Friday 22 February 2019

Studying In Ireland: A Step Towards Bright Future

February 2019
A beautiful island in the North Atlantic combining contemporary modern cities with a blissful countryside, cityscapes soaked in history and a rich natural habitat, welcome to the Republic of Ireland, which combines adventure, history, culture, and entertainment into one fascinating place. The place is as good as a study destination as it sounds like the perfect spot for vacations. If you are an aspirant looking forward to building up your career overseas in a country that offers the best employment opportunities in addition to quality education, then Ireland is surely the right choice to make. Let's take a look at why you should consider Ireland as your host country:
Studying In Ireland


Ireland is ranked among the top 20 for its higher education system, which promises that you would be served with the best education. Irish universities are also placed among the top 1% of research institutions in the world in terms of research impact in 19 fields including natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.


In addition to offering world-class education, the variety of courses offered by Irish universities is another advantage for international students. You can choose from a wide array of medicine, science, technology, engineering, business, law, languages, literature, history, philosophy, psychology etc. Students wanting to study in Ireland are sure to find any course of their interest as Ireland has something or the other to offer to every international student.


Here's another treat for you! While promoting and imparting quality education, the land of saints and scholars doesn’t let finance be a hindrance in your pathway to success. Offering various scholarships for deserving candidates, Ireland welcomes international students with open arms to excel in their fields of interes


One of the major advantages of choosing Ireland as your study destination is the fact that it is an English speaking country. Thus as an international student you would not have to face any kind of trouble trying to learn different languages in order to adjust in the country.


Ireland offers you an incredible opportunity to work part-time while pursuing your higher studies. You can enjoy the privilege of working up to 20 hours during the semester months and 40 hours during holidays, which can help you cope up with the living expenses and build your network.


Ireland also offers a major benefit of a post-study visa. After completing their study, graduates can enjoy the privilege of 2 years stay back option, which makes it easier for students to look for job opportunities in the country. This can further help you in advancing your practical skills along with acquiring global market exposure.


Being the home of international businesses such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Dell, Intel, Twitter etc, Ireland has been rightly termed as the silicon valley of Europe. As mentioned earlier about the post-study visa, graduates can take advantage of working with one of the best multinational companies in the world, which can further help them to build a successful career at the global level. 

If the above mentioned features excite you to build a successful career in the mini silicon valley, get in touch with us right away to grab all the information to kick start your journey.
Studying In Ireland

Student Testimonials:

Would definitely recommend to others like me who are planning and conside ring for countries like Ireland and other places too. There is none other than Edwise. Great work as a team and as a consultant, a big Thank you…..!!!!!!!!!! 

Name - Sanjay Melwani 
Country - Ireland 
University - University Of Limerick
Edwise has been of great help. Especially for visa, I went through 3-4 mock interviews which equipped me with all the answers I needed for acquire the visa on urgent basis. I am truly grateful for all their help, and recommend anybody who wants to study abroad to apply through them. 

Name - Dweep Shashtri 
Country - Ireland 
University - Athlone Institute of Technology
Edwise is definitely a one-stop-solution for all your study abroad dreams, be it at any level graduate or post graduate. I am so glad I chose to go ahead with Edwise. It was an absolutely wonderful experience to be associated with them. I strongly recommend all those wanting to study abroad to apply through Edwise. 

Name - Aditya Vaid 
Country - Ireland 
University - Dublin Business School
I am very thankful to Edwise for helping me take the most important decision of my career. Well, study abroad was the best decision of my life or may be the second best, as the best would be to approach Edwise for career guidance 

Name - J Poornima 
Country - Ireland 
University - University College Dublin

Edwise Overseas Education Consultant

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