Monday 6 May 2013

university canada

The Great White North, as inflected in the name, houses some of the greatest educational institutions which provides students with a qualitative learning experience that allows them to gather the knowledge, experience and connections required to enter their chosen work field.

Accommodating over 92 public canadian universities and about 175 community colleges, offering various  disciplines ranging of courses in canada IT, Engineering, Business, Healthcare, Hospitality, Construction and Media; Canada has become a popular overseas option. Sumit Aggarwal, International officer from Algonquin College states, “Over 130,000 international students choose Canada as their preferred choice of study, due to the superior education system. The high standards of the Canadian Universities educational system and outstanding quality of Canadian schools are acknowledged globally.”

Canadian colleges design relevant courses, which fulfill all requirements needed to enter the job market. One such practice followed by most university canada is offering students an option for a co-operative work term, this allows student to earn course credits by working for a full semester in the industry of their choice, thus enabling them to gain a first hand experience of the Canadian work culture and get relevant work experience. Sahil Joglekar who is pursuing post graduation from George Brown College in Human Resource Management, says, “the Canadian education system has shaped me well to enter the workforce and the experience has been wonderful”.

While university canada is a relatively inexpensive education option and has maintained one of the lowest inflation rates worldwide, it still offers options in terms of scholarships, financial aids and grants for deserving candidates. Students can also opt to cover their living expenses by considering part time opportunities within or near the campus. As per the rules, they are allowed to participate in a 20 hour work week during the term and a 40 hour work week during vacations.

With the changing Canadian demographics and new industry trends, there is a rising demand for skilled workers who hold degrees in various fields such as IT, Business and Engineering. Moreover, with recent changes in immigration policies, students who have graduated from with a post secondary qualification from Canadian Universities are now eligible for an open work permit, which is valid for up-to three years, depending on the number of years of education.

When it comes to visa applications, the Canadian High Commission has initiated a successful new program know as the Student Partnership Programs (SPP), which is a venture aiming to reduce the visa application formalities (for example requiring very limited documentation), and faster visa approvals; provided that the  students apply for study programs with participating colleges.

Thus with an excellent educational system and a welcoming immigrant policy, Canada continues to charm all who wish to pursue further education. However, students should take precautions so that they are not be misled by unauthorized agents, sub-agents, immigration consultants etc who claim to provide guidance regarding applications, job opportunities, work permits etc. Approaching a direct university representative is always the safest course.

With the 'Ed- Mission Canada', educational fair being held between 14th April - 3rd May in 11 cities all over India, students can get an opportunity to directly interact with various Canadian universities and colleges. 

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