Wednesday 21 April 2021

Types of student accommodation during study abroad

As international students make the conscious decision to study abroad, there are a number of important factors that have to be looked at. One of these factors is accommodation. Accommodation is the place at which the student must live through the entirety of their program. Universities abroad have many tie-ups and offer in terms of accommodation, which are easy to avail of. Students, however, must be prompt and apply for their preferential accommodation well in advance to get their preferred stay option.  

Mentioned below are some options from the wide variety of choices available to student accommodation that the student is met with as they pursue their overseas education.


Student Housing

Student housing is an establishment or building that houses students enrolled at a particular university. These establishments may either be University-managed houses and rooms or by individual proprietors or businesses. Among the best countries to study abroad, Student houses are similar to university halls of residence are a purpose-built student living accommodation. This type of accommodation is slightly expensive but offers everything an international student requires to be at ease during their stay abroad.

There is a wide range of rooms available to cater to every student. They are:

  • Private En-suite Room – The most common type, this is a private room with your own bathroom/ Kitchen. The dining area however is communal.
  • Private Studio – This housing option is a private space, with more than one room. This option offers the student their own bedroom, bathroom, a kitchenette (or kitchen area) which is exclusive to them and their use.
  • Twin Studio or Twin Room – This residence option is a space or room shared among 2 people which is the perfect option if the student plans to travel with another person. This accommodation offers the people their own bedroom, bathroom, a kitchenette (or kitchen area) which is exclusive to them and their use rather than communally divided.


University accommodation (Rooms of Residence, Halls of Residence, Dormitories)

University or Campus accommodation is accommodation and housing that is offered by universities abroad and is university-run and is within the confines of the university. At some of the best places to study abroad, this accommodation is close to other university buildings, and safety and security are given utmost priority with trained security guards on campus. At universities abroad, in accommodation, local students and those other countries live communally. With private rooms, students interact regularly in communal kitchens, hanging out in shared leisure spaces and other facilities offered, like gyms and gaming rooms. Another popular choice is rooms in Halls of Residence. There are located on-campus as well and the fee, on a monthly or annual basis, includes meals and amenities. This type of accommodation is usually opted by students for their study abroad after the 12th, first and second year of undergraduate and postgraduate study. These are properties are similar to regular houses/flat and student housing and students apply via the university’s accommodation offices and are assigned rooms through a waiting list.


Private Accommodation

Among the available options for student accommodation during education abroad, private accommodation is most popular. Private accommodation includes flat, studio apartments etc. that are off-campus. These establishments and buildings are handled by landlords or private corporations. This type of accommodation is prevalent in areas of the city that have a high concentration of students attending study abroad programs. In the amount paid for rent, amenities are not included, and some buildings may lack the facilities, which are offered by university housing or student housing, at the same rate.  


Another option, which is popular in countries like the USA, Canada and Australia is a homestay. Homestays basically are an arrangement in which, the students studying at university, stay with a local family for the duration of the courses abroad.  Opting for Home-stay exposes the individual to the local culture and is a great experience in itself. To help students, Universities abroad run schemes and programs to match students to suitable families to help them find a family they are comfortable with. The price paid by students, during their education abroad, for homestay is usually inclusive of meals and amenities.

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Tuesday 13 April 2021

How to Stay Ahead in the Race to Study Abroad?


Post 2020, the university admission process to study abroad has dramatically altered. With the focus on a more online and hybrid learning approach, universities now expect that their students also change with the times.

If you are looking to study overseas, this can indeed be a daunting time for you. While factors that earlier held prominence in the overseas education admission process such as those of academics, application documents, and scores in admission tests remain prominent. There are now certain measures that you as an international student need to incorporate when making that application to your dream university.

Harness your Technical Skills

  •         Apart from the fact that universities have shifted to a more online form of education, even remote working opportunities has gained prominence.
  •         This just goes to show that in the near future, technology is going to hold immense prominence in the future.
  •        Therefore, those looking to study abroad, must have an edge over the others and this is where they can do so.

Embrace the Variety of Study Options

  •         Adaptability is an integral trait that a significant number of universities seek in their students. This has become more important with the changing learning methodology brought into the picture.
  •         From the shift from in-person classes to a more hybrid form of learning, universities expect their students to face challenges head-on. Earlier, students deferred their plans to study abroad citing the online methodology as a reason.
  •         However, with online learning being a prominent aspect even in the home destination, students must adopt.

Research your University of Application

  •         It is critical that you connect with the university of application. Apart from interacting with the college alumni what is also critical that you interact with the professors.
  •         If you have any doubts, attend the various virtual fairs that Edwise conducts. We have a series of virtual fairs lined up, where students can interact with their university of choice from the comfort of their homes.
  •         Not only does this enable you to solve all your doubts, but you can also attain application fee waivers.

Work on your Profile

  •         It is advisable that students get their application in as early as possible. Whilst academics continue to hold unwavering importance, what has also gained significance is work experience, extra-curricular activities, letters of recommendation and your essays.
  •         Students looking to study overseas must remember that universities tend to take a more holistic look at a student’s profile.

Scores in University Admission Tests

  •        Students looking to study overseas need to appear for certain examinations these include the likes of IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT.
  •        Universities and programs have different requirements that students are expected to adhere to. However, a higher score greatly ameliorates a student’s profile.  

2021, presents new opportunities and students must tap into the same. The best way to stay ahead of the competition is to up-skill yourself and there is no better way to do it than an education abroad.

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