Thursday 20 June 2013

Heriot Watt University in Dubai

A Dubai student visa allows the student to stay in Dubai for the purpose of studying in Heriot Watt University in Dubai. In order to get a student visa for study in Heriot Watt University in Dubai the student needs to contact the university administration who will handle the visa application on your behalf.

Where to apply for Heriot Watt University in Dubai Student Visa

The university chosen by the student, has the authority to apply for the visa.  For more information on the visa requirements, the student can log onto the university website.

Process of admission in Heriot Watt University in Dubai
a. How many days prior the student should apply for the visa
Student can apply 60 days prior for his/her visa for admission in Heriot Watt University Dubai

Documents Checklist for Heriot Watt University in Dubai Student Visa
Document consists of 2 sets.

Academic marksheets / transcripts attested and notarised.
Passport copy
IELTS required for the visa.

Proof of funds in your bank account (AED 30,000)
Receipt of your tuition fees.

Visa application Fee.
The visa application fee is AED 3,000.Visa fees are beyond the control of the Heriot Watt University in Dubai and are subject to change.This fee is set by Dubai Knowledge Village and is subject to change without prior notice. This Process will help you to get Admission in Heriot Watt University in Dubai

Processing Time for Study in Heriot Watt University in Dubai Visa
Visa application processing and renewal on a normal basis takes around 20-25 working days.

English Ability Requirement
IELTS is mandatory for the visa to Study in Heriot Watt University Dubai.

Updated till 12th June 2013.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

UK Colleges

Though UK Colleges are always open to welcome international students but there is no escape for applicants from undergoing the selection criteria for the studying Colleges in UK student visa. Meeting the set eligibility conditions confirm you the go ahead through the primary step of your joining a UK college student visa. You may check these conditions in our selection criteria section on the right. Keep reading below for information on studying various courses in UK Colleges and UK Universities.

Where to Apply

Biometric Identity Screening:
Student has to go personally for submission to Local Collection Centre of BHC, know as VFS (Visa Facilitation Services) spread across 12 major cities in India to have their fingerprints and photograph taken when they apply for Tier 4 category visa. This process will help them to gain admission in UK Colleges and Top UK Universities.

a.    How Many days prior a student can apply for visa to study in his choice of UK Colleges
Student can apply any time within 90 days period prior to the date of commencement of the program. This will ensure timely admission and enrollment in best UK Colleges of his choice.

b.    Documents Checklist
Original Passport – Valid for minimum 6 months at the time of departure
Prescribed online form (VAF 9) and Appendix 8 to be filled in manually
Copy of CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Study in UK Colleges)

Set 2
All relevant original financial documents in acceptable format
It can be in the form of balance in Saving a/c and or Bank FD, preferably in the name of Applicant or Parents or jointly held with Applicant.  Funds you are projecting should be from one of those listed financial institutions approved by BHD. 

Set 3
All academic documents & IELTS / work exp - as listed in CAS certificate

Set 4
Effective from Nov 2012, it is mandatory to have TB Clearance Certificate issued by approved panel doctors only.

c. Visa application Fees
Student can carry Demand Draft of required amount fvg. “British High Commission” drawn on Mumbai Branch. Student has option to carry enough cash (approx 26 K. subject to change) towards visa processing fee which is non refundable.

e. Processing time:
Under normal circumstances it takes 15 to 20 working days. Sometime process may take longer time. It is advisable to submit documents well in advance within 90 days period before commencement of the program in UK Universities and UK Colleges.

English ability Requirements
f. If the Education provider has asked for then the student has to give IELTS, But it is strongly recommended to give IELTS. This will ensure smooth entry in his / her choice of Universities and Colleges in UK London.

For more in-depth requirements, you can get in touch with Edwise Counselor nearest to your place.

Updated till 12th June, 2013

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Tuesday 18 June 2013

Top Universities USA

Admission to a coveted Top Universities USA takes you only half way through your dream to Study in USA. The remaining important half is to obtain a study visa for Study in Top Universities USA.  Complexities and careless mistakes along with lack of sufficient knowledge about the US student visa formalities cause undesired delays and even refusal of a visa in some cases. This whole steps will help you to get admission in Top Universities USA.

An F1 visa is issued to international students who are attending an academic program or English Language Program at Colleges of USA or Top Universities USA  F1 students are expected to complete their studies by the expiration date on their I-20 form (Certificate of Eligibility for Non immigrant (Non Immigrant) Student Status) which is provided by the Colleges of USA or Top Universities USA.
Effective from 26th  Sep 2012

The US Embassy In India have implemented a  new visa processing system throughtout india  providing all visa applicants with an efficient,  transparent, and standardized application  process which simplify fee payment and  appointment. Those who wish to study in Top Universities USA see scheduling through a new website

Where to Apply:
US Visa is an Interview based visa, Applicant has to apply to US embassy for their Interview and This Process Will help you to gain Admission in Colleges of USA and Top Universities USA

a) How to schedule an Appointment
Students who wish to study in Top Universities USA and Colleges of USA Should schedule their appointments via telephone, emails or online chat.

Under the new system, applicants will have to make two appointments. Prior to their visa interviews
Appointment 1 -Applicants have to visit Offsite  Facilitation Center (OFC) to submit fingerprints and for photograph..
Appointment 2 – Actual consular visa interview at US  Embassy or Consulate.

a. How Many Days Prior Can a student Apply for Visa and enter Top Colleges and Top Universities USA?
You may apply for F1 student visa within 120 days prior to the course start date. You may travel to US within 30 days of commencement of the course of study in Top Universities USA as stated on your I20, regardless of how early your visa was issued.

b. Documents Checklist - Originals
1) Visa Application form DS - 160 (On line fill able form)
2) Original Passport
3) Axis/ Citibank Bank Receipt
4) SEVIS Fee Receipt
5) Interview Appointment letter
6) All Academic Documents including TOEFL, GRE, GMAT Score sheet
7) Evidence of Financial Resources
8) 120 issued by the university

c. Visa Application Fees for Study in USA
Rs. 9,120/- by Cash in any Axis or Citibank.
SEVIS Fee of $ 200 has to be paid online with the help of the credit card on website

d. Processing time of visa for study in Top Universities USA
When Visa is granted, the passport is returned with visa stamp after 3-4 days from the interview date. Student can collect it personally from OFC once they receive an sms for the collection.

For more information you can meet the Visa counselor at Edwise branch.
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Monday 17 June 2013

Canada university

Gaining a Canada University study permit for prospective Indian students was always a challenge. But now the Student Partnership Program launched by the Canadian High Commission, New Delhi, has come as a boon for Indian students for Study in Canada University  A student visa to University Canada is usually a simple process. Keep reading below for information on studying various courses in Canada University and Colleges in Canada

Our proactive ways of working make sure that none of our student visa applicants lag behind and are in their University Canada before the start of their sessions. Students must also meet the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations for Study in Canada University.

Where to Apply for Canada University and Colleges in Canada Visa
An applicant could get in touch with Any 5 Branches of Edwise across Mumbai or alternatively apply through VFS.

Process for Canada University and College Visa
a. How many days prior a student can apply for Visa
It is strongly recommended to apply for visa at least 3 months prior from your course in Canada Colleges and University.

b. Document Checklist for Canada University and Colleges visa
Edwise counsellors would check the entire profile before suggesting the correct checklist. Documents varies depending upon the category of visa student is applying for study in College and University Canada.

There are 3 categories to apply for Canada student visa

Relevant checklist  must be kept as a cover sheet with the application

You MUST submit the following:

Documents required
Generic (NON SPP)
Visa application forms
(Student form 1294 E – On line)

Family Information form
(On line)
Student Questionnaire
(Paper base)
Use of a representative form   (On line)
Vfs consent form
Original, valid passport
2 Photos of 35*45mm
(White background)
Letter of Acceptance from your prospective Canada University
IELTS test taken within 24 months
Photocopy of the most recent Dip/leaving, most recent mark sheet
(consolidated mark sheet are NOT acceptable)
Copy of the receipt issued by the institution
(1st year recommended)
(1st semester recommended)
Proof of funds Purchase of GIC
(Strongly recommended)
Copy of an Educational Loan from an Indian Chartered Bank

(Strongly recommended)
Copy of medical examination form IMM1017
Form 16 for salaried employees or income tax return document.
Reference letter from the individual(s) providing you financial assistance for your program
Proof of employment

c) Visa Application fees for Study in Canada

A student can carry Rs 8000/- appx in Cash while applying for Visa.

d) Processing Time
Processing time varies from case to case

Under SPP and Canada University takes 3-4 weeks

Under Non SPP it takes 5-6 weeks

It is recommended to apply for visa as soon as possible to avoid any kind of hassle

And it is also recommended to give IELTS even if the student is filling for visa under Non SPP. This Process Will help you to get Admission in Canada University and Colleges in Canada.

For more information you can meet the Visa counselor at Edwise branch.

Updated till 12th June 2013

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Saturday 15 June 2013

Top Universities in Australia

While overseas study is expensive, Studying in Top Universities in Australia is more affordable than most other destinations and offers a high standard of quality education, excellent living condition and a tolerant multicultural society. Some of the Top Universities in Australia rank among the world's best and the quality of education they offer is correspondingly high. Those who wish to study in Universities in Australia have to apply for Australian visa.

Australian Student visa application is processed manually (Paper base visa) under the guidance of experienced Australia Visa Counselor at EDWISE you can certainly bid adieu to all worrisome tasks involved in your visa procedure for study in Top Universities in Australia.

Where to Apply for visa to Study in Top Universities in Australia and Colleges in Australia?

Applicant can submit visa documents to the nearest VFS centre available in 10 different cities

Process for visa to Study in Universities in Australia and Colleges in Australia:
a.    How many days prior a student can apply for visa
Student can submit documents any time within 120 days period prior to the date of commencement of the program

b.    Document Checklist

  1. Prescribed form 157A
  2. Prescribed fee
  3. Copy of eCoE
  4. Travel documents with two photographs ( 35 x 45mm)
  5. Evidence of circumstances in home country
    1. Financial documents in acceptable format.
    2. Proof of flow of income
  6. Evidence of Employment (if applicable)
  7. Academic  documents incl. evidence of English proficiency
Student need not submit any originals unless specifically asked by AHC. Copies should be clear, readable and on A4 size paper.

c.    Visa Application Fees
The student will have to make Demand draft of Rs 30,500/- fvg  "Australian High Commission, New Delhi" payable at Service Branch New Delhi (Subject to change)and VFS Service charges of Rs. 601/- fvg. "VFS Global services Pvt Ltd." Payable at Mumbai
 Already covered in b ) above

d.    Processing Time to get Student Visa for study in Top Universities in Australia
Normally it takes 4 to 6 weeks for SVP and 6 to 8 weeks for Non SVP category

English Ability Requirements
IELTS is mandatory to obtain Australian Student Visa Already covered in b) above
This will ensure smooth entry in his / her choice of Top Universities in Australia and Colleges in Australia.

For more information you can meet the Visa counselor at Nearest Edwise branch
Updated till 12th June 2013

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