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Things To Remember When Traveling Abroad For Studies

September 2018
Planning to study abroad? That doesn't mean you can't kill it with an incredible backpacking trip. You need to play it smart, though; finding ways to cut corners and watching your wallet very carefully to maximize this adventure. The best part about backpacking is that you make the rules, but you need to hit a few checkpoints first. There are always a few important items that could slip your mind when packing for abroad. While you were choosing your trendiest outfits to fit in with the locals, you probably forgot to pack a universal adaptor to use when you travel on the weekends; forgetting that not every country in Europe takes the same type of plug. Here's a list of smart things to get for study abroad that you'll be happy you picked up before you hopped on your flight.

Study Abroad - Things to remember

Here are few tips which will make your studying abroad easy:-

  • Paper Work in Place

Get your passport as early as possible, and apply for your visa(s) on time if you're wondering "Visa? What visa?" please open a new tab and look up your chosen country and whether do you have a passport, double and triple check the expiration date. Make sure it will last you well beyond your semester abroad.

  • Health Check-Up

Your doctor might recommend you visit a travel clinic, where you'll find out exactly what you'll need to stay healthy. Contact your health insurance company to let them know where and when you'll be traveling and request your prescriptions in advance.

  • Bank Visits

Meet with your bank to find out how your credit and debit cards work overseas. Some banks will have their own, hassle-free ATMs in your area, and some might have regional partners that don't charge a fee for withdrawing cash. If you belong to a smaller bank that doesn't have an international presence, plan for that. Lean on a traveler's credit card as much as possible, and only take out cash when absolutely necessary.

  • Appropriate Clothing

Do some research about the country you're headed to. Check the weather, the dress code (if any) at your in-country school, and definitely find out what kind of clothing is culturally appropriate. It's always a good idea to keep a multipurpose scarf on hand to cover your shoulders in case you want to wander into a cathedral in Italy, or a Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka.

  • Currency Exchange

When deciding where to study abroad, many students consider daily expenses, but some of the cheapest countries to visit are also the least stable. Don't assume that the US dollar will have the same value when you're studying abroad as it did when you checked the exchange rate five months ago, especially if your country has a particularly volatile economy. Even small changes can make a big impact when you're budgeting for months instead of days, and you could suddenly find yourself spending Western Europe money in what you thought was a friendly destination.

Study Abroad - Things to remember

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Overseas Education Consultant

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