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1. Who can opt for giving the GRE and GMAT?

Students who wish to pursue their MS or MBA can give the GRE. However, only some colleges accept GRE for MBA. The GMAT on the other hand, can be given by students who want to pursue a career in management.

2. Does the GRE and the GMAT have the same sections?

Yes, both the GRE and the GMAT have Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Writing sections, however the GMAT does have an Integrated Reasoning section, which is not included in the GRE

3. What type of questions does the GRE and GMAT have?

The Verbal part of the GRE consists of Reading Comprehension, Discrete questions and AWA. This AWA consists of two types of essays, one issue essay and one argument essay, while the Quantitative section consists of Problem Solving The Verbal section of the GMAT includes Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning and AWA. Quantitative includes Problem Solving and Data sufficiency

4. How many questions appear on the GRE and GMAT exam?

The GRE has a total of 100 questions, which is inclusive of the experimental section, however only 80 questions out of the given 100 are graded. The Verbal and Quantitative section both consist of 40 questions each. The GMAT has a total of 78 questions, verbal has 41 questions with a total of 75 minutes allotted for this section, while quantitative has 37questions with a similar time frame.

5. How is the GRE and GMAT scored?

The GRE is scored out of a total of 340, and is broken down into Verbal (170) and Quant (170) Essays are not included in this score, each essay is graded out of 6, but an average of both essays are taken.
The GMAT is scored between a range of 200-800 overall; each section is further sub-scored on a scale of 0-60. Here the Analytical Writing is scored on a total of 6.

6. How is the GRE and GMAT different?

GRE is a section adaptive test. It means if you have solved a section correctly, the next section will have a higher difficulty level. The GMAT in turn is a question adaptive test. A correct answer increases the level of difficulty for the next question, and an incorrect answer will lead to a less difficult question.

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