Tuesday 24 June 2014

Educate Yourself from New Zealand

New Zealand is seen as much safer, more welcoming and intimate than other countries offering education.

New Zealand University programmes offer excellent value for money, especially due to its relatively low cost of living.

NZ University Education programmes and degrees are based on the world’s most recognized and accredited system – the British system. Indian qualifications are well recognized for entry into NZ institutions. Students are taught in English in an English speaking environment and earn qualifications that are internationally recognized.

New Zealand has 8 government funded universities providing under graduate / post graduate, PhD programs. NZ also has popular option to study at any one of the 25 government funded poly techniques and institutes of technology. The programs are academically and vocationally focused.

Study in New Zealand
The cost of education in Universities in New Zealand is relatively low compared to other countries. The diploma programs cost is approximately 9-10lacs per annum. The under graduate programs cost is approximately 10-12 lacs and the post graduate programs is 12-14 lacs per annum.

Students can work up to 20 hours per week during program and 40 hours during Christmas and New Year vacation which is approx 6 weeks. The minimum wages paid per hour is NZ $10- 12.

The calculation would be 46 weeks x 20 hours x $12 which would be $5520 and
6 weeks x 40 hours x $ 10 which would be $2400 so roughly student can earn minimum NZ$ 7920 in a year

New Zealand welcomes students to stay back after completion of minimum one year after post graduation or minimum 2 year program to be done at Diploma level. Student can apply for graduate job search visa for a period of one year which would further lead to applying or work permit. Some of the programs highly recognized for Permanent Residency are from Engineering / Business / Computing / Health Science / Hospitality background.

To know more about Study in New Zealand, log on to www.edwiseinternational.com or contact us on 1-800-200-3678 / 08600911333.

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