Tuesday 7 May 2013

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Great Britain, a Great Education for life

The British education system has sustained an 800-year-old heritage, which has ensured its current academic and scientific successes. The best practices of the traditional British education combined with the latest new developments have created an education system which is the most respected and reputed worldwide. Holders of a British degree are considered as well rounded professionals who are vocationally ready and thus are highly sought after by various organizations.

UK universities are also renowned for their high standards and quality, where there are a variety of external and internal bodies conducting quality checks and ensuring that the educational practices maintain the standards a British education symbolizes. Thus the education system at the UK has strong foundations which enable universities of UK to provide an unsurpassed qualification to its students.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students in the UK have ample study programs to choose from which offer a wide range of exclusive specializations. These programs lay emphasis on practical based learning, allowing students to completely utilize the vast amounts of expertise held by the professors.

Student life at UK, involves creative thinking and self-expression which fosters learning and development. The university courses in UK work, hence involves various assignments and presentations, which allows students to be more self-reliant and encourages them to work in study groups. This fosters an environment which leads to development of leadership skills and teamwork. Abhishek Joshi pursuing his Msc. in Mechanical Engineering from Newcastle University says, “The projects which we are assigned give us a lot of exposure to the work culture in UK. The professors are versatile, informative and experts in their fields and give us great insight into the subject.” Some PG courses also include internships towards the end of the program; this practical exposure makes students unique and ideally marketable to the employers.

A common misconception of studying at UK is that a British education is expensive. However, earning a qualification from the UK universities can be less costly because the courses here tend to be shorter. UG courses which generally take 4 years in the US or Australia take approximately 3 years in the UK, a PG course can be completed in a year. Thus reducing the tuition and living expenses for students. Moreover, with more and more universities offering a plethora of scholarship options, students with a strong candidature can receive ample support in terms of scholarships and financial aids.

In this era of globalization, there is an ever-increasing demand of qualified professionals who possess an exclusive skill set and have international exposure, which an university in UK education delivers. Moreover, with PG and Masters taking lesser time to finish, students can pursue their careers without having a major time gap in their resume.

In summation, a British qualification represents unsurpassed quality and standards; and delivers an education, which is enriched with practical experience and interaction with peers and a knowledgeable faculty. With lower costs of education and lesser time needed for graduation, the UK represents a popular overseas destination for international students.   To learn more, you can meet representatives from some of the best UK Universities at the education fair which will be held in 10 cities from 18th May to 1st June. Also avail merit Scholarships, get quick or on the spot evaluation / decisions of your applications.

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