Thursday 21 March 2013

Hospitality in New Zealand

 International Opportunities in Hospitality

India’s tourism and hospitality industry has emerged as one of the key sectors driving the country’s economy. The demand for professionals in the field of Hospitality has resulted in students seek international qualifications. Switzerland, Hospitality in New Zealand, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Hospitality in Singapore and Mauritius provide international programs with  global exposure. Students like to study overseas as have an opportunity to work with International chains of Hotels and other allied industries.

Programs at the UG level vary from 1 year Certificate to a 3 or 4 years Bachelor degree. The cost ranges from around 6 to 10 lacs per year. PG & Masters courses would be of approx. 1-1.5 year which would range from 8 to 15 lacs. Most programs in Hospitality in New Zealand have internship opportunities during which students are paid a stipend thus covering a fairly large part of their fees. The biggest advantage is of the post study work permit granted by almost all countries wherein the student not only covers his investments made for studies but also makes a pathway for his career in the related field with substantial savings to bag with.  Also a student  can work upto 20 hours per week while studying and 40 hours during vacation in most of the countries.

Wednesday 6 March 2013

newzealand university

New Zealand is becoming the first choice for an increasing number of international students seeking quality education. It is one of the world's most affordable English speaking destinations.
There are eight state-funded universities in New Zealand, all of them internationally respected for their academic and research performance. In addition to a centrally co-ordinated system of
 quality assurance audits at both institution and programme level, each university undertakes internal quality checks.
All newzealand university offer a broad range of subjects in Arts, Commerce , Science and Professional courses in Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Art. Bachelor's, Post Graduation Diplomas, Masters and Doctoral degrees are offered by  New Zealand universities and Diploma courses are offered by Polytechnic Institutes. MBA new zealand is popular and many students prefer to do this here. A range of under graduate and postgraduate diplomas is also available, along with honours programmes. Students also get the opportunity to work part time while studying. New Zealand offers multiple intakes, low tuition fees, and living cost compared to other countries.
The Ministry of Education operates a Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. NZQA and other agencies set the academic standards.

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Tuesday 5 March 2013

Education in the USA - MBA

Edwise is the one stop solution for all your international study needs.  Established in 1991, the core activity lies in assisting students to make the right choice with regard to pursuing education in overseas educational institutions. Edwise provides information regarding higher Education in the USA, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Malaysia, Dubai. and has a command over the education system world wide.

Students often consider studying abroad due to the flexibility offered in the curriculum and diverse range of courses offered. For example in USA the student can have a diverse range of subjects in the first year and then decide what to actually major in. Further obtaining a degree abroad allows students to get exposed to other cultures resulting in a broader perspective in life.

An international Bachelors degree also allows you to focus on extracurricular activities along with your academics. Students can take up subjects such as guitar, piano, swimming or even golf. The undergraduate education system abroad stands out as it provides opportunities for practical experiences, independent research and internships. In some countries a 4 year undergraduate course can be completed in as less as 3 years. Students Can also Study Mba in USA it is in demand here.

Though an undergraduate degree abroad can be expensive, it comes with quality and innumerable added benefits that will only help you shape your future better with a global exposure. 

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Friday 1 March 2013

Top University in US

If you are planning to study in USA be prepared to have an experience of a lifetime.  USA is the land of opportunities, because of its cutting-edge technology, mega bucks and for life, as you want it to be.

A US education is like a coal mine investment which at the end yields you a high rate of profit for many many years. USA, an ideal destination for acquiring higher education offers a mind boggling range of universities with highly sophisticated and enlightening educational environments. Access to internationally renowned faculties makes them world leaders. An American education offers phenomenally higher returns over one’s investment, not only economically but also socially and culturally.

Dr Mary Anne Saunders -Executive Director from Kent State University says
“USA offers a wide range of degrees which are globally recognized. Under "liberal arts philosophy" undergraduate degrees are quite flexible and vast number of academic options to choose from. For postgraduate and masters programs -Top University in US provide outstanding research infrastructure and facilities. The students get theoretical, practical and applied aspects of an area of study. The campuses are multicultural that prepare the students to be global citizens”.

Karan Barabde who pursued his Masters in Mechanical Engineering passed out from University of Southern California says “Professional guidance from my counselor helped me make my American Dreams come true”

According to 2012 Open Door’s Report - The number of international students at colleges and universities in the United States increased by 6.5% to 764,495 during the 2011/12 academic year.

Financing a post-secondary education abroad is no easy task but fear not,as there are a number of resources to assist you . Over 20% of non-US students receive most of their academic funding from a US college or university through variety of programs. Many of them offer partial scholarships or full scholarships, fee waivers, graduate/research/teaching/student assistant scholarships etc.
International students also have the option of taking up well-paying campus jobs, working 20 hours a week on regular term and full-time during summer vacation. On completion of the course, students have the authorization to work for 12 months to 29 months known as OPT (Optional Practical Training) depending on their field of study. Good job opportunities will be available to students particularly with degrees in healthcare, teaching, business, finance, hotel management, accounting, technology, engineering, mathematics etc. as these are fields with great demand in a recovering economy.

Even after this if, your vote is not cast for a US education, here is the clincher, some Top University in US have started accepting 15 years of education over 16 years. These universities accept 15 years for study in the field of Business, Hotel Management, Psychology, Computer Science, etc. This not only benefits the student by saving time but also helps them start earning early.


If you are apprehensive that you have missed the bus, do not fret, for many American universities are still open for admissions to their fall sessions beginning August/September 2013. All you have to do is to prepare your documents well. It’s a good time for starting applications for fall 2013 (September) intake. An early application will help students to bag most of the scholarships available, which universities offer to lure talent and brains. It is a good time to visit your counselor to initiate this process.

Head to USA and harvest the best crop of the ongoing economic upswing. We are committed to earnestly and correctly guide you at each and every step to help you reach the destination.

Sushil Sukhwani
Director, Edwise

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Education in the USA

USA has always been an attractive study destination for prospective students, the reasons being quality Education in the USA  cutting edge technology, work opportunities, excellent funding options and flexible curricula. USA has one of the finest education system with programs stretching panoramically across all discipline.

The USA follows application based Education in the USA where practical education is given more emphasis then the theory education. The UG program is for 4 years and a PG program is for 2 years. A 4 year undergraduate course can be completed in as less as 3 years.  The duration of master's courses may range from a year or two depending on the university & your area of specialization.
International students have the option of taking up well paying campus jobs, working 20 hours a week on a regular term and full time during summer vacation. USA also offers full time work opportunities to the student in the form of OPT (Optional Practical Training) of 1 year after the completion of their education. Student from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) have additional 17 months of OPT period.
Head to USA and harvest the best crop of the ongoing economic upswing.
Go ahead, take the plunge!

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