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Your Bachelor's/Master's Degree Via Pathway Program

March 2019
Pathway programs are recently gaining popularity due to the immense benefits they are providing to the international students. While many know the benefits of enrolling self in a Pathway Program, many are not even aware of what they are. So to start with…
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What are Pathway Programs?

These are programs/courses which are framed to help international students develop language skills and academic qualifications that prep and make them ready to start with their bachelor’s or master’s degree. Pathway Programs are generally 6-15 months long. Under these programs, the international students are taught subjects like Humanities, Liberal Arts, Business, Life Sciences, Engineering, etc. Out of many benefits, one of the most important benefits of a pathway program is that it develops strong English speaking, listening as well as reading skills of those who are weak in the language. The program helps students to communicate with their peers easily and fluently by removing the biggest barrier of language, out of their way.

Benefits of taking up a Pathway Program:

Understand the study environment and method:

Leaving your home country and landing on a foreign land to pursue higher education invites innumerable changes in one's life. One such prominent change is experienced in the education system of the new country. The education system of each country differs from that of the other. Some basic changes might include the way tests are written, class environment, class activities, etc. Hence adapting to the new system of education can take time. Pathway Programs provide you the time to adapt to the new system. One learns the new methods of studying and understanding and grasping knowledge. This helps the international students to fit in the new system.

Understand Country Culture:

By enrolling for a pathway program, students get the opportunity to understand the country culture in a formal and apt way. As you will be spending most of your time with other international students, the program will enable you and your fellow international mates to explore and understand the culture. Thus, a Pathway Program allows students to adapt to new culture, environment, surroundings, and people.

Enhance your knowledge:

Many a times, it so happens that you miss out on important knowledge required to study in the university. Pathway programs fill this gap by imparting you all the necessary knowledge. These programs majorly focus on preparing you for and teaching you all the concepts related to the field you have decided to choose as your major. Thus, the pathway programs ensure your holistic preparedness to excel in your course of bachelor’s/master’s degree.

Understand the teaching styles:

If education systems differ, the teaching styles will too. In many countries, it is not only the lecturer or professor that speaks, but the students interact too. This method is encouraged to boost student’s confidence and remove the fear of speaking openly. Most of the universities lay more stress on practical way of teaching rather than theoretical so that the students can efficiently grasp the concepts. Some universities also believe in a project/assignment intensive way of teaching students. Pathway programs introduce students to the new ways of teaching, enabling them to adapt to it. This makes it easy for the students to then study and understand what is taught in the curriculum of their bachelor's/master's program.

Gain time to choose a major:

Most of the students, even though decide to choose a major are many a times unsure. Some are even unable to decide between few best options they shortlist. When students face such dilemma, it is always beneficial to take up a pathway program. Pathway programs in most of the countries allow international students to study different courses in order to help students in making the right final decision of choosing a major. 

A Pathway Program is usually a one year long course after which the students’ bachelor's/master's program commences. Thus, enrolling yourself for a Pathway Program comes with self-developmental opportunities which are crucial to study further.
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Student Testimonials:

I have really been helped by Edwise for my entire admission process and especially for my visas. Thanks to my counselor who was cooperative. My counselor has been there for me whenever I have needed help. Thank you Edwise for everything. 

Name - Gaurang B Gandhi 
Country - UK 
University - University of Bradford
I was provided with a very good service. It provides its students all the assistance required and helps them to get a chance to go abroad and fulfill their dreams. Edwise to me was a source of accomplishing my dreams. Thank you to the entire team. 

Name - Panchal Fenam Rameshchandra 
Country - USA 
University - National University
Edwise is the place if you need any help regarding study abroad. Thanks to the entire team. It was of great help. 

Name - Parag Moliya 
Country - Canada 
University - Mohawk College

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