Thursday 22 August 2013

Study MBA in UK Universities

One major advantage of studying MBA in Universities in UK is its duration, which is just one year. This allows the student to re enter the work force quickly.

An MBA from UK universities is different for different categories of students. Students with no work experience, Students with one year of work experience, students with two years of work experience, students with three or more years or work experience can apply for the MBA in UK universities. Most AMBA (Association of MBA) accredited universities need 3 years of work experience out of which atleast 2 years should be managerial work experience. GMAT may be required in some Universities though not compulsory in all.

The most popular one is the Freshers MBA in UK universities (no work exp. required) mainly due to the fact that the qualification is popular in India and most of our fresh graduates prefer to do an MBA from UK universities. With ample of choices available in London and other parts of UK, this MBA remains to be a strong choice and good value for money since India has a trend of Freshers MBA.  Multiple scholarships as well as internships offered add even further value to the course and its popularity in India.

The senior MBA in UK universities has limited takers but is an excellent move to enhance earning potential and help gain better positions and promotions.UK MBA's add immense practical exposure to one's profile and serve as a strong thrust for career growth. This level of an MBA in UK universities greatly involves networking with business professionals from around the world with a diverse range of skills and experience. Most MBA's incorporate live projects or internships and have proven to have high records with regards to return of investment.

Varun Sukhija from  University of Sheffield  in UK says “I am truly thankful to Edwise for their individual attention and support throughout the entire application process. Edwise has done a great job”

The association of MBAs accredit MBA programmes in the UK universities and worldwide.

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