Wednesday 3 April 2013

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“Perfection of means and a confusion of ends seem to characterize our age.”
Albert Einstein
Einstein immaculately recognized our age and could forsee that the world would grow at a fast pace opening a plethora of opportunities and means of achieving it. To bridge this gap between confusion and precision of selection amongst various  study options we invite you to the World Education Fair that informs you about the various international study opportunities.
The edge over competition and the freedom to shape your study to suit  your own needs makes the Study in UK superlative and matchless .The eight century old tradition of excellence with the pang of innovative approach to teaching makes it reputed and respected all over the world. One of its biggest advantages is the 3 year bachelor degree or the 1 year master degree which helps saves time and money .It offers an opportunity to work 20 hours per week during study and full time during vacations.

USA dominates the top 7 positions of the world top 10 universities. The education system caters a perfect concoction of theory and practical exposure with flexible course choices and duration of completion. A 4 year undergraduate course can be completed in as less as 3 years. The duration of master's courses may range from a year or two depending on the University in the USA & your area of specialization.
A degree or a diploma from a Canadian universities is recognized internationally. The post graduate diploma courses are very common here. A recent initiaitive the student partner program eases the visa approval process. According to the recent immigration rules students completing a 2 year program from a Canadian Post Secondary Institution are eligible for an open work permit for 3 years and those who have studied for 1 year are eligible for a 1 year work permit. It has a distinctive co-op (work) semester which provides hands on work experience for the future.
Courses in Australia facilitates dual degrees and the Streamlined Visa Process (SVP) for Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees. All qualifications in Australia consolidate under the national system called the Australian Qualification Framework. Courses in Australia allows students to work for 24 months post their 2 years program and part time during the program. For visa eligibility the student must be GTE (genuine temporary entrant).
New Zealand Education is commonly known for fulfilling the role of the “Best of Both worlds” as it provides the best qualifications at the lowest rates . Here international students can apply for a 1 year work permit post study. With 8 government funded universities. One can also apply for permanent residence (PR) under skilled migrant category after getting a job.
There are other emerging countries like Singapore, Switzerland and France which also provide cost effective quality of education.
Students who are interested in interacting with University in New Zealand delegates should register for the event, submit their tentative applications and secure appointments with the delegates. Prior registration is mandatory. The fair is scheduled from 31st Jan to 17th Feb. For more information you may visit our website:,entry is free and parents are also invited to accompany students.

Sushil Sukhwani
Director, Edwise
To know more: Universityin the USA

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