Tuesday 5 November 2019

3 Reasons Why Indian Students Choose to Study Abroad

Overseas Education is an amazing opportunity for students to gain exposure to new age courses as well as be part of a diverse community that will help them grow as individuals.
Indian students usually opt to study abroad because the education system abroad is more advanced than India's and there is a wide unavailability of courses in India that are available abroad. With the increasing surge in popularity among students in India, Education abroad is becoming a means for students to achieve their full potential while developing their personality to improve their chances of having a fulfilling and promising careers.
3 main reasons why Indian students are increasingly choosing to study abroad are:
1. Quality Education
Though the standard of education is increasing and evolving, the courses available have only a theoretical approach to the curriculum and lacks a practical application of the syllabus. Due to the lack of practicality, students that graduate lacks the skills that are required which hampers their career. In comparison, universities and colleges abroad actively engage their students with a balance between theory and practicality. They offer both on campus and off campus experiences to equip their students with skills to help them engage the study matter. A feature about the education system abroad is the flexibility of the courses that lets students choose their course based on their interest and also allows them to work part time so that they can earn while studying. Alumni from foreign universities are a part of strong Alumni networks. These networks comprise of people that own global companies and are great scholars as well. These networks help students to get job offers and secure employment after graduation. There's a strong culture of innovation and technology in countries abroad that encourages students to develop and experiment with different ideas to sharpen their skill sets and challenge themselves. Universities also give students scholarship opportunities and financial aid assistance to help them make the most of their courses.
2. Employment Prospects
One of the most prominent reasons why Indian students study abroad, is Employment. Students prefer to study abroad and get an international qualification as it boosts their career prospects. Apart from the qualifications, graduates receive higher salaries and get more job opportunities. International qualifications are valued much more than domestic degrees in India. Companies prefer applicants with advanced and international degrees as they have a higher skill sets. Employees with more advanced degrees usually also hold higher posts in companies. An added bonus is that countries now offer a stay back option on student visas which lets international students stay back and search for employment after the completion of their course. The salaries you receive abroad is much higher as compared to the salary you would receive for the same job in India. With the ever increasing demand for Indian students in Industry, now is the perfect time for students to study abroad.
3. Immigration
For countries like the USA and UK, students apply with the end goal of immigration to that country. Once students secure employment they are presented with the opportunity to apply for Permanent Residency. Canada has a 3 year stay back policy for students during which they can apply for a work visa and permanent residency. The US has a 2 year stay back policy during which they can convert the visa to a work visa. UK has brought back its 2 year stay back work visa for international students to help them seek employment in the UK.Immigration plays a pivotal role in deciding the country for study at the postgraduate level. This is because students pursuing a postgraduate degree are focused on work opportunities after they complete their program and this has proven to be a motivating factor for Indian students.
A few other factors that influence a student's decision to study abroad are affordability, the multicultural student community and environment that boasts a diverse student base, short and quick programs for Master's degrees, the wide range of programs available in English even in countries like Germany and France, the clean surroundings and comfortable climatic conditions, low tuition fees, research opportunities and a vibrant and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

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