Monday 9 May 2022

Choosing Homestay Accommodation During Study Abroad

Every single person is overwhelmed to begin their study abroad journey. Nevertheless, they feel nervous when the question arises about choosing to live in a homestay? Staying with a different and unknown family can be intimidating. The experience differs from that of your home. But one need not worry as there are multiple reasons to be excited about homestay accommodation even if the student may be required to adjust to the climate, culture and customs, and homesickness. The student may have a lot to comprehend while he/she considers homestay accommodation but, Edwise is just one call away to help you embark on your journey to find your next home.

       Ensures Safety: When one decides to study abroad, the question of safety arises in both, parents and students. The student can be assured that host families are carefully chosen by their homestay partners when they take into consideration homestay as their overseas accommodation. Parents can have peace of mind and can worry less while their child explores his/her new surroundings and life as an international student. For one who is not used to living out of his/her family home, homestay can be a right decision as someone is constantly there to keep a watch on you. The transition to life abroad can be made a bit easier for the student by having someone who asks, 'How was your day?', have dinner together as one family and by spending time with your new friends.

       Faster Improvement in one’s language skills: When one decides to study abroad he/she meets new and diverse people, immerses himself/herself in a new culture etc. When one decides upon homestay accommodation, he/she is not just surrounded by different people, food and cultures, but also with a foreign language. The student gets to be a part of realistic conversations each day. On the other hand, the host family that one resides with will also show interest in learning his/her (student’s) culture and language. This may begin from commemorating your country’s holidays, festivities and special occasions while at the same time learning theirs! The student can acquire knowledge about his/her host family’s way of living by learning local customs and visiting places of attraction together.

       Reduced feeling of homesickness: At times, even the one’s who travel independently become homesick. The student may miss the family dinners he used to be a part of, his/her friend’s birthdays, and festivals celebrated in his home country. In many such circumstances the student’s host family can be exceptionally helpful in supporting him/her. At times they may even spend time with the student at a local restaurant having dinner to divert the student’s mind from being homesick.

       Makes one independent: Staying with a host family does not mean that the student won’t get his/her freedom. Few students at times assume that their desired freedom will be curtailed or be paired with strict host families, and thus, they fear choosing a homestay. Host parents however, understand that the student wants to explore the city while he/she resides there. The student should just let the host family know if he/she is going out somewhere, returning home late or staying at a friend’s place. They should be informed about the same before hand. Doing so will enable the student to not only maintain a good affinity with the host family but also allow him/her to go on his/her own adventures during his/her time abroad. In this manner, the student is provided the right balance between an independent living whilst at the same time having someone to take care of him or her.

       Budget friendly: Cost is one of the most appealing factors about homestay. Homestay incorporates more than just a roof over your head- right from safety, adventures with an overseas family, their counsel, utility services and meals, all at an economical cost. Thus you can save more money for your weekend getaways, experiences, and tours.

One deciding to study overseas should thus, opt for homestay accommodation.

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