Wednesday 12 September 2012


Study in Canada

Canada has majorly emerged as the most preferred destination for Indian students. It is an excellent option for international students with a wide array of study programs. International students are flocking to many reputed Universities and Colleges in Canada to pursue Masters Degree which requires 16 years of education or a Post Graduate Certificate or Diploma accepting 15 years. Large number of students from India enroll for PG programs in Canada in areas like business, engineering, computer, science & IT, hospitality –tourism, media and animation.

Over 7,00,000 people of Indian origin currently reside in Canada. "Recognized globally, the Canadian education system provides students with a quality a learning environment and a great deal of flexibility. With quality vocational and academic course offerings the college and university system in Canada allows students a truly personalized learning experience." says Mike Henniger, International Director of Thompson Rivers University.

Theses factor have charmed Indian student resulting in an increase of about more than 25% in enrollments. In Canada most of the institutions are public institutions. With over 92 universities and 175 colleges and technical institutes , featuring virtually every program imaginable, from nuclear science to engineering, MBA to arts and music.

Wendy Curtis , International Director of Fanshawe International Center says “Canada is a safe and economically- strong country with an excellent education system. It has immigrant- friendly policies that allows eligible international students to work for up to 3 years after completing education in Canada.”

Several international students who complete post-secondary education in Canada wish to stay on and obtain Canadian work experience. A wise move considering Canada has also been consistently ranked by the UN as the number one country in the world to live in.

The Canadian High Commission launched the immensely successful Student Partner's Program with the idea of increasing the approval rate for study permit applications at participating Canadian Colleges. This SPP program assists students to get a Visa faster, provided they meet a specific list of conditions with very limited documentation.

The courses in Canada are designed as per the requirements in Job market. Many of these programs offer Co- operative education program which is a work term of one semester providing opportunity of working full time during their study. The major intakes for studying in Canada is September January and May. Students are allowed to work part time on campus for the first 6 months for 20 hrs per week during the course and thereafter off campus. As per the recent immigration rules the student graduating from an eligible programs (2 years) form Canadian Post secondary institution will be eligible for an Open wok permit for 3 years and can work for any Canadian employer in any industry. For those who have studied for 1 year is eligible to work for 1 year on completion of the course.

Maulik Doshi pursued PG in Project management from Humber College, Toronto says- “It was the best decision of my life, good people, safe surrounding and ample of opportunities to work and permanently settle down. I currently have a good job a respectable salary and now my younger brother is planning to come here for a program in animation.

We have organized Mission Canada from 15th April - 1st May in 8 cities across India. Visit our website for more information.

Clearly the rewards of a Canadian education will last you a lifetime.

Sushil Sukhwani
Director, Edwise

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