Wednesday 12 August 2020

Best Study Abroad Destinations


Studying abroad is one of the finest decisions a student can undertake to enhance their career prospects. Through the years, there have been an increasing number of study destinations that have come up. Therefore, students are spoilt for choice.

If you’re considering your next study destination, here’s a list of countries that you can consider.


An attractive study destination, it is known for its quality education, technology, work opportunities and flexible curriculum. The educational environment is highly sophisticated in nature, and students can pick from a range of universities. The USA is known to be home to the highest number of educational institutions. Whilst a significant number of people are of the opinion that an education in the USA is expensive in nature, it is quite the opposite. An education in the USA is known to give the highest returns on investment, since employers are highly receptive to a degree attained from the USA. This is why, a degree from the USA is highly recognized across the globe. Universities in the USA also provide financial support in the form of fee waivers, scholarships and aid, to support an international student’s educational endeavours. Lastly, the country is known for its research facilities because it offers state of the art technological facilities.


Highly internationally valued and recognized, and consistently rank highest in the world. A highly multicultural society, students from all across the world come together to share thoughts and ideas. The government continuously monitors the universities in the UK to ensure that they meet the upheld standards of education. A major pull factor of studying in the UK is the shorter course duration. Undergraduate courses in the UK last three years whilst postgraduate programs are for one year. This helps curb a significant amount of cost, that includes the tuition fees as well as living expenditure. The universities look to develop the creative and ingenuity skills of students, allowing them to become a forerunner in their field of study. Student’s confidence and other aspects of their skillsets are developed. To ensure that the most deserving students are given the opportunity to study in the UK, the government also offers scholarships and bursaries.


Known for its quality education and competitive entry requirements, a degree from Canada is highly recognized. Compared to other study destinations, an education in Canada will be more economical in nature. A recent United Nations survey has also ranked Canada as one of the best places to live in the world. Another alluring aspect of the education system in Canada is its co-op terms. Wherein students get the opportunity to practically imply their learnings in the industry. Moreover, during the duration of the course students are allowed to work part time which changes into full time during course breaks. Depending on the duration of the course, students also receive the opportunity to stay back in Canada. Study in Canada is also seen as a pathway to PR opportunities, which are easier to attain if the student is in the country itself.


High quality education, excellent living conditions, multicultural society in a nutshell best describe the cost-efficient study destination, Australia. Ranked as the best amongst the world, the shorter more intensive courses incorporate the latest developments in technology and other aspects to make sure that students are taught courses that are relevant in nature. This is why studying in Australia gives students a CRICOS code, which makes them highly sought after internationally. The fifteen years of education from India is easily accepted by Australian institutions and along with its Streamlined Visa Process, makes study in Australia an easy task. Known to be one of the friendliest countries, the locals ensure that international students have a smooth university experience.             

New Zealand

The perfect amalgamation of internationally recognized quality education and employment opportunities at an affordable rate are what describes New Zealand. Practical and modern, the education system takes certain aspects from the British education system.  A significant number of universities in New Zealand have featured in top university rankings globally. Upon the completion of the course, students are given the opportunity to search for a job, thus giving them a great opportunity to migrate.

Whilst picking your study destination, there are certain things that students should consider such as the university rankings, tuition fees, climate, job and stay back opportunities offered.

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