Wednesday, 27 February 2013

MBA in Canada

Pondering  over  the idea of going abroad for an MBA or would rather do it from a top rung Indian institute like  the IIM'S, Bajaj, NMIS, XLRI, etc.
Well if you have cracked the CAT then getting admission in Tier 1 MBA Schools of India surely is a great move, but if you have to choose between a medium or Tier 2 institution in India against the same level overseas then it may be worth your while to consider the latter if the budget permits.
This is because apart for an international quality education you would get a true international living experience, exposure and the contacts assimilated are matchless. Doing an MBA abroad provides a global exposure, as the teaching is not only lecture oriented  but involves interaction with people from diverse international background hence widening your spectrum of knowledge. One must note that an Indian MBA education too involves big bucks, so the investment can be compared to the learn and earn provision available overseas.
So get out of your comfort zone and differentiate yourself from the rest, as an MBA abroad pushes your capabilities providing immense preparation and knowledge for the future. 

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