Thursday, 25 April 2013

MBA in Australia

AUSTRALIA-Discover the unlimited future

    Australia is becoming one of the most popular education destinations in the world for international students. More than 41,000 international students are part of the Australian education system. A degree from any university in Australia gives you a CRICOS code which depicts that it is globally recognized. Australian qualifications are highly reputed in the world as it is standardized by one national system , the Australian qualification framework (AQF).

    In Australia you can choose a wide range of courses in the form of diploma, Graduate diplomas,Bachelors , MBA in Australia and PHD options in the various fields like business , information technology , accounting , finance, Engineering etc.
An degree of MBA in Australia is also available for freshers and  for people with work experience. For  freshers MBA courses are available at very popular  universities which are rated 5 star by the Graduate Management Association of Australia (GMMA). MBA degrees are also available in combination with other degrees of your choice , popularly known as dual degrees.

An Australian education is beyond coursework and studying. Students studying at Australian universities gain experiences beyond the classroom as well. The major intakes of Australia universities are February and July , but there are a few universities offering entry in May, September and November. An Indian student Pooja Chhabra quotes “Student life in Australia was challenging. The professors were really helpful throughout my semesters and the study technique is a lot different,focus being not only just passing exams. I have become independent and  responsible ,I suggest all prospective students experience this ."

    Australia also offers scholarships and bursaries for aspiring students and some universities offer scholarships to academically meritorious Indian students exclusively as well. The scholarships are usually offered to students with academic excellence , sports achievements and community services.

    International students are allowed to work part-time for 40 hours per fortnight on or off-campus and full-time during their vacations. Also , Australia gives you an opportunity to stay back after your program for 2 years to gain some work experience. If a student studies for 2 years in Australia he/she is eligible for a 2 years work permit.

    Australia now follows Streamlined Visa Process (SVP) for student visas. This has brought improvements in student visa rules making it faster and also eases the financial requirements which is aimed to make study in Australia easier. However , you must meet requirements for English language proficiency , financial capacity and will have to satisfy the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement which emphasis's that the students main intention is to study in Australia. Also,even if  students are going for a 2 year program they will have to show funds in the Indian bank account only for 1 year and can show the plan for funding for the following year.

    We encourage students to come for counseling to our experienced counselors to the nearest branch office. Students also get opportunities to meet university representatives , faculty members , attend education fairs and many more services . So pull up your socks and grab the opportunity while you can!

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