Wednesday 26 August 2020

Why Students Looking to Study Abroad Should not Panic


Students onboard their journey to study abroad were left in a tizzy due to the current pandemic. While it is natural to feel lost it is important to not panic. As India’s leading overseas education consultants, Edwise is the perfect place to receive up-to-date information on the current happenings in the field of overseas education. As your most trusted agency, we ensure that we provide you with a plethora of options and stepping stones in these uncertain times.

Whilst nothing can be compared to the traditional means of education, attending classes in person had its own perks. However, uncertain times call for innovative solutions, and students at their disposal have just that.

Hybrid Classes

Universities across the globe are looking at the hybrid model of education. Meaning students will be met with an amalgamation of online as well as offline classes. Not only does this ensure the safety of students but enhances certain character traits in them. Students who are expected to complete a certain proportion of their classes online can see themselves becoming more independent and committed. 

Measures Undertaken by universities

Universities throughout the world are undertaking measures to ensure that whilst the education prospects of students are not halted their health also remains a priority. Large student gathering is prohibited and students when being attending their classes on campus will be required to adhere to social distancing norms. Certain universities are also offering quarantine facilities to its students. Moreover, the curriculum has also been updated to ensure that it can be seamlessly taught through the online framework. Students are supported through all possible means of support to ensure that their education prospects continue.

What should students do

The number one question on a large number of minds is what are students expected to do. Our biggest advice to students would be to remain calm and continue making applications. With online classes being heavily advocated by universities, one must consider the same since it doesn’t halt the education prospects of students. Those students looking to make an application in 2021 are to remain optimistic since it is expected that the situation may streamline till then. A temporary hurdle is what students are met with this they are urged to make the best out of the situation. With vaccine trials being undertaken on a war footing across the globe, everyone is waiting with bated breath for good news.

Students should undertake the decision of deferring their applications carefully after weighing the impact it will have on their profile. With online classes, students will have immense time in hand to undertake ancillary activities or engage in part-time work which will help them illuminate their application.

Digital learning is going to be the future and students must get with the times and prepare for what lays ahead of them.

Entry Requirements

Taking the current situation into account, universities have undertaken several measures to ensure that the application process of students can be as seamless as possible. Duolingo is being used as a method to test the English language proficiency of students. Moreover, certain application waivers have also been put in place to ensure convenience for students. Certain universities are also offering provisional offers to students, enabling them to submit certain documents at a later stage. Some universities have gone the extra mile and are conducting internal examinations to test the English language proficiency of students. Another novel solution is that some universities are looking at the scores attained in the said subject to determine the eligibility level. It is best that the student gets in touch with us, to receive the latest updates on the specific entry requirements of a university under consideration.

With application deadline likely to get extended students are urged to keep their applications going. Certain study abroad destinations have kept their post-study work rights intact while some are still in the midst of making a decision.

However, at the end of the day whether or not you want to study abroad is a personal decision that you need to undertake after weighing all the pros and cons. Universities abroad along with the assistance of the government are undertaking all the necessary steps to ensure that the needs of international students are protected. It is expected that things will normalize soon. It would be quite detrimental to decide against studying abroad. The best you can do is wait and watch to see how the situation normalizes.

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