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How to write GRE analytics

If you are planning to study abroad and you need to prepare a GRE essay. It is also referred to as AWA or GRE Analytical Writing Assessment. GRE exam score is needed in the United States, Canada and few other countries. A good GRE score lets the college know about you. It proves that you are good at writing, think critically. It also boosts your profile. Experts believe that GRE AWA is the most neglected section of the GRE test. In this blog, we will tell you details of GRE and tips on how to write GRE analytics.


·    What is GRE?

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination. It is one of the main admission requirement tests. It's a computer-based test that evaluates quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing skills. It is owned and administered by Educational Testing Services and was established in 1936. The test is conducted at testing centers and institutions owned or authorized by Prometric.


·    Types of GRE AWA.

1.  Issue Essay: Topics such as political, social issues, a general statement is presented. The candidate is given 30 minutes to write an essay about the topic. The essay should be 500-600 words i.e. around 5 paragraphs. While writing choose the specific real-time topic, make sure examples are relevant, make declarative statements, avoid the first person and self-references and finally, in conclusion, try your viewpoint as many will be having other opinions.


2.  Argument Task: In this test, the candidate will be given a specific situation and the candidate has to analyze the logic shown in the situation. The candidate needs to make suggestions on how to improve the logic of the argument. They need to provide logical flaws and not personal opinions. Even in this test, the candidate has 30 minutes to complete the test.


·    Score Analytics.

The essays are scored between 0 to 6 with 0.5 increment. Your answers will be checked by two graders, so just don't submit the blank page. Scoring between 4 to 6 will boost your profile and scoring 6 means your essay was excellent, error-free. GRE scores prove to the college that you are the best candidate but it still does not depend just on GRE, it also depends on Letter of Recommendation (LOR), Statement of Purpose (SOP), GPA. In the multiple-choice section, the candidate can miss one or more questions and still score 170. 130 is the lowest score.

Many people think that GRE AWA is not really important as it does not include math or any verbal score but it's not true. Other than the general test, GRE tests candidates in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology. The time of each subject is 170 minutes.

GRE AWA aims at measuring explanations and illustration, thoughts, supplementary proof, focus and articulate argument and finally on command on written English. GRE is basically to test your skills, ability and not your knowledge on subjects.


·     Tip on how to write GRE

1.  When referring to any GRE sample, do not copy-paste. Remember you are using it as a reference and not to plagiarise.

2.  Structure your essay properly. Keep it short but with a strong argument.

3.  Check your essay thoroughly.

4.  Make sure you have 5 paragraphs of which 1st will be the introduction, 3 paragraphs of the body and the final paragraph should be the conclusion.

5.  Never use the first person and self-references even in the introduction.


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