Thursday 4 February 2021

Top Courses for international students 2021



Overseas education is a life-enriching experience, thus it comes as no surprise that a large number of students decide to attain their education abroad.

With many courses available to study abroad, students tend to seek the most popular ones that offer lucrative solutions. 2021 a year filled with hope, brings along with it a range of top courses. Some of which are listed below.


Business and Management

  • This area of study has held prominence for a while. Since the world functions on economics it comes as no surprise that this is one of the popular courses to study abroad.
  • This course equips students with knowledge of the market, customers, finance, business policy and strategy, and much more.
  • With a broad range of study, students can consider narrowing down their area of interest to accounting, entrepreneurship, human resource, quality management to name a few.



  • Whilst it is one of the most sought after courses to study abroad, it is also a challenging field of study.
  • It offers a wide array of career options to those who decide to study the same.
  • There are a large number of disciplines that fall within its purview, some of which include Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Engineering to name a few.


Media Communications

  • Around us, events are constantly occurring, which means someone needs to report the same. This is where the field of Media and Communications come into play.
  • Since it has a significant impact on the world, it is one of the most revered programs to study abroad.
  • It is no longer restricted to the four walls of its course but encompasses a large avenue some of which include journalism, international relations, literature, photography, and much more.


Pharmacy and Healthcare

  • With the world still grappling with the aftermath of the pandemic, it is safe to say that health science and its aided courses are the need of the hour. Not just currently, but they will continue to do so in the long run as well.
  • Thus, students who aspire to study overseas must give a befitting thought to the same. It is a fulfilling career since you can make a career out of it.
  • Pharmacy's aided course has also increasingly begun to take prominence. Healthcare management, Health Studies, Pharmacy, and a range of other programs fall within this purview.


Project Management & Supply Chain Management

  • With a Project Management course, students can take up the responsibility of running a project smoothly. Students learn how to manage resources for optimal use.
  • Equipped with this degree, students can attain prospects of becoming a Project Analyst, Coordinator, or Manager.
  • Supply Chain Management as a field of study is related to the movement of the commodity from the supplier to the consumer. A multidisciplinary field looks to plan and control strategic sourcing.
  • Studying this course enables students to find jobs as an industry analyst, supply chain consultant, project manager, sourcing, and marketing.



Data Science

  • This has become one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. This field of study encompasses collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.
  • There is a high demand for students with this degree and thus, the career avenues are lucrative.
  • With a degree in Data, Science students can become Business Operation Consultants, Business Intelligence Managers, or a System Analysts.


From an impeccable quality of education, international exposure and enhanced career opportunities, students are spoilt for choice when studying abroad.

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