Saturday 31 May 2014

Canada – Ideal place for Study Destination

Canada is considered as the ideal destination for quality studies at a remarkably lower cost. A degree or diplomas from Canadian Universities or colleges in Canada are recognized internationally and it is equivalent to the degrees from the United States or Commonwealth countries. Increasingly, Studying in Canada is becoming the choice for students from all part of the world.

The most common type of undergraduate program in Universities of Canada is a bachelor's degree, usually awarded after four years of successful study. For Indian graduates who would like to upgrade their skills, seek employment and ultimately immigrate to Canada; pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Canada is an ideal option. This is a cost effective and job oriented program. The PG Diploma courses in Canada are generally for 2 to 3 semesters. Each semester is for about 4 months. So the duration of the entire course will be 8 months to 12 months. During this course of Study in Canada a student can work part time for 20 hours per week.

Canadians place great importance on learning, and have developed a first-rate education system with high standards. The Canadian education system encompasses both publicly-funded and private institutions. Education institutions are not officially ranked in Canada, as all Canadian institutions offer high quality courses in Canada. Over 92 public universities, and over 175 community colleges and technical institutes offer more than 18,000 programmes.  A degree, diploma or certificate from Universities in Canada is globally recognized as being equivalent to those obtained from the United States or the Commonwealth countries. Programs offered by Canadian universities and Colleges in Canada are the Bachelor Degrees , Diplomas , Certificates,  Post Graduate Diplomas, Masters and PhD. Some of these programs are enhanced with a Co-op internship term with great emphasis on industry requirements.

Gaining a Canadian University study permit for prospective Indian students was always a challenge. But now the Student Partnership Program launched by the Canadian High Commission, New Delhi, has come as a boon for Indian students to study in Canadian Universities.  A student visa to a University in Canada is usually a simple process. Keep reading below for information on studying various courses in Universities and Colleges in Canada

Our proactive ways of working make sure that none of our student visa applicants lag behind and are in their Canadian Universities before the start of their sessions. Students must also meet the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations of Canadian Universities.

“Everyone in Edwise is very helpful. They guided me through out with a friendly & positive attitude and the best part was my Visa counselor, without whose help my dream would not have come to reality.” Says Zafi Ullah Khan, Vancouver Island University

Undoubtedly, an education from a University of Canada upgrades an individual’s personality with better skills, better job prospects and higher salaries. The international exposure also lets you have a good chance for promotion in career. Clearly, the rewards of a Canadian education will last you a lifetime!

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Tuesday 27 May 2014

Educational Prospects in Australia

Read the article to know the admission cycle in the Australian Universities for Under Graduation and Post Graduation studies.

While overseas study is expensive, Australia is more affordable than most other destinations and offers a high standard of quality education, excellent living condition and a tolerant multicultural society. Australia's Higher Education Institutions rank among the world's best and the quality of education they offer is correspondingly high.

Higher education in Australia provides value for money by offering shorter and more intensive courses, they quickly incorporate latest innovations in science & technology, modern trends in marketing & management in their diploma/degree programs, hence Australian education is more practical and responsive to the needs of Trade & Industry.

To study in Australia University you'll need to apply for both admission to an institution and also for a student visa from the Australian Government.

There are a number of steps you must go through including:

•    Visit your nearest Edwise Branch
•    Meet the expert advisors for free counseling
•    Decide on your preferred course and institution.
•    Submit your application to the institution.
•    Receive and accept a Letter of Offer.
•    Receive your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE).
•    Apply for your student visa.
•    Plan your arrival

“Edwise has done a wonderful job and I thank each person at Edwise who has helped me get here in time. I am absolutely overwhelmed and appreciate the support provided by you people. It was a wonderful experience interacting with everyone at Edwise. I shall definitely recommend anyone who wants to study abroad to come to Edwise. I got the right suggestion at the right time from everyone including my Academic Counselor to my Visa Counselor & due to their support & hard work I am here at my dream destination.” Says Sanjiv Vishwanath from Griffith University.

Every course in Australia University has CRICOS Code which is given by Australian Government reflecting that the education system is fully controlled by the Government in Australia. There is no formal ranking of Australia universities. Thus students from all around the world have long made Australia their education destination.

Griffith University, Australia
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Edwise is a solution-oriented company, with a single minded approach in tailoring career paths to suit individual profiles within the parameters that may prevail in each case. The parameters may be educational, financial or personal.

Edwise, a pioneer in the field of 'GLOBAL EDUCATION', dispels all the myths usually associated with 'Study Abroad' and have brought the concept of overseas education to the doorstep of every student, by making it affordable and devoid of cumbersome procedures.
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