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Trending Bachelor’s Courses To Study Abroad in 2023

 For any student, experiencing life abroad while in college is the finest thing. Study abroad has become synonymous with higher education, much like living in a dorm, unexpectedly joining a Greek society, or napping through an exam. Yet, this does not imply that the experience is straightforward! Many students who wish to study abroad are unclear of how or where to begin their search.

The choice to study overseas is a significant one that necessitates letting go of home comforts. A number of students are reluctant to take the risk of moving abroad to complete their education. Nevertheless, a college student's time spent studying abroad could be one of their best experiences. Students prefer to study abroad for a variety of reasons. Students who study overseas get the chance to experience a different culture and country while they are in school. Also, after completing their degree, they are able to find better prospects there. Their perception that India offers fewer chances than other nations is one of the main causes, in their opinion. Studying abroad, however, is largely regarded as having significant life-altering advantages by those who have already done so. In light of this, if you're comparing the benefits and drawbacks of studying abroad, why not seize the chance to explore the world while still pursuing your education?

There are a number of prestigious colleges and universities that offer a vast array of courses for students to choose from. Thus, students are spoilt for choice. One can travel, live anywhere in the world, and bag lucrative careers after receiving an internationally recognised degree from another nation—a truly cosmopolitan experience. This blog throws light on the popular undergraduate courses to pursue abroad in 2023.  

Trending Bachelor’s Courses To Study Abroad

Bachelors in Business and Management: The field of business and management is very diverse, including a number of possible study options. Thus, this is one of the most in-demand Bachelor's disciplines. Many students enrol in the BBA programme each year. When enrolled full-time, a bachelor's degree in business management can be earned in four to five years, while some online business degrees may be completed faster. With a business administration degree, you can learn how to keep track of the company's performance, develop yourself as a key player in key business choices, and create long-term business strategy. Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Mathematics, Organisational Behaviour, Economics, Management, and Human Resources are a few of the most prominent fields of study within this discipline. With a bachelor's in business management, you can also be qualified for entry-level jobs as a marketing specialist, financial analyst, human resources specialist, business analyst, financial inspector, market researcher, tax consultant, manager, accountant, etc.

Bachelors in Electrical Engineering: One of the most well-liked engineering specialties is electrical engineering. Engineering is a broad academic field that encompasses all aspects of invention, design, construction, upkeep, and research. Digital computers, control systems, electronics, power engineering, signal processing, microelectronics, telecommunications, instrumentation, and RF engineering, are just a few of the many subfields that comprise electrical engineering today. Electrical engineering degrees are typically held by electrical engineers. One’s ability to work with any system or device that uses electricity, such as digital devices and gadgets, will be enhanced by studies in electrical engineering. Securing admission to one of the top universities for electrical engineering looks good on your resume because these schools give you the best chances to investigate cutting-edge engineering fields. Studying electrical engineering can open doors to fields like broadcasting, aerospace, telecommunications, and media, where one can work as a broadcast engineer, electrical and electronics engineer as well as aerospace engineer, and network engineer.

Bachelors in Architecture: Visualization is the foundation of architecture. Those aspiring to pursue a promising profession in architecture frequently draw inspiration from famous landmarks throughout the world. The majority of students therefore want to pursue architecture courses abroad. Real estate developers and local governments are constantly in need of interior designers, architects, and urban planners. This industry has been expanding throughout the past five years. Some of the top destinations to study architecture abroad include the US, the UK, and Canada, which welcomes a diverse group of new students each year. With several subfields, architecture is a broad field. B.Arch covers topics like architectural theory, building services, design, and building materials. An undergraduate degree in architecture will help students gain knowledge of topics including architectural history, beam operation, and 3D modelling techniques. As you graduate and enter the job market, architecture is another discipline that rewards your time and effort. Students with a B.Arch degree can work as an urban planner, interior designer, urban designer, architect, project manager, among others.


Bachelors in Computer Science and IT: We are living in a digital age, a revolution propelled by computers, and we want to be at the forefront of it all. Computers have been a key factor in the globalisation of society. Computers are used in almost every aspect of our lives, including entertainment, communications, travel, and even our pockets. The use of computers and IT has become commonplace among businesses and people around the world. A field that is continuously trying to fulfil the demands of our rapidly changing societies, computer science and IT are fast-paced, continually changing, and developing. Learning new systems, apps, and software to update and fix existing computing concerns is the core focus of computer science and information technology studies. While IT focuses on developing networks and databases and maintaining computer systems, computer science is more concerned with software development and programming.

International exposure is beneficial for students interested in a career in computing and information technology because the discipline of computer science has truly gone global. Your opportunity to become familiar with cutting-edge technologies that could appear unreal may lie in studying computer science abroad. You can learn about and gain an understanding of how computers are utilized around the world and how technology shapes other cultures by studying computer science and information technology abroad. A BSc in Computer Science focuses on computers, covering everything from database management systems to sophisticated programming languages like C++ and Java. The primary goal of the computer science curriculum is to generate qualified professionals and research associates who can operate in any industry through the application of computer software technologies. On earning their degree, one can work as a technical support officer, games developer, IT consultant, data analyst, and systems developer.

In addition to the Bachelor degrees mentioned above, the other trending bachelor’s courses to study abroad in 2023 include Bachelors in Medicine, Bachelors in International Relations, Bachelors in Civil Engineering and Construction, Bachelors in Language Studies, and Bachelors in Design.

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Everything You Need To Know About Pursuing Sports Management Abroad


The area of business directly related to sports and recreation is called sport management. It's a line of work that incorporates athletics with abilities like management, marketing, etc. Administration, Law, Finance, and Ethics are just a few of the many subjects taught under sports management. Students pursuing Sports Management will acquire knowledge of the business aspect of the sports industry; prominent universities in Australia, the UK, and the USA, offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the field of Sports Management. Sports management encompasses a wide range of diverse elements. Those with an interest in the financial and economic aspects of the sports industry may want to concentrate their studies on finance and similar fields. In a similar vein, sport managers who wish to work for global sports federations should enrol in classes like international marketing. Sports management is a great and fascinating employment option overseas. To advance their education and talents, many international students enrol in sports management colleges around the world. Job prospects in the field of sports and recreation are possible with a degree in Sports Management. Work directly with players, coaches, and organisations, or operate behind the scenes as a marketing manager, promoter, or sports economist, depending on the type of sports management job you're interested in. Read through the blog to gain a better understanding of what makes a sports management course worthwhile, the leading universities offering this degree, and scholarships that students can avail of.

Colleges Offering Sports Management:

Colleges abroad offer numerous courses under Sports Management that students can pursue. Among these are: MSc in Sports Management, Master of Sport Business, MSc in Sports Business Management, Executive Master of Sport Business, Master’s in Sports Management, and Executive MBA in Sports Management.

These courses are offered at leading universities viz. Sheffield Hallam University, Deakin University, The University of Europe, The Institute of Pompeu Fabra University, Victoria University, and Coventry University. Executive MBA in Sports Management lasts for a duration of 9 months, Masters in Sports Management is an 8 month long course. Courses like MSc in Sports Management, Executive Master of Sport Business, and MSc in Sports Business Management all last for a duration of 1 year. On the other hand, the length of Master of Sport Business is 1.5 years. Students can expect to pay a course fee between INR 2,00,000 and INR 19,00,000 for the complete course (semester/year wise). Students opting to pursue any of these courses are required to adhere to certain eligibility criteria. The requirements for enrolling in Sports Management abroad differ depending on the program, college, and country. Students are required to obtain at least 60% in high school (or the equivalent in your country), are required to appear for GRE/GMAT, English Proficiency Tests, and university entrance examination (if any). They also need to hold a relevant Bachelor's degree, have work experience, and a student visa, to be eligible for a Sports Management course abroad.

Reasons to opt for a course in Sports Management:

Through a Sports Management course one can learn the knowledge and abilities associated with Finance, Management, Marketing, and the Law of the sports industry. Besides, taking a degree in sports management will teach you how to use the newest trends and technologies to analyse a sports organization's business from all angles.

Admission Procedures for Colleges of Sports Management

Prior to enrolling in a Sports Management college, make sure you meet the requirements for admission. Once that is confirmed, you can register for your course by taking a few steps after finding it on the college or university's website. To complete the registration, you must pay the application fee (if there is one) and provide all required documentation. For a CoE on your registered email ID, you must wait at least two weeks.

Required Documentation:

The level of the course and the university determine the documentation needed for a Sports Management course. An English Proficiency Test scorecard, proof of age and financial stability, a police certificate, academic transcripts, a Bachelor's degree, and other exam results are required, nevertheless.

Specializations in Sport Management

A sports management curriculum focuses on management and marketing strategies for sports and sports organisations. A variety of specialisations are available for sports management degrees to help students learn more about particular areas of the industry. Among the most popular specialties are:

  • Event Management
  • Leadership and Management
  • Law
  • Marketing Management
  • Facility Management
  • Ethics
  • Sports Agent
  • Sports Budgeting
  • Sports Journalism
  • Athlete Management
  • Sports Advertising
  • Sports Operations
  • Sports Media Management
  • Sports Branding
  • Sport Event Management
  • Sports Marketing Management
  • Sports PR

Scholarships Offered by Sports Management Colleges Abroad

Every year, international students from all around the world enrol at the previously mentioned universities offering Sports Management courses. But not all can pay the course costs. To assist such students in paying their school expenses for Sports Management, the universities provide a variety of rewards and scholarships.



Sheffield Hallam University

Postgraduate Student Loans

Deakin University

Deakin Scholarship for Excellence

Institute of Pompeu Fabra University

Merit-Based Scholarship

Coventry University

International Pathways Scholarship


Top Universities to Pursue Sports Management

You can enrol in a Sports Management program to learn the subject thoroughly and launch an interesting career by choosing the best colleges. The top universities for sports management overseas are listed below.

Sheffield Hallam University with a 1001-1200 QS World Ranking 2023 offers MSc in Sports Business Management. Victoria University, ranking 701-750 in the QS World Ranking 2023 offers Master of Sports Business. Students can opt for Master’s in Sports Management at the Institute of Pompeu Fabra University. With a 266 QS World Ranking 2023, Deakin University offers Executive Master of Sports Business. Executive MBA in Sports Management is offered at University of Europe. Coventry University with a QS World Ranking 2023 of 651-700 offers MSc in Sports Management.

Top American Universities to Study Sports Management

The United States is a top nation where a career in sports management may be very rewarding. The best sports management colleges in USA are listed below.

At University of the Pacific with a 1001-1200 QS World Ranking 2023, the average annual tuition fees for a Sports Management course is USD 50,369. Cleveland State University with a ranking of 1201-1400 in the QS World Ranking 2023, offers Sports Management courses with an average annual tuition fees of 16,764 USD. At Concord University, the average annual tuition fees for this course is USD 18,186. The average annual tuition fees for a Sports Management course at Mount Aloysius College is 23,889 USD and at Mercy College it is USD 19,919.

Leading Universities in UK to Pursue Sports Management

Due to its top-notch standards and shortened course duration, study in UK is a popular choice for international students seeking higher education. Additionally, it is also one of the places where sports and sports management are popular.

Coventry University with a 651-700 QS World Ranking 2023, offers Sports Management courses with an average annual tuition fees of 18,250 Euros, 22,250 Euros (with industry experience). At the University of Liverpool with a QS World Ranking 2023 of 190, the average annual tuition fees for a Sports Management course is GBP 30,500. One is expected to pay an average annual tuition fees of Euros 18,215 at Sheffield Hallam University that enjoys a 1001-1200 QS World Ranking 2023. The average annual tuition fees for a Sports Management course at University of Bath (QS World Ranking 2023 of 179) is GBP 9377. With a ranking of 15 in the QS World Ranking 2023, University of Edinburgh offers Sports Management courses with an average annual tuition fees of 25,300 GBP.

Top- Ranking Colleges in Australia for Sports Management Studies

Australia is ranked among the top countries for international education and is renowned for its employability around the world. The 5 leading universities in Australia that offer this degree are:



QS World Ranking 2023

Average Annual Tuition Fees (in AUD)

Deakin University


AUD 30,000

La Trobe University


AUD 1,12,200

Victoria University


AUD 20,300

University of Sydney


AUD 47,500

University of Queensland


AUD 53,256


Leading Colleges in Canada to study Sports Management    

Canada is significantly less expensive for overseas students than other countries. It provides the top faculty, facilities, and course designs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. The top 5 Canadian colleges and universities for this degree are mentioned below.



QS World Ranking

Tuition Fees (in CAD)

Georgian College

CAD 23,095

University of Ottawa


CAD 25,719

Brock University


CAD 23,504

St Claire College

CAD 15,764

University of Alberta


CAD 6400


Career Opportunities in Sports Management

Graduates with a degree in sports management have a wide range of interesting career opportunities. One can work as an Athletic Coach, Sports Marketer, Fitness Manager, Sports Lawyer, Athletic Director,  Sports Manager, Game Day Coordinator, Sports Agent, and Specialist in Athlete Development.

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Gaining A Public Relations Degree Abroad


The profession of public relations (PR) entails creating and preserving connections between a company's stakeholders and the public through various communication strategies, methods, and messages. The goal of public relations (PR) is to develop a favourable reputation for the company, as well as to increase public acceptance and support. PR encompasses a wide range of tasks, including stakeholder engagement, problem management, crisis communication, media relations, and crisis communication. It makes use of a variety of methods, including the use of press releases, speeches, events, and social media, as well as both proactive and reactive communication initiatives. Understanding communication theories, ethics, and the function of PR in society is all part of the study of public relations. It also involves developing knowledge and abilities in communication planning, message formulation, measurement, and evaluation.

Why should an international student choose to study public relations abroad?

·       International Exposure: Studying abroad provides the chance to get to know individuals from other backgrounds, experience a new culture, and develop an international perspective on public relations. This can improve one's comprehension of PR techniques and strategies used in many nations and offer priceless experience for a career in international PR.

·       Job Opportunities: Studying public relations overseas may lead to work prospects with global enterprises, governmental organisations, and international PR agencies. This can broaden one's job opportunities and give them useful experience for a future in international PR.

·       Excellent Training: Many nations have well-known PR programmes that provide cutting-edge information, useful skills, and practical experience. One may stay ahead of the curve in their job by studying overseas and having access to the most recent PR research, theories, and practises.

·       Personal Development: Studying abroad may be a transformative experience that fosters both personal and professional development. It offers the chance to acquire independence, build resilience, and learn a new language—skills essential for a successful PR career.

Program structure:

At several undergraduate and graduate levels, including diploma, certificate, bachelor's, master's, and PhD degrees, you can study public relations. Diploma and certificate programmes will expose you to the foundations of the discipline and normally require one or two years of study. A bachelor's degree is the most common level of study and is typically completed in three or four years. These courses are normally provided as a BA, but if they also incorporate more analytical and quantitative aspects of marketing, some universities may designate PR degrees as a BSc. The Chartered Institute of Public Relations will accredit the majority of bachelor's programmes in Europe.

Even while the majority of entry-level PR positions only require a bachelor's degree, there are possibilities to pursue postgraduate degrees if you want to work in management after graduation. A master's degree can be earned in one or two years, and is commonly followed by a Ph.D. that requires five years of study.

Typically, instruction is provided through lectures, seminars, tutorials, hands-on workshops, and guest presentations by specialists in the field. Exams, written assignments, presentations, case studies, and portfolios of work based on actual client briefs are some of the ways PR programmes are evaluated.

You may anticipate to cover the following major subjects throughout your PR course, however, the specific material will vary depending on the university and nation you choose to attend.

·        Business strategy

·        Consumer psychology

·        Managing the brand

·        Media platforms

·        PR concepts and contexts

·        PR events

·        The principles and practices of communication

·        Understanding public relations

Best destinations to study PR:

·        UK: Studying Public Relations in the UK can be a valuable and enriching experience. The UK is home to some of the world's most prestigious universities, including many that offer well-regarded PR programs. Studying in the UK provides access to the latest research and theories in PR, as well as hands-on experience through internships and networking opportunities with international PR firms and multinational corporations. The UK is also a hub for PR and communications, with many PR events and conferences taking place in London, offering further opportunities for learning and professional development.

·        USA: Studying public relations in the United States may be both tough and rewarding. Strong PR programmes are prevalent in the USA, and many institutions provide both undergraduate and graduate-level PR courses. The nation's PR business is well-established and offers plenty of options for internships and jobs after graduation. Students who study public relations in the USA get access to cutting-edge research and ideas in the area as well as a variety of viewpoints and methods.

·        Australia: A distinctive and educational experience may be had by studying public relations in Australia. At the undergraduate and graduate levels, Australia provides a variety of PR programmes taught by knowledgeable academicians and business executives. Studying public relations in Australia gives students access to the most recent ideas and methods, as well as practical experience through internships and networking with local and international businesses. Studying PR in Australia may give Indian students great exposure to various PR viewpoints and methodologies while also laying the groundwork for a successful career in the industry.

·        Canada: Canada is renowned for having a strong PR sector and a good educational system. Canada's PR programmes are instructed by qualified academics and business experts. Students who study public relations in Canada have access to the most recent scholarship and ideas in the area as well as a variety of viewpoints and methods. Additionally, there are several global businesses and international PR agencies in Canada, providing prospects for internships and jobs following graduation.

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Pursuing Journalism At An International Destination


Journalism is the practice of covering news and events that are relevant to a certain audience. Studyingjournalism abroad can help you understand how it differs in different countries and uses various media. You may learn about the history, present, and future of broadcast, print, and digital journalism.

Why study Journalism overseas?

·        Gain a unique perspective on global issues by immersing yourself in a different culture and society.

·        Develop a diverse skill set and become more adaptable to different working environments.

·        Improve language skills and make international contacts that can be valuable later in your career.

·        Learn about different types of media systems, cultures and ways of reporting

·        Exposure to different laws and regulations regarding freedom of speech and the press.

·        Opportunities to intern or work with international media outlets

·        Develop an understanding of how to report on global events, and how to report on them in a way that is sensitive to cultural and societal differences.

·        Enhance your resume and increase your chances of being hired by international or multicultural media outlets.

The course structure:

In the US liberal arts paradigm, you would study journalism as a major or minor as part of your bachelor's degree. You must use a predetermined number of credits on journalism-specific programs to do this. You can study journalism as a stand-alone subject at the master's level. But in the UK, you may pursue journalism as a standalone degree at all levels of study. It's crucial to take into account the practical experience that a university offers, such as journalism internships, placements, or work experience, while choosing where to study journalism. Accessibility to university resources like radio studios and video equipment will be another factor.

Depending on your curriculum, journalism degrees typically include hands-on learning utilising a combination of writing and broadcast technology. There will also be tutorials, lectures, and seminars in addition to private study time.

Based on the nation and particular university you are attending, the format and content of a journalism program will be highly diverse. The following are some of the modules and electives you might take to study journalism:

·        Broadcast journalism

·        Journalism and ethics

·        Journalism and photography

·        Journalism and society

·        Media law

·        Storytelling

Best universities to study Journalism:

·        USA - The USA has a diverse and dynamic media landscape, with a wide range of news outlets, from traditional newspapers and television stations to digital-only news organizations. This provides students with a wealth of learning opportunities and potential career paths.The USA has a long tradition of press freedom and freedom of speech, which allows for a more open and diverse range of voices in the media. Top universities to study journalism in the US include Columbia University in New York City, University of Missouri, University of California, Berkeley, University of Southern California, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, etc.

·        UK - The UK has a diverse and dynamic media landscape, with a wide range of news outlets, including traditional newspapers and television stations, as well as digital-only news organizations. This provides students with a wealth of learning opportunities and potential career paths. The UK is home to many of the world's leading media organizations, such as the BBC, The Guardian, and The Times, which can provide students with opportunities for internships and networking. Top universities to study journalism in the UK include University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, City, University of London, Goldsmiths, University of London, University of Westminster, etc.

·        Canada - Canada has a rich tradition of journalistic excellence, with a diverse and dynamic media landscape that includes a wide range of news outlets, from traditional newspapers and television stations to digital-only news organizations. Leading institutions to pursue journalism in Canada are University of British Columbia, Ryerson University, Carleton University, University of King's College, University of Regina, etc.

Career prospects after Journalism degree:

Studying journalism abroad can open up a wide range of career opportunities for graduates. Some of the most common career paths include:

·        News Reporter: Journalism graduates can work as reporters for newspapers, magazines, online news outlets, television and radio stations, covering a wide range of topics and issues.

·        Broadcast Journalist: Graduates can work as presenters, producers or reporters for television or radio programs, covering news and current events.

·        Digital Journalist: Many news organizations are now focusing on digital journalism, and graduates can work as digital journalists, creating content for websites and social media platforms.

·        Photojournalist: Graduates with a background in photography can work as photojournalists, capturing images to accompany news stories.

·        Public Relations and Communications: Graduates can work in PR and communications roles, writing press releases, creating content, and managing relationships with the media.

·        Freelance Journalism: Many graduates choose to work as freelance journalists, writing for a variety of different publications and outlets.

·        Media Researcher and Analyst: Graduates can work in media research and analysis roles, monitoring the media and providing insights and analysis to clients.

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