Wednesday 15 May 2013

usa studies

What is the transfer student concept?
A transfer option is to complete at least 2 years of the Bachelors / Diploma program in any country and then apply for a transfer to the university in the USA that a student wants to attend. The years waived off in your transfer status will depend on the courses covered in India and the grades for the same. It is rare that one can get exact transfer of credits.

Should I apply only to Top Ten Universities?
The acceptance ratio of top US universities is only 1% - 4%. Therefore, in order to improve your chances of admission, you should also apply to other Universities that offer good programs. Also the entry requirements are extremely stringent for such institutions. One must always remember that Ranking can be world wide, region based and even subject based. If one is looking for a ranked university, search should be subject based.

I have completed 15 years of education in India. Can I get admission for MBA directly in USA?
Most American Universities require 16 years of education for admission into an MBA USA or any other Graduate program. It is therefore advisable to complete M.Com / M.A/ M.Sc. or at least one year of any Masters Degree before taking admission in USA University. Some top ranked Universities can take you with 15 yrs. of education with 2-3 years of relevant work experience. Edwise however has a list of those institutions that would enroll students after 15 years of education directly. MBA USA is popular among international students.

Can I get Financial assistance?
Yes definitely, but getting financial assistance in the first semester is extremely competitive and you need to have an extremely good academic and test score to be qualified. There are number of good cases where we have helped students secure full financial assistance for USA studies. If you have an outstanding academic background and test scores, Edwise Counselors will try their best to get you financial aid.

What about shifting school once I get there?
Once you are in the US, you are governed by the USCIS rule. According to this rule, you cannot change the school before completing one semester at the school. It is advisable that you make your choice carefully to avoid problems at a later date.

Is only TOEFL applicable for USA, can a student also take IELTS?
Yes , a student can take IELTS instead of TOEFL. As 2500 universities america have started accepting IELTS. these universities being the top ones.

What is the ideal time to start applying to Universities, and what are the different start dates?
Generally, the students need to apply for USA studies one year in advance. This specifically would be an advantage to those students looking out for scholarships. Most commonly available start dates are in the Fall Session (August / September) and the Spring session (January / February).

Can I work while studying?
Students are allowed to work 20 hours a week on- campus during the term and full-time during the vacation period.

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Study in UK

Modern Learning Environment :
Employers want employees who can think effectively, creatively and independently..
UK Universities use a variety of teaching and assessment methods to encourage independence, as well as mastery of the subject.
Students are expected to use the information they are given to stimulate their original thinking. .

Quality of Education :
The education system provides facilities such as international students societies, planned social activities, academic support, and academic counsellors. UK Universities has one of the lowest 'drop out rates..
Its quality is unrivaled throughout the world.
Encourages relevant skills that are marketable and sought by today's top companies

Affordable :
Realisation of earning potentials sooner.
Numerous scholarships and bursaries offered by UK Universities.
Almost free health care by National Health Service.
Student discount facilities provided free through National Union of Students membership for all students.

Vast choice of institutions, academics and subjects.
Flexible programs.
Diverse, stable social environment

Cosmopolitan place to live.
Home to numerous ethnic groups and nationalities from around the world.
Tolerant, stable society where students learn about diverse range of people.

Duration :
Compared to other educational destinations shorter duration programs
Undergraduate - 3 years, Postgraduate - 1 year.

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Tuesday 14 May 2013

Careers in New Zealand

Post Graduate Study in New Zealand
The first degree a student is able to gain in New Zealand is as elsewhere, a Bachelors degree. With a completed Bachelor's degree, a graduate may be able to go on to a Masters in New zealand degree. These degrees may be awarded with Honours, an indication both of the challenge the course presents and of the student's achievement in it.

Postgraduate Diploma
A one-years full-time study, designed for graduates, which builds on the subject matter in the academic field of the previous degree. Universities and Colleges offer Mba in New zealand which is popular among students.

Graduate Diploma
A one-year, full-time course of study for graduates. It does not always require its students to have prior learning or experience in the subject matter of the diploma in New Zealand.

Master's Degree
The Master's degree is open to those who have completed a Bachelors degree. The course of study is usually of one or two year's full-time study or its equivalent in part-time study. The work required normally builds upon the prior knowledge gained in the major part of the Bachelor's degree, and most or all of it is in that discipline. It is at a more advanced level. That is normally reflected in the content of the work; in the mode of teaching which is likely to emphasis seminar presentation; and in provision of research experience for the candidate. A thesis is an account of a substantial piece of research. Many master's in new zealand degrees include a thesis component, and in some cases, particularly those which are taken after a four-year Bachelors (Honors) course, the degrees may be thesis-only. However increasingly Masters in new zealand degrees by papers, or papers plus research, are becoming available. The successful student is expected to show, as the title implies, a real grasp of the subject, demonstrated by an understanding of the discipline, a capacity to reflect upon it, and an ability to undertake research into it.

New Zealand Doctoral Research scholarships are a significant educational opportunity. Doctorate programmes generally take atleast 3 years of full time study to complete. It is a fully research based degree. PHD students pay domestic tuition fee which is a ‘benefit’ of fee difference from international fees to domestic fees’. Scholarships are also awarded to the students on the basis of academic merit and research ability by the university. The scholarships doctoral degree by research in New Zealand universities. The scholarship funding covers international tuition fee, a monthly living allowance, travel, health, insurance, books and thesis allowance.

Engineering in New Zealand

Engineering is the application of scientificeconomic, social, and practical knowledge in order to design, build, and maintain structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes. It may encompass using insights to conceive, model and scale an appropriate solution to a problem or objective. The discipline of engineering is extremely broad, and encompasses a range of more specialized fields of engineering, each with a more specific emphasis on particular areas of technology and types of application.
There are typical Five Stars university is generally world class in a broad range of areas, enjoys a high reputation and has cutting edge facilities and internationally renowned research and teaching faculty.
There are Engineering universities which got five star rating for Engineering in New Zealand and Technology in New Zealand , Research, Teaching, Infrastructure, Internationalization.
All of our degrees are accredited by IPENZ, the Institution of Professional Engineers in New Zealand, and therefore recognised as meeting the academic requirements for professional engineers. IPENZ is a signatory to the Washington Accord, making your degree an internationally recognised qualification in many overseas countries.

Monday 13 May 2013

Education in Australia

Education in Australia Down Under – Australian Students Have It All

Australian institutions are focused on the future. Thus every student who gains a  education in Australia, develops a resolute spirit which not only allows them to gain the knowledge, skills and abilities required for a fruitful and successful career but also allows them to build networks that will last a lifetime.

A young and vibrant country, Australia boasts of housing over 41 internationally recognized Australian university and education institutions that are pioneers in research, innovation and technology. These award degrees and diplomas in a variety of courses in Australia which range from IT, Management, Accounting, Finance, Science, Health, Hospitality, Media to Architecture.
Gaining an Australian University degree does not only mean getting an internationally recognized qualification, but it also means an influx of job opportunities which students may consider within or outside Australia. Graduates of an Australian Degree are highly sought by large MNCs, and moreover those who have earned an Australian Bachelors degree; or Masters by coursework or research degree; or PhD programs will have an access to post-study work visa, which is valid for 3-4 years depending on the program and the program duration.
Earning a bachelors degree may take around 2–4 years  and master’s course may take between 1-2 years. Also, the Education in Australia is quite flexible and allows students to balance their studies and work. For example, students are eligible to work part time during the study term (40 hours per fortnight) and full time during vacations (40 hours per week). The average expected salary is approximately AUD 20 per hour.
Shane Fernandez studying in University in Australia pursuing Masters in  Media, Arts and Production from University of Technology Sydney (UTS) says “I have got the most out of my study programme in Australia with great academic diversity, sensational support services by the university and plenty of life. The first few days were a wonderful transition to student life here with all kinds of facilities and support available along with meeting people from all over the world.”
When it comes to tuition fees and living expenses, Australia provides cost effective study programs and accommodation options in comparison to their counterparts. Students with good academic profile can also apply for scholarships at some of the renowned universities; for example one of Australia’s leading private & not-for-profit university has awarded its inaugural ‘Vice-Chancellor’s India Scholarship,’ to our Student, Ms. Karen Mistry. This prestigious scholarship covers full tuition fees for 3 years and was awarded to her by the Vice Chancellor of the University in Australia and the Mayor of Gold Coast City.
Thus offering excellent Courses in Australia, study programs, scholarship opportunities and easy migration formalities, Australia with its highly recognized educational institutions has become the leading education destination for overseas students. Students living in Australia are also appreciative of the wide potpourri of culture, customs and cuisines, which define Australia and make it an exciting and vibrant country to live in.
We assist students in selecting the right course at the right University in Australia but will also be guided by trained and experienced counselors through the entire admission formalities, visa processes and pre departure planning.

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Tuesday 7 May 2013

uk universities

Great Britain, a Great Education for life

The British education system has sustained an 800-year-old heritage, which has ensured its current academic and scientific successes. The best practices of the traditional British education combined with the latest new developments have created an education system which is the most respected and reputed worldwide. Holders of a British degree are considered as well rounded professionals who are vocationally ready and thus are highly sought after by various organizations.

UK universities are also renowned for their high standards and quality, where there are a variety of external and internal bodies conducting quality checks and ensuring that the educational practices maintain the standards a British education symbolizes. Thus the education system at the UK has strong foundations which enable universities of UK to provide an unsurpassed qualification to its students.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students in the UK have ample study programs to choose from which offer a wide range of exclusive specializations. These programs lay emphasis on practical based learning, allowing students to completely utilize the vast amounts of expertise held by the professors.

Student life at UK, involves creative thinking and self-expression which fosters learning and development. The university courses in UK work, hence involves various assignments and presentations, which allows students to be more self-reliant and encourages them to work in study groups. This fosters an environment which leads to development of leadership skills and teamwork. Abhishek Joshi pursuing his Msc. in Mechanical Engineering from Newcastle University says, “The projects which we are assigned give us a lot of exposure to the work culture in UK. The professors are versatile, informative and experts in their fields and give us great insight into the subject.” Some PG courses also include internships towards the end of the program; this practical exposure makes students unique and ideally marketable to the employers.

A common misconception of studying at UK is that a British education is expensive. However, earning a qualification from the UK universities can be less costly because the courses here tend to be shorter. UG courses which generally take 4 years in the US or Australia take approximately 3 years in the UK, a PG course can be completed in a year. Thus reducing the tuition and living expenses for students. Moreover, with more and more universities offering a plethora of scholarship options, students with a strong candidature can receive ample support in terms of scholarships and financial aids.

In this era of globalization, there is an ever-increasing demand of qualified professionals who possess an exclusive skill set and have international exposure, which an university in UK education delivers. Moreover, with PG and Masters taking lesser time to finish, students can pursue their careers without having a major time gap in their resume.

In summation, a British qualification represents unsurpassed quality and standards; and delivers an education, which is enriched with practical experience and interaction with peers and a knowledgeable faculty. With lower costs of education and lesser time needed for graduation, the UK represents a popular overseas destination for international students.   To learn more, you can meet representatives from some of the best UK Universities at the education fair which will be held in 10 cities from 18th May to 1st June. Also avail merit Scholarships, get quick or on the spot evaluation / decisions of your applications.

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Monday 6 May 2013

university canada

The Great White North, as inflected in the name, houses some of the greatest educational institutions which provides students with a qualitative learning experience that allows them to gather the knowledge, experience and connections required to enter their chosen work field.

Accommodating over 92 public canadian universities and about 175 community colleges, offering various  disciplines ranging of courses in canada IT, Engineering, Business, Healthcare, Hospitality, Construction and Media; Canada has become a popular overseas option. Sumit Aggarwal, International officer from Algonquin College states, “Over 130,000 international students choose Canada as their preferred choice of study, due to the superior education system. The high standards of the Canadian Universities educational system and outstanding quality of Canadian schools are acknowledged globally.”

Canadian colleges design relevant courses, which fulfill all requirements needed to enter the job market. One such practice followed by most university canada is offering students an option for a co-operative work term, this allows student to earn course credits by working for a full semester in the industry of their choice, thus enabling them to gain a first hand experience of the Canadian work culture and get relevant work experience. Sahil Joglekar who is pursuing post graduation from George Brown College in Human Resource Management, says, “the Canadian education system has shaped me well to enter the workforce and the experience has been wonderful”.

While university canada is a relatively inexpensive education option and has maintained one of the lowest inflation rates worldwide, it still offers options in terms of scholarships, financial aids and grants for deserving candidates. Students can also opt to cover their living expenses by considering part time opportunities within or near the campus. As per the rules, they are allowed to participate in a 20 hour work week during the term and a 40 hour work week during vacations.

With the changing Canadian demographics and new industry trends, there is a rising demand for skilled workers who hold degrees in various fields such as IT, Business and Engineering. Moreover, with recent changes in immigration policies, students who have graduated from with a post secondary qualification from Canadian Universities are now eligible for an open work permit, which is valid for up-to three years, depending on the number of years of education.

When it comes to visa applications, the Canadian High Commission has initiated a successful new program know as the Student Partnership Programs (SPP), which is a venture aiming to reduce the visa application formalities (for example requiring very limited documentation), and faster visa approvals; provided that the  students apply for study programs with participating colleges.

Thus with an excellent educational system and a welcoming immigrant policy, Canada continues to charm all who wish to pursue further education. However, students should take precautions so that they are not be misled by unauthorized agents, sub-agents, immigration consultants etc who claim to provide guidance regarding applications, job opportunities, work permits etc. Approaching a direct university representative is always the safest course.

With the 'Ed- Mission Canada', educational fair being held between 14th April - 3rd May in 11 cities all over India, students can get an opportunity to directly interact with various Canadian universities and colleges. 

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Saturday 4 May 2013

Education in USA

Education Chart:
USA has the world's most flexible education system, students can study their area of interest as specialization. As the education system of USA is not centralized each institute can determine its program and admission standards. Lateral movement in the education system is possible any time.

Types of Institution

Public Universities: 
State-affiliated institutions financially supported by public taxes, usually large in size. All levels of degrees with different fields of study are offered. Public colleges and universities are relatively easy on the pocket for residents of a state where the schools are located. Foreign students pay "out-of-state" tuition, which is higher. There are many notable public university in the USA across the country just a few examples: Pennsylvania State University, Ohio State University, University of California, Kansas State University, University of Texas , California State University.
Private Universities: 
Private Institutions run without the control of the Government entity. Tuition fees of these institutions are higher but the international as well the domestic students pay the same amount of fees. The notable private institutions are Long Island University, George Washington University, New York University, Carnegie Mellon University.
Technical Institutes: 
For Education in the USA these are schools emphasizing principally on engineering and science they are known for their research and graduate programs. Most International students who attend these schools are of graduate level. Undergraduates admitted to these college of USA usually have incredibly strong backgrounds in math and sciences, as witnessed by grades and standardized test scores (e.g. SAT or GRE). M.I.T. (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Cal Poly (California Polytechnic Institute), Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology), NYIT New York Institute of Technology) and W.P.I. (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) are a few of the noted schools.

The Ivy League: 
These schools are the oldest and most famous in the country members of the Ivy League are: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania. They are in the Northeastern part of the USA. Ivy League colleges stress undergraduate liberal arts education in the usa, but they also have noted graduate and professional schools. Tuitions at these private schools is among the highest in the country, and admission is generally highly competitive.
Small Liberal Arts Colleges: 
Generally have the focus on undergraduate study of the traditional arts and science disciplines: humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Strictly liberal arts colleges are often quite old and mostly private schools. They are highly-rated institutions as they stress on small classes, individual attention to the students, and closer relationships between the faculties and students. Many of them also generally have rigid admission standards. Among these schools are: Amherst, Marist, Swarthmore, Manhattan, Smith, Mount Holyoke.

Community Colleges: 
More over known as County Colleges or City colleges. Community colleges of usa provide higher education and lower level tertiary education, granting certificates, diplomas and Associates Degree. Some notable community colleges are Ohlone College, De Anza College & Bellevue Community College.

Grading System:
The GPA system is followed throughout the United States to judge student's performance. It is graded on the scale of 0 to 4. Following is the evaluation of GPA

Grade PointsGrade PointsEquivalent
>4>AHigh Achievement
>2>CMinimum Passing

Education in the USA is mainly provided by the public sector, with control and funding coming from three levels: local, state, and federal, in that order. Child education is compulsory, and there are also a large number and wide variety of higher education institutions throughout the country that one can choose to attend, both publicly and privately administered.
Public education is universally available. School curricula, funding, teaching, employment, and other policies are set through locally elected school boards with jurisdiction over school districts with many directives from state legislatures. School districts are usually separate from other local jurisdictions, with independent officials and budgets. Educational standards and standardized testing decisions are usually made by state governments

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