Wednesday 19 June 2013

UK Colleges

Though UK Colleges are always open to welcome international students but there is no escape for applicants from undergoing the selection criteria for the studying Colleges in UK student visa. Meeting the set eligibility conditions confirm you the go ahead through the primary step of your joining a UK college student visa. You may check these conditions in our selection criteria section on the right. Keep reading below for information on studying various courses in UK Colleges and UK Universities.

Where to Apply

Biometric Identity Screening:
Student has to go personally for submission to Local Collection Centre of BHC, know as VFS (Visa Facilitation Services) spread across 12 major cities in India to have their fingerprints and photograph taken when they apply for Tier 4 category visa. This process will help them to gain admission in UK Colleges and Top UK Universities.

a.    How Many days prior a student can apply for visa to study in his choice of UK Colleges
Student can apply any time within 90 days period prior to the date of commencement of the program. This will ensure timely admission and enrollment in best UK Colleges of his choice.

b.    Documents Checklist
Original Passport – Valid for minimum 6 months at the time of departure
Prescribed online form (VAF 9) and Appendix 8 to be filled in manually
Copy of CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Study in UK Colleges)

Set 2
All relevant original financial documents in acceptable format
It can be in the form of balance in Saving a/c and or Bank FD, preferably in the name of Applicant or Parents or jointly held with Applicant.  Funds you are projecting should be from one of those listed financial institutions approved by BHD. 

Set 3
All academic documents & IELTS / work exp - as listed in CAS certificate

Set 4
Effective from Nov 2012, it is mandatory to have TB Clearance Certificate issued by approved panel doctors only.

c. Visa application Fees
Student can carry Demand Draft of required amount fvg. “British High Commission” drawn on Mumbai Branch. Student has option to carry enough cash (approx 26 K. subject to change) towards visa processing fee which is non refundable.

e. Processing time:
Under normal circumstances it takes 15 to 20 working days. Sometime process may take longer time. It is advisable to submit documents well in advance within 90 days period before commencement of the program in UK Universities and UK Colleges.

English ability Requirements
f. If the Education provider has asked for then the student has to give IELTS, But it is strongly recommended to give IELTS. This will ensure smooth entry in his / her choice of Universities and Colleges in UK London.

For more in-depth requirements, you can get in touch with Edwise Counselor nearest to your place.

Updated till 12th June, 2013

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