Wednesday 27 February 2013

Higher Education in USA

The percentage of students going overseas for Undergraduate or Bachelor programmes is increasing rapidly. We at Edwise have been assisting these younger students who need more help and assistance with their application process as compared to the senior students.

Sometimes it might be cheaper to study abroad than paying huge donations charged for management seats in colleges in India.

Duration (Years)
(Lacs per Annum)
No. of
 Processing Time
3 to 4
11.5 to15
120 +
1 to 1½ months
10 to 15
Over 4800 Universities & Colleges
2 months
3 to 4
8 to 10.5
92 Universities &175 Colleges
2 months
3 to 4
13.5 to
41 Universities
1 month
3 to 4
7.5 to 9
8 Universities & 22 Polytechnics
1 month
UK : A traditionally accepted world class education destination offers qualifications and degrees that can make a real difference to your career at the undergraduate level.  A “Sandwich” year is the 3rd year when the student does a work placement before coming back to study the 4th year at University. Admission in London is centralized and processed  through a body called Universities & Colleges Admission Services(UCAS). Students can also study vocational & technical programs as diplomas, Certificates and foundation Degrees. These are typically 1 or 2 years. Students should contact Edwise before submitting the UCAS form direct applications.

USA is one of the favored destinations of choice for international students who wish to study UG abroad or get Education in the USA.  She offers a wide range of degrees and programs and boasts of some of the best institutions worldwide.

Scholarships upto 30,000 dollars  are available to qualified students depending upon the university and program. There is also opportunity for on-campus employment, co-op programs and internships. The undergraduate coursework nutures students through experiential education after which they either opt for jobs in the US, or pursue Higher Education in USA. Edwise can help you get a scholarship.

Canada: Canada's education system is excellent and ranks among the best in the world.  Canadian institutions are both public funded and private colleges which include Community colleges/Technical Institutes, Career Colleges, University Colleges or Universities.  Due to government funding the tuition fees are amongst the lowest when compared to the other countries.
Edwise represents a diverse range of Institutions in Canada. Canada is Good who wish to take Education in Canada.

Australia: Australia  has a low cost of living and tuition and excellent lifestyle and weather.  The student has the choice of about 2500 different variants/combination of courses in University in australia . All the courses of study within Australia come under the scope of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)

New Zealand: New Zealand programmes offer excellent value for money. The cost for education is relatively low compared to other countries. It also offers a wide range of subjects such as Culinary Arts, Tourism, Wine making,  Graphic design, Sports & Recreation, Hospitality in New Zealand, etc.
Edwise is recognised as NZSA (New Zealand Specialist Agent).
Some countries like UK and USA have a common application process but it is still advisable to seek counselling from Edwise before proceeding with your application..

Sushil Sukhwani

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