Monday 5 June 2023

Broaden Your Horizons With International Education Options Post 12th


After you finish high school, what do you intend studying? Still undecided? At such a crucial time in your life, choosing your career path is imperative. The finest nations for pursuing overses education should then be narrowed down after you have decided what to pursue. Your ambitions and expectations should be met with by both the program and the academic destination you have chosen. Studying abroad provides chances to experience new cultures, develop a global perspective, and get top-notch training in a range of disciplines. Happy with what you are obtaining from the program, university, and country? Then be sure to proceed with the decision. However, if you're still having trouble deciding which program and nation to apply to, read through the blog to learn more and make an informed choice.

  Benefits of pursuing overseas education:

As per the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), over 6.5 lakh Indian students studied overseas in 2022. The high number of students enrolling in institutions abroad must thus have a significant cause.

International campuses value diversity:

One of the compelling reasons to study at overseas universities is the diversity they provide. This diversity is evident in the students and professors, who come from various racial and cultural backgrounds. As a result, one acquires knowledge of various nations and cultures. Additionally, it's important to observe the vast array of available courses. Foreign institutions typically provide some distinct courses.

Enhanced student exposure:

A reasonable advantage over rivals and greater career opportunities are both results of increased exposure. The ability to think critically and globally is something that students possess. A student who has studied abroad will feel quite at home working for multinational corporations when he or she accepts a job. Additionally, they are capable of pursuing positions abroad that provide better prospects.

  Trending programs to study abroad post 12th

The case for studying abroad is now strong. The question is, what are the best programs available abroad? Depending on your interests and after considering whether or not these courses might lead to employment, you must make an informed choice. Mentioned below are some well-liked study abroad courses to pursue after 12th.

1. Engineering and Technology: The Bachelor of Technology program is one of the most well-liked degrees among students. Engineering or technology bachelor's degree programs are available with specialisations in a variety of sectors, including mechanical, electrical, chemical, industrial computers, and aeronautical.

2. Social Sciences and Humanities: Students can choose from subjects like International Relations, Psychology, Cultural Studies, History, Sociology, and Communications if they want to completely avoid taking computer classes.

3. Business Administration: Business Administration appears to be most students' preferred choice following their senior year. A number of commerce-stream students favour business administration over other fields of study. This stream is further segmented into numerous categories. Finance, sales, marketing, and accounting, are a few of the frequently studied areas of business administration. These courses are highly sought-after and an unfailing and secure option for landing a decent job.

4. Arts, Design and Architecture: This is a career path where you can succeed if you have technical expertise and an inventive mind. Some of the top design, architecture, and art programs are available at universities in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

5. Natural Sciences: There exists an abundance of promising employment opportunities in this field. Following that, you may choose to pursue research or perhaps teach. Prominent courses in this stream include BSc and degree studies in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. You can earn your Bachelor's by enrolling in additional courses like Astrophysics, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry.

Best places to study abroad post 12th

There are a number of study abroad destinations where, after completing their 12th grade, students can choose to pursue quality education. Among these, the favoured choices are:

The USA:

After completing grade 12, the United States stands out as a top destination for those seeking higher education. Indian students find it to be quite appealing, especially given the sizeable Indian diaspora in the nation. In addition, the American educational system is known for being among the greatest in the world and of the highest calibre.

The UK:

The quality of instruction and the adaptability of programs in the United Kingdom cannot be questioned. The UK, home to the prestigious Cambridge and Oxford universities, who would want to miss the opportunity to enrol there?


Ireland is the most convenient and ideal alternative if you can't travel to the UK but still want a taste of the British educational system. Irish education, however, has its own identity and is not entirely British.


It is Europe's #1 location for higher education. Given that there are no tuition expenses at government universities, passing up the opportunity to study in Germany would be a regrettable error.


Singapore will provide you with the best education if Asian education most attracts you. A large number of international students seeking higher education travel to Singapore.


If you wish to study overseas and in Europe, France is another top choice. Here, you will have access to some of the greatest research facilities and academic programs in the world.

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