Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Travel Tips for International Students


Leaving the comfort zone of your home country to experience the culture and seep in all the knowledge that is to offer at your study abroad destination can be a gruesome process. After going through the nerve-wracking process of university applications, the next hurdle study abroad applicants face is that of traveling to their destination. With the onset of the pandemic, traveling to your study destination has become all the more challenging.

Here are the latest updates on traveling to popular study abroad destinations:


October 20th onwards, those DLI’s that have an approved COVID-19 plan, can welcome international students. Before students decide to travel to study in Canada, they need to ensure that their institution’s plan was approved prior to their travel plans. Students need to be traveling for necessary purposes only. These include:

·         Students living in Canada

·         Students required to be in Canada for classes in person

·         If the college or university in Canada does not offer online classes

·         Students cannot study from their home country due to technical restrictions

·         Students cannot study through online classes due to time zones


The health of the world remains a top priority currently, thus international students will be permitted to travel to Australia when it is safe to do so. Universities in Australia are ensuring to offer all possible means of support to international students and thus, offer mental health and medical support, accommodation and food support, as well as the deferral of studies, payments and fees.

With these measures being brought into place for student visa Australia, students can expect a streamline of the process. As Australian education consultants, we urge our students that this is the perfect time to get their application in order, thus when the time is ready, they are ready to travel to Australia.


It is the responsibility of the international student to apply for the visa and to follow the necessary processes to study in Ireland. Upon arrival, students are asked to restrict their movements for a period of 14 days and are asked to fill a form to the same effect. Students must complete a COVID-19 Passenger Locator Form and present it to an immigration officer at the point of entry.


With the majority of the universities in UK currently undertaking their classes online, students are urged to stay in a constant loop with their respective universities to be in tandem with the latest travel updates. Students are reassured that the admission criteria will be adjusted taking into account the current scenario to ensure that maximum benefit is allocated to students.

These times are indeed tough for us, but as leading overseas education consultants we at Edwise offer all means of support. You can now connect with us virtually through our Live Free Virtual Counselling.





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