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Choosing To Study Overseas As A Teenager


As a teenager, deciding to study abroad at a foreign destination is one of the first instances that he/she has stepped out of his or her cocoon (comfort zone).

Study overseas is a costly affair. Not just that, the responsibilities and independence that come along with a foreign education are multifarious. A teenager can consider this as one of his/her first ventures into the real world.

In the host country, not only is the all-around environment but also the method of teaching and the curriculum seem to be majorly different from what the student had experienced in his/her home country. Pursuing higher studies at a foreign destination is a whole new ball game, one that is sure to augment one's prospects.

There are several most sought-after study abroad destinations viz. the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, among others. These countries see the influx of many international students including many Indians each year who come to pursue higher studies. These countries are home to top-notch colleges and universities. The colleges and universities are known for their long-standing history and culture and offer a plethora of courses for international students to opt from. Courses at foreign educational institutions are offered across various disciplines viz. Accountancy and Finance, Dentistry, Engineering, Architecture, Management Studies, Law, Computer Science, and Information Technology, among others.

Besides the educational benefits of acquiring overseas education, the culture that a teenager who wishes to pursue higher education will get immersed in by being in a foreign land and socializing with people from varied ethnicities and backgrounds will be a life-changing and memorable experience.

As a teenager deciding to embark on the journey of study abroad, one should do the following.

Acquaint and adapt yourself to the novel teaching techniques:

       Pursuing higher studies at a foreign destination will be completely different than what he/she experienced in his/her home country.

       The teenager who was earlier spoon-fed everything will now be provided with only brief rather than detailed instructions and support, following which he/she must figure out the rest for himself or herself.

       The class which you will be attending will require you to stay attentive and pen down notes. This, in turn, will be beneficial in the later stages.

       The student is advised to read the topic and come prepared for his/her classes.

       Group projects will be conducted regularly and you will be required to understand the ideas of your teammates.

Thoroughly understand the details:

       Before the student embarks on his/her study overseas journey, he/she must gain access to all the details. These include details of accommodation, fees transportation, expenses that he/she will incur, method of teaching, among others.

       One should research about the same well in advance to avoid any problems and to make the experience easier for himself or herself.

       One should also acquaint one's self with the local language, culture, food, and weather to make the experience a memorable and ideal one.

       There are several groups and societies at the university you have chosen to pursue your further education at. Ensure to be an active participant at these societies and groups to socialize and network.

Learn to cater to your necessities:

       As a teenager, at home all your needs and wants were met with ease. Now, as you travel to your study abroad destination, you will be expected to cater to your own needs.

       Besides achieving the budgeting skills, he/she will be required to know the basics of cooking.

       To be fit, one should ensure that one eats healthy.

       Always be open to learning new things and your experience will be worthwhile. 

Put up with challenges:

       As a teenager in a foreign destination, one is sure to face some hardships. This is also part of one's seamless study abroad experience and thus, one should take these challenges in one's stride and emerge victoriously.

       Academic constraints, homesickness, and loneliness are a few of the emotions that you as a teenager studying at a foreign destination will encounter.

       Keep in touch with and talk to your family and friends for support.

        At the end of the day, remember one thing: always believe in yourself and gain assurance that you will get through it.

Prepare yourself for emergencies that may arise:

       Consider the weather and pack likewise.

       Carry with you all the medication and gadgets that you will require.

       Upon arriving at your desired destination, take a walk around the area to locate all the necessary shops.

Study overseas is no less than a life-altering experience. Upon acquiring the opportunity, grab it with both hands.

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