Tuesday 29 July 2014

Experience New Zealand from Scenery to Education Scenario

New Zealand, famous for its amazing scenery, is a great country - a fun place to visit and a superb study destination.

New Zealand also has an international reputation as a provider of quality education. It offers a safe learning environment with excellent study opportunities and support services for international students. Courses are available for academic, professional and vocational studies at universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, secondary schools and private training establishments. New Zealanders are well traveled, with a great interest in people from other cultures, so visitors and international students soon feel more than welcome. Campuses are highly international, with students across the globe studying and socializing together. Mainly Students come from Europe, South East Asia, UK, North Asia, Japan, South America, India, and Australia... New Zealand Universities offers a progressive education to help students to involve globally in the research and compete with the other international students successfully.

New Zealand Universities have become a preferred study destination for many international students due to the following reasons: -

1) Safe yet modern: - New Zealand is an easy going and one of the safest places on this earth with high quality living conditions and a modern lifestyle. New Zealand is a quite country with very low crime rate. The New Zealand government is also very stable and the New Zealanders are very outward looking and welcoming.

Education in New Zealand
2) British based education system: - The New Zealand educational programs and degrees are based on the worlds most recognized and accredited education system- The British System- without the same expense.

3) International recognition of courses and degrees: - New Zealand qualifications are highly recognized around the world for being practical, modern and desired. All the courses, programs and qualifications offered by New Zealand institutions are quality assured by the New Zealand government. Major employers around the world employ New Zealand graduates.

4) Competitive Costs: - Universities in New Zealand offers very affordable tuition fee compared with many other countries around the world. Competitive tuition fees coupled with a low cost of living represents a good value for your money.

5) Multiculturalism: - New Zealand has a dynamic and harmonious multicultural society. Kiwis are friendly, pleasant and they open their doors to offer you warm and welcoming environments. International students are highly respected in New Zealand and you will feel most welcome here.

6) Support Services: - New Zealand has a long history of teaching international students and New Zealand institutions are sensitive to the needs of international students. The “International Office” in tertiary institutions provides a high quality support service to help students to adjust to the new environment and successfully complete their studies.

7) Recreational wonderland: - From the rugged mountains to the sandy beaches New Zealand is a land of great variety... New Zealand offers exciting landscape and recreational opportunities as well as great outdoors to treasure.

8) Work while you study: - All students on a student visa can work up to 20 hours per week during semester and full time during vacations i.e. 40 hours. Scholarships, Internships and Post study work options are also available.

Study in New Zealand
9) Opportunity to settle permanently in New Zealand: - If you complete your course successfully, you automatically get a 12 months 'Work Permit' under the student visa policy. In most instances this permit will be give at your institution itself. This allows you to work full time in any job of your choice. However if you want to get a New Zealand Permanent Residency (PR), then you have to find a job that is relevant to the course that you have completed. You will that way end up recovering a major part of the fees you have paid with an international experience which will come in handy if you have to return to India.

10) Further education after acquiring Permanent Residency: -Once you acquire your Permanent Residency and if you want to study further, then you become eligible for study loans from the Government of New Zealand. You can avail these loans and pay back after you complete the course. Your dependence on your parents will stop after you get your PR. You can also continue to work as much as you like while pursuing your further studies after PR without any time restrictions.


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Monday 28 July 2014

Canada Education - A Rising Star

Canada plays host to more than 180,000 International students in any given year. Increasingly, Canada is becoming the country of choice for students from all parts of the world. A Degree/Diploma from a Canadian Institute is recognized worldwide. Canada is known for its quality education & competitive entry requirements.

Top colleges in Canada charge lower tuition fees for international students than their counterparts in competing countries and at the same time, maintain excellent educational quality. However as the fees are more affordable, admissions are more competitive. Over the last three years, Canada's inflation rate has remained one of the lowest in the industrialized world.

Students in Canada are allowed to work part time off campus. The duration permitted is upto 20 hours per week. Several programs may even have a paid co-op term where one gets hands on experience in working in the industry. These may even be paid co-ops. Further students on the completion of their program of 1 year can work upto 1 year and students applying for 2 years program can work for 2-3 years.

Every step is taken to ensure the safety of students on Canada's campuses. Most universities / colleges in Canada have their own campus security 24 hours a day. There are also “Walk Safe" programmes to assist people in getting to public transportation during late hours.

Scholarships and financial aid- fee waivers are awarded to international students on the criteria of merit and need of it. Candidate with strong academics, good performance on standardized exams and extracurricular achievements would be eligible for scholarship, awards and financial assistance.

Fanshawe College, Canada

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Tuesday 22 July 2014

Explore the Study Opportunities in Singapore

Studying abroad is a fantastic but challenging experience, particularly if this is your first experience of living in another country.

Singapore envisages to becoming a “Global Schoolhouse” offering a diverse and distinctive mix of educational services in a safe, cosmopolitan and comfortable environment. Singapore is the premier education hub in Asia. Singapore is a modern, vibrant nation with an excellent educational system, providing numerous opportunities for internationals who wish to study abroad.

Singapore colleges pride itself in maintaining high standards of teaching and learning, as well as scientific research. As a student you will be able to gain practical experience and find employment more easily in your chosen field.

Singapore is a modern city state with excellent opportunities for education and work. Many global reports show that Singapore is one of the world’s leaders in innovation and research, which in turn makes its institutions of higher education attractive locations for all prospective international students.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
In many of the subject areas, the National University of Singapore is ranked within the global top ten, such as: law, computer science, geography, materials science, accounting and finance, pharmacy, communication and media studies, modern language and statistics and engineering college in Singapore. Other highly ranked institutions in the country are Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University.

In addition to these universities, Singapore also has a wide range of private institutions, along with foreign universities with campuses in Singapore offering wide range of courses.

There is another document needed for studying in Singapore colleges and universities: a Student Pass. You need to apply for it no earlier than two months before your course begins, yet no later than one month before your course commences.

All international students can work during holidays but are limited to 16 hours of work per week in term time. However, it’s important to note that students studying in Singapore private institution are not allowed to work part time so you will have to check regulations to see if it applies to you as not all students are allowed to work during term-time.

SIM, Singapore
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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Aspire to study in UK

UK education is all about giving you inspiration to develop your knowledge and skills, freedom to be creative, and support to help you achieve your best.

UK colleges, schools and universities offer you a world-class education – the chance to follow your passion for learning and gain qualifications that are respected by employers and academics worldwide.

In a UK course you’ll benefit from excellent teaching and facilities. In order to accept students, UK education centers must meet strict quality standards set by the UK government and education bodies.

Studying in the UK Universities isn't just about the classroom – it's also a chance to discover the UK's exciting culture, cities and countryside. Find out more with these resources.

UK Universities degrees have a global reputation for quality and employers worldwide recognize a UK degree as a sign of high academic standards.

Don’t just take our word for it – research shows that a UK education can improve your career prospects, and even boost your earnings.

UK education gives you the chance to study what, where and how you want:

  • There are thousands of exciting courses and qualifications on offer in the Universities in UK – whether you’re interested in accountancy, creative arts or zoology. Or what about 19th century poetry, international business, or dance? You can find over 86,000 UK courses on the list.
  • Many UK courses have a ‘modular’ structure. This means you can build a personalized course by choosing modules or units of study from different subject areas. For example, if you are studying for a bachelor’s degree in English literature, you could choose one module on Science fiction, one module on Children’s literature, one module on Short stories, etc.
  • If you are interested in more than one subject, you could study a combination – many institutions offer courses such as Philosophy and English literature, or Tourism with French, for example.
  • Many courses can be studied full-time or part-time. If you need a visa to study in the UK, check your immigration status that allows you to join a part-time course.
  • There are also many shorter courses for students who want to gain an undergraduate qualification in just one or two years, and summer schools for those looking to experience UK student life while building their knowledge, learning new skills or preparing for further study.
  • You can enter UK education at any age and level. If you don’t yet have the qualifications or English language skills you need to apply for your chosen course, there are lots of preparatory courses and qualifications you can take. A foundation or access course, for example, will help you meet the entry requirements for UK university.

Working alongside your studies is a fantastic way to gain skills for your future career.
Many international students in the UK University take a part-time job. Others do a work placement or internship as part of their course.

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