a great experience with Edwise. It was like a dream come true. The Edwise Team is very helpful and they have an excellent management set-up” - Ritesh Jagtaini from George Brown College

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UK Universities

          UK Universities remain to be a popular choice among the students who wish to pursue quality education and empower themselves to face the challenges of the future. The Universities offer education that allow students gain qualifications which is recognized and respected globally.

          UK Universities offers a vast choice of courses like International Business, MBA, Engineering, IT, Forensic Science, Fashion, Media, Communication, Tourism, Hospitality, Music, Psychology etc. Universities and Colleges in UK provide multicultural and challenging academic environment which has developed over many centuries.

          The Undergraduate courses in UK Universities are generally of 3 years and the Postgraduate courses in UK Universities are of 1 year duration. It is imperative that you choose and apply to your selected UK Universities as early as possible now since, the admissions are still open and only limited seats are available.

          UK Visas are also quite easy to obtain and the process is streamlined for genuine applicants who have received an offer/CAS and are able to show the required funding.

          It is very important that you carry the following items with while you are travelling to UK Universities
  • Your travel tickets.
  • Offer letter from the university.
  • All financial documents you will be required to submit those documents to the university or immigration authorities.
  • All original certificates and other important documents.
  • Some warm clothing (but not a lot).
  • Traveler's cheques and sufficient cash.
  • A list of everything you are carrying in your checked-in baggage. If there is a delay in the arrival of your baggage or in case your baggage is lost, you will need to know exactly what you have packed in order to claim for it.
  • The name and number of a 24-hour contact at the University who you can call in case of an emergency.
  • Detailed directions to your University or accommodation.
          Sukruti Stanley who pursued her MA in photojournalism from University of  Westminster says “It is an enriching learning experience. The professors and the projects offered are versatile and highly informative and we get so much exposure. London has so much happening that you just have to be a part of it all! “

Studying in the UK Universities can be the best decision of your life! Apart from its impact on your academic training, it has tremendous value as a personal experience that will broaden your horizons and propel your career to great heights.

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