Thursday 24 November 2011

Focus UK

UK has one of the oldest established educational system in the world. It offers education which allows you to flexibly gain qualifications which are recognized and respected throughout the world. It offers a vast pool of courses like International Business, MBA, Engineering, IT, Forensic Science, Fashion, Media, Communication, Tourism, Hospitality, Music etc.Top universities UK, colleges in UK and schools provide multicultural and challenging academic environment which has developed over many centuries, providing a solid foundation for all skills required to do well and succeed in the globalized world economy. Quality standards for all UK universities in UK and institutions are amongst the very best and in the forefront of the academic world. The popularity can be judged by the fact that there are currently 40,000 Indian students studying in the UK.

UK programs are significantly less expensive than programs in other top destinations for international students, including the U.S. Programs in the UK are shorter in length, which can decrease total expenditure by a large amount. Reputed universities in the UK offer MBA's , as well as the highly sought after one-year Masters Degree for almost all disciplines – opting for this not only saves you time, but money as well. The admission for these courses is based on the marks obtained at the undergraduate level in India. Under the new visa assessments, it is advisable to have obtained the given IELTS grades, especially for the undergraduate applicants, although sometimes the university/college may not necessarily ask for them.

With the courses starting in January and September , this is the perfect time to make this crucial decision and head to the UK for a degree of your choice, urge counselors at Edwise. It is imperative that you choose and apply to universities as early as possible . Some of the popular courses and reputed universities do tend to get filled up early, so to avoid any disappointment- now is a good time to start your application process. For admission, students generally require good academic background, marksheets, recommendation letters, work experience certificates and an interview in rare cases . With over two lakh international students, Universities in UK has developed a much simpler application procedure and better international student service practices than anywhere else in the world . The application process for universities is relatively easy and the Edwise counselors say -it only takes around a couple of weeks for the same to be completed.This will give you enough time for further procedures and you will be able to make your arrangements (funds /visa /accommodation) accordingly.

The visas are also quite easy to obtain and the process is pretty streamlined for genuine applicants, who have received a valid CAS and are able to show the required funding available in an acceptable format and with certain banks only. The new student visa process under the Tier 4 of the Points Based System is simpler, more transparent and easy to obtain. There have also been positive steps taken towards checking of quality of colleges and institutions , which ultimately benefits the genuine students . Students also get the opportunity to work part-time at the publicly funded institutes.

Whilst work opportunities do exist for deserving candidates,we must be aware that opportunities are more abundant back home with the current economic growth rate in India.

Studying in the UK can be the best decision of your life! Apart from its impact on your academic training, it has tremendous value as a personal experience that will broaden your horizons and propel your career to great heights.

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