Monday 26 October 2020

What is it like to study abroad?


If you are on the pathway to study abroad and often ponder over what it means to do so, you have come to the right place. The prospect of attaining your higher education abroad is so much more than the educational aspects it possesses. From receiving a quality education to interacting with international players, a study abroad program truly enhances your profile.


A significant number of students often deter from studying abroad in the misconception of the cost component attached to the same. However, the flip side of the coin is its economical nature. Universities abroad along with the government offer a variety of scholarships and other financial support avenues through which your endeavor abroad is affordable. While at first, it may take some time for you to adjust to having to manage your own budget, but with time things eventually fall into place. Moreover, certain study destinations such as the UK have their own student union which allows students to benefit from several discount facilities. Another instance is the Oyster Card facility that London possesses. This travel card has many economical perks that it offers to the students. Like these, other study destinations possess a plethora of financial support services for international students.


Another battle that a significant number of students face is that of feeling homesick. Being away from family and loved ones often take a toll on students. However, universities abroad have increasingly become receptive to the needs of the students and ensure that they include social activities as well. These activities and participation in social clubs ensure students that they have people to interact with. This helps them take their minds off loved ones back at home and at the same time enables students to engage in networking activities.

Know the Local Language

As a study abroad consultants, we reassure the students that while the programs may be conducted in English it becomes important that they are also well-versed with the local language. This helps the students in manifold ways. Firstly, not only will it be easier for them to assimilate into the local culture and understand what is happening around them, but will also make the locals more accepting. Moreover, having smooth communication makes a study abroad experience much more enhanced. Knowing a language certainly helps the resume thus, students are highly encouraged to go the extra mile and know the local language.


Another issue that students face is that upon reaching their destination and partaking in their program it dawns upon them that they are interested in another program. Certain study destinations such as the universities in USA ensure they incorporate flexibility in their approach. The flexible nature of the curriculum allows students to change their program of study or institution if they desire to do so.


As mentioned earlier, the prominent reason you have decided to embark upon the decision to study abroad is to attain education. However, the side perks that come alongside it are significant. One such perk is that of travelling. Students often during their time-off or during breaks visit nearby countries. This helps them not only disconnect from class and have a holistic experience but also meet new people. If students decide to study in any European country, they are often minutes away from a major tourist attraction that they can always decide to visit.

Augments your Career

Employers often actively seek students who have attained an international education. Therefore, studying abroad only adds to your skills. Since students have taken the decision to step out of their comfort zone and make attempts to enhance their skills, they automatically stand out from the competition. Moreover, with the increasingly globalized nature of the economy, companies often actively seek students who can bring in a breath of fresh air and an international perspective. As study abroad consultants we highly encourage our students to participate in networking activities. Interacting with faculty, alumni and peers helps goes a long way since it helps establish connections. These connections then come in handy when students seek a job. 

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Monday 12 October 2020

Reasons to let your child study abroad


Every parent wants what is best for their child. They aspire to see their children climb the ladder of success and attain access to bountiful opportunities. One of the greatest investments that a parent can make for the future of their child is education, an added cherry on the cake is the fact that education abroad opens wider doors of opportunities for your child. While some parents may be sceptical of sending their child to study abroad due to a variety of reasons such as the safety and the cost component, it is important to bear in mind the many benefits that your child can attain. Apart from the educational opportunities that a student gains by studying abroad, there comes into a picture a plethora of other life altering consequences.

These insights will help you concur as to why it is a great decision to let your child attain an overseas education

It helps augment their communication skills

While majority of programs are conducted in English, it will be a great stepping stone if the student also has a basic understanding of the local language. Knowing this will help them communicate with the locals and make the whole process easier. This is in turn catapults their communication skills and thus, enriches their personality. Being by themselves in a foreign land will thus enable students to gain confidence in their own abilities and help furnish their personality traits.

Adds a wow factor on their resume

With the increasingly globalized nature of the economy, companies are constantly seeking those students who have international exposure. If your child has a degree from abroad, it easier for him to stand apart from the pool of competition and makes it easier for them to make their mark. Companies are receptive to the innate abilities and traits of these international students and have confidence in their ability to take their company the extra mile.

Studying abroad makes students more receptive

Once your child is in a foreign land and interacts with individuals from all walks of life, he becomes more receptive to the culture around him. This makes them more receptive to their culture and enables them to have a more holistic and approachable attitude to those around him. Not only does this make them better individuals, but also allows them to get ahead in their career.

Studying abroad is more than just an education

While the primary motivating factor to send your children to study abroad is the education they will attain, a positive outcome is how it will help develop their overall personality. The experience that your child will have overseas cannot be compared to what they would have been able to attend if they were here. Interacting with locals, experiencing the local culture, networking with international players goes a long way in the run.

Pathway to settling abroad

Many parents aspire for their child to settle abroad. Studying abroad can be seen as an excellent pathway for students to settle abroad since it becomes easier to do so with a degree from the local country. Since your child will have a degree from abroad, it becomes all the easier for them to take the steps towards their permanent residency.

Work Opportunities Abroad

Universities abroad permit students to undertake part-time work during their studies. This not only helps students earn the extra cash and support their education, but it also acts as a means to practically apply the knowledge learnt in classrooms. Moreover, if your child later decided to return to the home country, he will have access to wider job opportunities since employers will be in awe of the fact that the child has worked overseas. Participating in a program abroad allows students to experience an international work which becomes a life-changing experience for him altogether.

Helps harness their skills

While living with you, your child was under your wing and all their needs were catered to. But when your child decides to study abroad, they will be in charge of their own future which then seeps traits of responsibility and independence in them. With the challenges that they will face abroad, their problem-solving skills will be further harnessed and other important life skills will then be developed.

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Friday 9 October 2020

Scholarships to study abroad for Indian students

A major road bump that students face in their decision to study abroad is that of costs. There is often a misconception that education abroad burns a major hole in the student’s pocket. However, when students look at the bigger picture do, they realise just how critical this decision is. Education abroad is one of the greatest decisions that a student can undertake for their future prospects and is the best investment for students. A major helping hand in their prospect to study abroad is that of scholarships.

Universities abroad offer financial aid to students to ensure that they are able to attain their dream of overseas education. If you as a student are looking for tips to attain a scholarship here are some hacks on how you can do just that.

Ameliorate your Passion

When universities or governments are allocating scholarships, they wish to know if their money is being spent wisely therefore, make sure to give them a peek into your passion. Talk about how much studying abroad means to you. Go on to highlight your passion for the field of study, country and university under consideration. Once they are able to see that you are a passionate student who is looking to make great leaps in the field of study, their confidence in your application will automatically increase manifold. Thus, let your passion flow and show them just how much study abroad scholarships mean to you.

Academic Background

A fundamental requisite that students looking to attain study abroad scholarships need to have is a strong academic background. In some cases, the academic grades that a student holds becomes a determining factor when assigning scholarships. Thus, students looking to make applications for scholarships should bear in mind to put immense focus on their academic grades. The reason that academic grades hold such prominence in the process is that it shows to the committee whether the student is serious in studies and will correctly utilize the money that has been allocated to them. Thus, scholarships to study abroad for Indian students is dependent on the academic background they possess.


When making your university application make sure that you are wary of the application deadlines for the scholarships as well. These seats tend to fill up fast thus, students should remember to stay on the clock for the same. Make sure that you have all your documents in order thus, when the opportunity comes knocking at your door you know how to deal with the same. Meticulously plan everything and make sure to give in your best shot in the application. Students often do not make an application to just one scholarship, thus, if you too are looking to make applications for multiple scholarships do so and increase your chances of attaining one.


Many students often make the mistake of copy-pasting the same content in their scholarship applications for various applications. The admission committee goes through a significant number of applications on a daily basis and thus, it only takes them a second to figure out when the student hasn’t put in the requisite effort. Make sure to not commit this mistake and create a negative impression on your application. Curate and customize each application, thus shows the committee that you are deserving and are interested in the scholarship. The committee likes to see when the student goes the extra mile to make their application shine. Different study abroad scholarships have distinct determining factors and thus, students should ensure to address the same in their application.

Scholarships to study abroad for Indian students can be divided into three main criteria:

Indian Scholarship

Indian Scholarships are usually introduced on the grounds of enabling the Indian students to work to their potential. Many students are extremely talented but due to lack of finance, they cannot proceed for higher education.

University Scholarship

University Scholarships are grants, tuitions waivers etc awarded by the institution on grounds of institution’s preferences. They are sought by students who indulge in a specific area or interest of study.

International Scholarship

International Scholarships are awarded to international students coming into the host country. Factors that influence international scholarships include quality statements of purpose, experience/expertise in extracurricular that the host country lacks.

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