Saturday 27 June 2020

8 Unique Ways of Making Your University Applications Shine

Now that you’ve decided to study abroad and have finalized on your university and program of persuasion, it is time to dive into perfecting your student application. University admissions are extremely competitive in nature and having to shine your university application because a must.
The more renowned the college is, the more difficult it is to gain admission. You have to make your application stand out in the pool so that the university picks you.
Here are some unique ways that you can make your application shine from the rest.

Strong Academic Background

This is the most critical element of your university application. Having strong grades is a must-have when looking to study abroad. Make sure that you not only have good grades in the subject of your persuasion but hold a good academic stance throughout. If you are expected to work towards a predictive grade do everything in your power to make sure that you reach the same.

Work Experience

The second most crucial aspect of making your application stand out is having the requisite work experience. If it happens to be in the area of your study it will be a huge bonus point. Having work experience shows initiative on your part and speaks volumes about your application. It shows to the admissions committee that you have what it takes to study in a foreign land. For a student to step out of their academic life and jump into the pool of professional responsibilities is no easy task. If you made the effort of putting yourself out of your comfort zone, the admissions committee has a reinstalled sense of belief that you will be able to do so again when you decide to study abroad. Having a heap of responsibilities thrown at your shows to the university that you can juggle with multiple tasks at hand and have a sense of maturity to work in a team.

Social Work

Apart from the academic and professional sphere, universities also look for volunteering experience. It speaks to your attributes of working for the society and highlights traits of hard work, social responsibility, and benevolence. Thus, a volunteering experience shows that you care as much for the society as you do for yourself.


Whilst English is the most spoken language and the majority of the courses are conducted in the said language. Having knowledge of another language speaks to your memory skills, perseverance, and cultural empathy. Being able to understand the local language will allow you to mingle with the locals, making it easy for you to communicate and undertake networking activities. Since you will be interacting with students from all over the world, your communication skills need to be top-notch, all of which knowing an additional language will teach you.

Recommendation Letters

Letters of Recommendations are important components of your application procedure. Make sure to get recommendations from those professors who will speak highly of your attributes. It is important that you get a recommendation from such a professor that has taught you for a significant amount of time. Universities are very specific about the kind of recommendations they require, make sure you adhere to the same.

Extra-Curricular Activities

For an overseas education, it is becoming increasingly important to not just focus on your academics but to also give equal importance to your extra-curricular activities. Universities abroad want to admit a holistic candidate. This means, gone are the days where students were required to only have good grades. Along with a strong academic background, it is important that you participate in other activities. This harnesses your communication skills and at the same time also allows you to have a greater world view.


Tailor-make all of your applications. Be specific about the college and let them know that you have done your research. Speak about why you wish to study at that university and undertake that program specifically. Go the extra mile and show the university that you have undertaken the necessary efforts to study there. This shows that you’re truly interested to study from there.

Don’t exaggerate
Lying on your application is a big no. Don’t exaggerate about things you haven’t undertaken. Be true to yourself and let the university understand what your interests and passions are. 

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