Thursday 27 January 2022

Six Trending Courses Abroad 2022

The academic opportunities that studying abroad provides do not need an explanatory mention. Overseas education acknowledges a fair chance of exploration and stimulates independence and enriched language skills. The decision to study overseas might be relatively easy, but picking the right program from the sea of options is not. If you are still unsure of what to do and feel the panic slowly taking over, we have got you covered with Six Trending courses abroad 2022!

1. Masters in Management & Leadership:

       If competitiveness and leadership are your core values then the most sought for discipline is competitiveness and leadership.

       Leadership programs in this subject area will prepare you to discover that competitive edge any business calls for to accomplish its goals.

       Master's degrees in Management, Organisation, and Leadership teach students how to manage operations and coordinate people to reach the goals set by organizations.

       A few study abroad destinations to consider for Masters in Management & Leadership would be France, Germany, and Europe.


2. Masters of Science in Data Science:

       With Data Science being a meld of mathematics, business comprehension, tools, algorithms, and machine learning, business giants globally are reckoning Data Scientists.

       Data Science is a gravitating topic because it helps reveal hidden insights and patterns in data, which is essential for businesses.

       As data becomes more valuable to businesses around the world, skilled data scientists who can interpret and extract meaning from it are highly sought after.

       A few international destinations to consider for pursuing Masters of Science in Data Science would be United States of America, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, and Australia.


3. Masters in International Relations:

       Studying international relations abroad provides a new perspective on global issues and relationships between locations across the world.

       Masters in International Relations offer a macro approach of how political systems interact and their influence on society and politics.

       Additionally, International Relations degrees are preparatory courses for prestigious careers in government, diplomacy, and the non-governmental sector.

       A few study abroad destinations to consider for Master in International Relations would be United States Of America, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands and Singapore


4.  Bachelors in Psychology:

       Psychology - a subject borders on the life and social sciences has gained momentum over the past few years.

       Psychology offers the chance to be part of developing science and to help others in the process.

       With new career opportunities increased students are now eyeing universities abroad for a degree in Psychology that would help them get the edge.

       A few international destinations to consider for pursuing Bachelors in Psychology would be United States of America, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia


5. Master of Information Technology (Cyber Security):

       This is a very trending course in 2022 as Cyber Security is a specialized field in Information Technology (IT), within the sphere of Computer Science.

       While technology and progressions positively elevation society, there is also a surge in cybercrimes.

       The course has been calculatedly designed to gear students with the theoretical and practical knowledge they will need to avert cybercrime and aim to equip students with the right knowledge and skillsets to effectively defend computer operating systems, networks, and data from cyber-attacks.

       A few study abroad destinations to consider for pursuing a Master of Information Technology (Cyber Security) would be the United States Of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Canada.


6. Masters in Economics:

       Masters in Economics is all about perceiving how societies become prosperous and why.

       This discipline is one of the international students’ favorites because it offers myriad career paths, from business to research, public administration, and even teaching.

       This course has a series of specialized subjects that are meant to concretely focus on a range of economy subjects.

       A few international destinations to consider for pursuing Masters in Economics would be the United States Of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.


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Wednesday 19 January 2022

Choosing To Study Overseas As A Teenager


As a teenager, deciding to study abroad at a foreign destination is one of the first instances that he/she has stepped out of his or her cocoon (comfort zone).

Study overseas is a costly affair. Not just that, the responsibilities and independence that come along with a foreign education are multifarious. A teenager can consider this as one of his/her first ventures into the real world.

In the host country, not only is the all-around environment but also the method of teaching and the curriculum seem to be majorly different from what the student had experienced in his/her home country. Pursuing higher studies at a foreign destination is a whole new ball game, one that is sure to augment one's prospects.

There are several most sought-after study abroad destinations viz. the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, among others. These countries see the influx of many international students including many Indians each year who come to pursue higher studies. These countries are home to top-notch colleges and universities. The colleges and universities are known for their long-standing history and culture and offer a plethora of courses for international students to opt from. Courses at foreign educational institutions are offered across various disciplines viz. Accountancy and Finance, Dentistry, Engineering, Architecture, Management Studies, Law, Computer Science, and Information Technology, among others.

Besides the educational benefits of acquiring overseas education, the culture that a teenager who wishes to pursue higher education will get immersed in by being in a foreign land and socializing with people from varied ethnicities and backgrounds will be a life-changing and memorable experience.

As a teenager deciding to embark on the journey of study abroad, one should do the following.

Acquaint and adapt yourself to the novel teaching techniques:

       Pursuing higher studies at a foreign destination will be completely different than what he/she experienced in his/her home country.

       The teenager who was earlier spoon-fed everything will now be provided with only brief rather than detailed instructions and support, following which he/she must figure out the rest for himself or herself.

       The class which you will be attending will require you to stay attentive and pen down notes. This, in turn, will be beneficial in the later stages.

       The student is advised to read the topic and come prepared for his/her classes.

       Group projects will be conducted regularly and you will be required to understand the ideas of your teammates.

Thoroughly understand the details:

       Before the student embarks on his/her study overseas journey, he/she must gain access to all the details. These include details of accommodation, fees transportation, expenses that he/she will incur, method of teaching, among others.

       One should research about the same well in advance to avoid any problems and to make the experience easier for himself or herself.

       One should also acquaint one's self with the local language, culture, food, and weather to make the experience a memorable and ideal one.

       There are several groups and societies at the university you have chosen to pursue your further education at. Ensure to be an active participant at these societies and groups to socialize and network.

Learn to cater to your necessities:

       As a teenager, at home all your needs and wants were met with ease. Now, as you travel to your study abroad destination, you will be expected to cater to your own needs.

       Besides achieving the budgeting skills, he/she will be required to know the basics of cooking.

       To be fit, one should ensure that one eats healthy.

       Always be open to learning new things and your experience will be worthwhile. 

Put up with challenges:

       As a teenager in a foreign destination, one is sure to face some hardships. This is also part of one's seamless study abroad experience and thus, one should take these challenges in one's stride and emerge victoriously.

       Academic constraints, homesickness, and loneliness are a few of the emotions that you as a teenager studying at a foreign destination will encounter.

       Keep in touch with and talk to your family and friends for support.

        At the end of the day, remember one thing: always believe in yourself and gain assurance that you will get through it.

Prepare yourself for emergencies that may arise:

       Consider the weather and pack likewise.

       Carry with you all the medication and gadgets that you will require.

       Upon arriving at your desired destination, take a walk around the area to locate all the necessary shops.

Study overseas is no less than a life-altering experience. Upon acquiring the opportunity, grab it with both hands.

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Tuesday 11 January 2022

Six Steps That Every Student Needs To Keep In Mind While Studying In Canada


Canada, one of the most sought-after study-abroad destinations among international students is regarded for its scenic beauty, magnificent landscapes, warm and welcoming nature of the Canadian people. The country, when compared to the United States of America and the United Kindom, is relatively cheaper and thus, experiences the enrolment of a huge number of students each year. Canada is known for its top-ranking colleges and universities. The universities in Canada offer a plethora of courses for students to opt from. Courses in Canada are offered across various disciplines ranging from Engineering to Health Sciences, Law, Architecture, among others. The country hosts more than 2,00,000 international students every year. The institutions of higher education in Canada offer in-depth study programs that engage students and in turn, encourage them to be challenged and achieve their career prospects. Tuition fees in Canada are comparatively cheaper and this is the reason why many students choose to study in Canada. English and French are spoken widely throughout Canada, thus making it a bilingual country. The country, in recent years, has become a powerhouse for education with its curriculum constantly evolving to provide the best to its students. Students from all corners of the world come to study in Canada and thus, the country's culture is one of the most diverse globally, providing students with an ideal environment to study at.

Students wishing to embark on their journey to study in Canada and build their future career, should keep in mind the following steps:

·       Universities in Canada: Choosing, Shortlisting, and Applying

Students desiring to study in Canada should begin with the first step i.e. they should identify their course of interest and the University they intend to study at. Students upon assessing their academic qualifications should conduct an aptitude test with the primary aim of finding out where their strengths and interests lie and then accordingly decide upon a course and university to apply to. This is the process students should ideally follow. Students should decide upon a university that will give them the best output and aid them in their future endeavors and career.

·       Financial Assistance provided to the student's in the form of Scholarships and Bursaries:

Pursuing overseas education is a costly affair and thus in order to reduce the financial burdens, students can apply for scholarships and other grants. One is offered scholarships based on varied categories. On the basis of the academic performance of the student, he/she can apply for scholarships. On the contrary, several universities in Canada offer scholarships to students based on an essay of expression or due to the student's extracurricular activities. Upon submitting their applications to the Universities, students are advised to apply for scholarships. 

·       Students should appear for Admission Tests and English Proficiency Tests:

Universities in Canada conduct Admission tests as a means to help them evaluate students based on their knowledge and understanding of the course they intend to study and general knowledge. These are competitive examinations. Examples of such tests are GMAT, ACT, GRE, and SAT. On the other hand, English Proficiency Tests are the other type of tests generally required by universities. These are conducted with the aim to test the English Proficiency in writing and speaking. IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE are the various types of English Proficiency tests. One appearing for these tests should obtain an overall band of 6.5 and above. Students can also enroll in coaching classes to excel in these tests if needed.

·       Applying for Visa and Departure:

Students, upon securing admission into their preferred university should then apply for a Student Visa or Student Permit. Through the Student Visa and Permit, students are granted entry into Canada for the sole purpose of education. The entire application process is easy but very often, frightening to students. Students while applying are required to attach a copy of their Letter of Acceptance and also have a certain amount of funds in their account.

·       Entry Requirements into Canada:

The requirements for entry into Canada are straightforward. However, the Canadian government is very strict when it comes to granting entry to international tourists into the country. Holding a valid passport and visa is the most basic requirement. Students traveling via the US, are required to have a valid US or Transfer Visa as well as travel documentation. Students traveling with the sole purpose of education need to have with them a confirmation letter from the university they are going to pursue their studies at. In addition, they also need to have a certain amount of funds in their account in order to seek entry into Canada.

·       Opportunities for Work:

Students who aspire to studyin Canada are allowed to work while studying i.e. they are granted the allowance by the University to work part-time while pursuing their course. Students are given the opportunity to work 20 hours during their terms and 40 hours (full time) during course breaks. Students who are employed have the chance to gain hands-on experience in dealing with people while at the same time enhancing their skill set. This has benefitted students in their future career prospects.

Overseas education is very often challenging and the thought of transitioning to a new and foreign country often subdues students. In spite of the high pressure, a study in Canada offers the best learning experience that helps students achieve more and stress less. By diligently following these 6 steps, the most can be made of the opportunity that presents itself to prospective students. 

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