Friday 1 May 2015

Australia Master of Science Program

Benefits of studying Master of Science in the Top Universities in Australia

    1. The Masters of Science program in the Faculty of Science may be undertaken in the principal areas of research offered by the faculty, including: biological sciences, chemistry, earth sciences, environmental sciences, mathematical sciences, atmospheric sciences and physics.
    2. The Master of Science degree allows students to undertake independent research that contributes to knowledge in a specific area of science over a shorter period of time than a PhD.
    3. If you are unsure whether a PhD is right for you, a Master of Science can give you the experience of what studying for a doctorate might be like, while developing your skills and earning a degree that will enhance your employment prospects.
    4. Enrolling into 2 year Masters Program of Science in AUS gives you a 2 yr. Post study work visa that allows you to gain some international exposure.

When are the Intakes?

The major intakes of Australian universities for MS courses are February and July

Which Entrance Exam to give?

Australian universities would require an IELTS / TOEFL which is an English Proficiency Test.

What are the different types of Courses under MSC that are offered in Australia?

The Master of Science course is offered in Public as well as private universities of Australia.
The different type of Msc programmes that are available in Australia are:
    1. Master of Science
    2. Masters of Applied Science
    3. Masters of Animal Science
    4. Masters of Architectural Science
    5. Masters of Archaeological Science
    6. Masters of Design Science
    7. Masters of Engineering Science
    8. Masters of Environmental Science
    9. Masters of Food Science and Technology
    10. Masters of Sports Science
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