Thursday 16 February 2012

India's Largest Overseas Edu Fair - Don’t Miss It!

Everyone knows that a successful future in this day and age, depends mainly on the right education and degree. No wonder today’s youth is far more focused and selective in seeking a degree that leads to a promising and exciting career. No longer are they satisfied with dull drab degrees and diplomas from local colleges. Instead they seek to explore newer avenues abroad which will nurture their natural talent, hone their skills and give them the best education possible.

If you are one such student looking for overseas educational opportunities, then there is no place better than our World Education Fair to acquaint yourself with the plethora of opportunities available in leading colleges and universities across the world.

The World Education Fair provides an ideal meeting opportunity for students and education institutions from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to meet delegates from top universities and colleges from various countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Singapore and France get first hand information and even apply, making the entire process extremely simple with the aid of our expert counselors. Over 70+ institutions from 8 countries will be participating with select institutions in select cities meeting with students, solving their queries, handing out “on the spot offers” and admissions.

Scholarships and Spot Admissions are given to meritorious students with complete applications by some institutions. Some also offer application fee waiver & you could save upto Rs. 35,000/- and save time too. Time is of extreme essence, especially when it comes to applying to colleges abroad, as several reputed institutions attract a huge number of talented students from all over the world and the seats fill up quickly. So, you should apply now for programmes commencing in March, May, July or Sep 2012. The knowledgeable international representatives at this Fair can work as a sounding board for your admission concerns; assist you in making a better decision and a complete application, well in time.

Varun Shah who attended the fair says “The Fair helped me in reducing the confusion that I had with regards to my higher studies abroad. The seminars were very informative. The counselors assisted me with completing applications and the visa procedures. Simply put, the Fair is a one-stop destination if you want to find an answer to all your queries regarding pursuing higher education abroad. Plus, it is also an excellent way of researching not just the college/university of your choice, but also the city and country that you choose to go to.”

The event will bring together the entire spectrum of courses on offer. There is information available on the tests required to study abroad, with discounted packages as well as an Academic Pathway Planning counselor who will help solve your queries as to what is the right course for you. Visit our nearest office to register for the event, submit an application and secure appointments with the delegates. Prior Registration is mandatory to attend this fair.

This Fair is scheduled from the 1st of Feb ‘12 to 21st of Feb in 11 cities across India. For more information you may visit our website:, The Fair is ideally timed for applications for Sept 2012 intake. Entry is free and parents too are invited to accompany the students.

The World Education Fair gives generation-next a great opportunity to look at the various options available to them in various countries which meet their needs and ambitions--all under one roof-- this is an event one should not miss!

Sushil Sukhwani

“Get Counselled by and Apply to UK Universities Under one roof”

UK has predominantly been one of the finest destinations to study. The Top Universities in UK universities have generated distinguished leaders internationally in the form of politicians, industrialists,educationists,economists,scientists,medical practitioners,corporate leaders so on and so forth.

With more than 40,000 Indian students studying in UK universities and UK colleges it clearly emerges as a popular choice with students aspiring to study abroad.As a UK postgraduate student, you will be expected to take up a lot of independent study which develops an individual's thinking and research skills. Studies in UK are challenging as it involves lots of projects, assignments, regular presentations and case studies. Although this is different from what many Indian students have experienced, it is a welcome change to complete the mix.

Preety Bansal,Country Manager India ,Newcastle University UK says “UK is traditionally recognized for its high class studies and research excellence. It has been the top choice of quality focused students  and continues to be at the forefront of  knowledge and innovation delivered through an array of undergraduate and postgraduate courses”
The quality and standard of a university's teaching and its general facilities are evaluated by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). Research standards are examined by the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), which publishes its findings every five years. Both are part of Government system of quality check & control.

The cost of education for an international student in the UK can be lower as compared to other countries especially in case of postgraduate studies as the duration of most programs is one year as against other places where the tenure of study tends to be more than a year.This works in favor of the students helping them to cut down on their living expenses.
The Universities in UK offer courses which provide a wide range of career opportunities upon completion. Like most other programs, Engineering and technology courses especially are structured as per the market demands, incorporating all recent advancements. This gives you an excellent platform for a career in the global marketplace. No matter whether you wish to study art, design, humanities, management, law, science, architecture, engineering, medicine- you have a choice of institutions which are world renowned and help you develop your knowledge and skills.

The UK Visa is quite easy to obtain and the process is pretty streamlined for genuine applicants who have received an offer/CAS and are able to show the required funding available. The new student visa process under the Tier 4 of the Points Based System is simpler, more transparent and user-friendly for international students.

Rakesh Gopal, a student pursuing his masters in finance from the prestigious Exeter University says “My decision to come to UK was vindicated the moment i reached the university. The first few days were a wonderful transition to student life here with all kinds of facilities and support available along with meeting people from all over the world. Settling into my academic schedule made me value the quality of education i was receiving with fabulous staff who were on top of their subjects.”
This is the best time to apply to the UK institutions.However, you must have all the required documents in place at the earliest so that you can approach the best possible Universities of your choice.

“Australia - Accredited Universities”

Australia offers a world-class education system, in a modern, democratic and technologically advanced society. Australian Universities have a reputation for academic excellence.

Universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses covering areas such as Accounting, Agriculture, Architecture, Business and Management, Communications, Computing / IT, Creative Arts, Economics, Education / Training, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Health Services, Humanities / Social Science, Law, Mathematics, Nursing, Psychology, Sciences. Vocational education and training offer courses which are generally more practical and career oriented towards areas such as business, computing, marketing, tourism and hospitality. MBA in Australia is available for freshers also at a low cost in comparison to other countries.

Shrikant Deshmukh Director India, James Cook University Brisbane says Australia makes a great choice for students planning on an overseas study destination as it offers them globally recognized degrees, has a lower cost of living and provides ample part time work opportunities while studying.

Apart from study options through a myriad of courses across all faculties ,part-time work options , multi-cultural exposure, promising future prospects are some of the attractions of studying DOWN UNDER. A sound academic record, orderly documentation and a positive attitude is all it takes to be there. This is the right time to begin application procedure to the Universities with many of them offering 2-3 intakes for every academic year for courses in Business & management, Information Technology & Accounting.

The newly introduced Post Study Work visa promises to allow students to remain in Australia for 2 years after completion of their studies and would also be then, open for a residency.This would enable students to gain valuable work experience in Australia and also aid them in recovering the money invested for their studies. Students who complete a course of Study in Australia may also apply for Australian Permanent Residency under the Skilled Migration Program.

The qualification is recognized by international employers and leading education institutions around the world. All Australian qualifications are included under one national system- Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). If the degree/ diploma is AQF qualified, you can be sure that your institution is Government - authorized and nationally accredited, and that your Degree or other AQF qualification will be genuine.

Australia has multiple intakes available apart from the regular Feb & July.Also, Indian 12+3 education is acceptable for masters degree.Living expenses in Australia are about AUS$18000 p.a & the tuition fees are approximately AUS$18000 - AUS$20000. The Australian universities offer many scholarships and bursaries to students in the form of tuition fees and living expense re-embursements. Such scholarships are offered on the basis of academic excellence and other extra community and curricular activities.

The Australian High Commission (AHC) has brought in favorable changes in the Australian student visas. Students have to show funds for 1.5 years or course duration whichever is less. Any family member, relative & friends can sponsor the student thus reducing the entire burden being on the family. The required duration for financial saving and fund history has also been reduced from 6 months to 3 months only. AHC now accepts TOFEL & PTE apart from IELTS as English proficiency examinations.

Pooja Chhabra from Edith Cowan Univerity pursued Masters in Finance & Banking says, "I have got the most out of my study programme in Australia with great academic diversity, sensational support services by the university and plenty of life. Australians are very generous and supportive , just the best to have around.”

To learn more about Australian Education opportunities and courses available, you can visit us.

Canada – Education Revolution

Canada, the host country to more than 180,000 International Students in any given year, is increasingly becoming the country of choice for students from all parts of the world. Canada spends more per capita on its education system than any other country in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). A Degree/Diploma from a Canadian Institute is recognized worldwide. International students who graduate from Canadian Institutions enjoy successful and prosperous careers. Canada is known for its quality education & competitive entry requirements. From safe neighborhoods to top notch health-care and public transportation, excellence prevails in every aspect of Canadian life including a world class higher education system.

Mr. Tushar Chawla, International Recruitment Officer from Niagara College says, "Canada continues to offer easy immigration rules, a beautiful country setting, job opportunities (in a very fair environment), finest quality education - all this making Canada the first preferred destination choice for students to study, live, work and immigrate"

A little known fact is that Canadian Colleges boasts of a large Indian diaspora of students offering Bachelor's, Diploma and Post Graduate Certificate or Diploma program enhanced with Co-op internship terms with great emphasis on industry requirements. At the post-secondary level, institutions are divided into community colleges and universities. A significant number of university graduates (Indian and Canadian) attend community colleges upon completion of their degree in order to acquire vocational skills for employment. “Canada in India- Student Partners Program (SPP) is a joint pilot program between Citizenship & Immigration Canada in India & Association of Canadian Community Colleges to expedite the visa process with increase in approval rate, limiting the documents and reducing the turnaround time for visas.” This program has proven successful and thus a large number of Indian students have grabbed the opportunity to study in Canada.

Farnauz Doneshwar, enrolled in a postgraduate certificate in Web Development from Humber College states “I now think that the decision to pursue my PG in Canada was the best decision I took. I got internship at CIBC which is a huge bank in Canada. It is one of the largest banks. I got the position of a user interface developer and i will be working at their downtown office which is huge!”

Canada has a national policy for multiculturalism which works to ensure that people's customs and traditions are preserved and respected. All of this has been reflected in Canada's immigration policies. Students in Canada who study a 1 year program can work for 1 year after they complete their program and those that study a 2 year program can work up to 3 years. This work experience has advantages when one applies for Permanent Residency. International Students can fulfill the PR requirement under the Canadian Experience Class Category for temporary foreign workers and international graduates as they are the ideal candidates for Canadian immigration. Edwise works with several institution in Canada which offer May and Sept' 12 intakes. The positive environment has created a great demand at institutions in Canada whereby popular courses get filled up early we thus advice students to rush with their current documents to their nearest Edwise office at the earliest so that you don’t miss the intake and have sufficient time for visa process, at no cost.

Sushil Sukhwani