Wednesday 12 September 2012

Boom Recession Boom - USA

Study in USA Universities

As spring will be followed by winter, prosperity and economic growth will be followed by recession. New jobs are scarce, while old jobs may be gone tomorrow. So you have concluded that recession is not the time to venture abroad for further studies?

Quite contrarily, despite the ongoing recession, now is the best time for students to go abroad for further studies or even take a break and enhance your current qualifications. Hard to believe, well, here's the simple explanation. We all know recession is the best time for investment as every investment is available at a lower cost. Then why not invest in education so you fetch better returns at the time of boom. This is an advice not only given by education counselors, but also a fact vouched for by thousands of students who are heading to various universities in USA for the coming academic year. Even universities in USA have announced an increase in number of applications for Fall 09.

Experts give the US economy a year to recover and two years to start booming again. By the time students enrolled for Fall 09 graduate, the US economy will be in the recovery stage. And it will be the ideal time as a fresher to step in the market and grab the best of the numerous opportunities available.

Alternately if you choose not to enroll this year, you will be competing for jobs which are scarce. If you think of enrolling after 2 years, you will be in college when the economy and job market will be booming. So don't go against the flow of the world, but instead walk with its pace.

International students can work for 20 hrs per week on/off campus during term and 40hrs per week on/off in vacation time. After graduation, international students are allowed to work for one year what is known as OPT (optional practical training). Students of science, technology, engineering and mathematics streams have an OPT period of 29 months.

The right thing to do is to choose the career of your interest and arm yourself with the requisite degree. Degrees in healthcare, medicine, teaching, art, music, literature, Study MBA in business and finance or hotel management will continue to get you good job opportunities.

"It is a myth that recession has hit the field of education in the US. I have seen so many international students like me queuing up for degrees in the coming year," said Poonam Mahadik, 21, who is planning to major in psychology at (SUNY Plattsburgh) Fall 09.

It is the long lived stereotype that education in USA is unaffordable. A wide spectrum of tuition fees, accommodation options and financial help from the institutions in the form of scholarships, fee waivers etc makes US education affordable.

Understanding the situation the students are in, many universities are giving a helping hand by increasing the amount of scholarships offered. One of them is Johnson &Wales University which has increased the scholarships for international students for Fall 09.

So what are you waiting for? With admissions still open at selected universities for Fall 09 intake all you need to do is come to Edwise to make the right investment and head to the USA for the experience of a life time.

Sushil Sukhwani
Director - Edwise

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