Saturday 16 October 2021

International students and the obstacles they encounter while studying overseas


Pursuing studies at a foreign college or university is a dream of many students. Getting an opportunity to study abroad is very exciting. However, one experiences a number of challenges in a foreign country. The most common obstacles one encounters are as follows:

1. Culture Shock

  The most common challenge faced by students studying overseas is culture shock i.e. cultural differences in the new country that one has to adjust to that are completely different from one's own culture back home.

  Every student is expected to adjust to life in the host country.

  The Indian culture and value system varies tremendously from the ones that students might encounter in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia or any other European country.

  The environment, people and culture overseas are completely different from one's home country.

  A student will meet people from different backgrounds, speaking different languages, eating food unheard of etc.

  The way things are done in a foreign country differ from the way things are done in one's home country. However, instead of criticizing the manner in which these things are done, one should try hard to adjust to the same.

  Adjusting one's self to a new culture is not easy, and one easily experiences culture shock. However, to overcome this, one should just be one's self, make new friends and communicate.

  This in turn benefits one in the long run, providing one with a well-rounded, liberal and broad-minded personality.


2. Communication/ Language Barrier

  Upon arriving in a new country, international students face several challenges, the most important being the language barrier.

  In several countries viz. Germany or France, English is not the local language and thus, language can prove to be a communication barrier.

  The most obvious of all the challenges faced by international students, to overcome the language barrier, students may struggle to learn the new language in the host country, or may not be able to understand the local accent. 

  Adjusting to the new lifestyle and routine may seem challenging for many.

  One may find it difficult to communicate with their peers and fellow students. Thus in turn may cause one to feel unwanted or like an outsider in the foreign land.

  However, to overcome this challenge, one should freely open up to other people. Go out, talk to people and try to understand them.



3. Away from family and friends i.e. the feeling of homesickness

  Another common challenge faced by students studying abroad is the feeling of homesickness i.e. the feeling one experiences when one is away from friends and family.

  Many a times, a student has to stay all alone in the foreign country as he/she might not have relatives or friends here.

  One might experience homesickness and loneliness for a few months as you are far away from your beloved one's. 

  It is a very natural feeling and to overcome the same, one should regularly talk to family and friends back home.

  Not just this, one should also make friends in the host country, go out, talk to people etc.

4. Day- to- Day Finances

  Studying overseas is an expensive affair and students are likely to face financial problems at some point of time. One should learn to manage their daily expenses.

  Apart from the costs of studying abroad, students have to incur accommodation costs, traveling costs, costs of study material, day- to- day living expenses, tuition fees etc.

  The student will also need to purchase a laptop or personal computer for the purpose of study. In case of any unforseen circumstance, the student may find it hard to arrange for required funds to take care of expenses.

  In bigger cities, costs are more expensive and is dependent on one's lifestyle, spending habits and choice of accommodation.

  Avoid wasteful expenditure. Instead, manage money. Bagging a scholarship will help reduce one's expenses.



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