Thursday 24 June 2021

5 Steps to Study in UK



Looking to study in UK? But not sure where to start from? From selecting the course to study to make your student visa application, we have everything covered for you in this article.

Universities in UK are revered as one of the most prestigious across the globe and the country's multicultural milieu acts as icing on the cake. To ensure that your dream to study in UK starts on the right foot, we have complied an all-encompassing article.

Here are 5 steps you need to undertake to study in UK:


Selecting amongst universities in UK

·         Since the UK is home to a great many universities, it can become nerve-wracking to pick just one. Universities in UK offer a stupendous opportunity to students to ameliorate their skills, thus allowing them to develop to their full potential.

·         Make sure that your chosen program is best suited for you amongst the many courses in UK, not only research about the said course, but also compare it between different universities and see which is best suited to you.

·         Universities have a comprehensive website through which you can gather all the information, other than that, you can also interact with the delegates at Edwise overseas education fairs and gain assistance from our counsellors as well.


Making your Applications

·         If you are making an application for an undergraduate course in UK, your process is streamlined, since you have to do so through UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service).

·        On the other hand, since postgraduate courses in UK have varied entry requirements, their application process tends to be distinctive. For this, students have to check the individual university webpage to make applications.

Receiving an Offer

·         Through UCAS it becomes simple to track the application status through the portal, anytime. In the case of postgraduate programs, students tend to receive an email regarding their Offer Letter.

·         The Offer Letter that students receive tend to be of two kinds, one is the Unconditional Offer Letter which states that you have managed to bag a place in the course. Another kind is the Conditional Offer Letter, which means that your place in the course is subject to certain requirements which are either language proficiency or academic scores. In some cases, students are also asked to come in for an interview.



·         When you make your application, the universities in UK themselves check if you are eligible for scholarships. Other than that, you need to make arrangements for financials required during the period of study in UK.


Student Visa

·         To be able to study in UK, as an international student you will be required to attain a student visa. The immigration route for students was altered by the British government on 5th Oct’2020. The Tier 4 route is now being called the Student Route.

·        The new points-based immigration system comprises students needing to highlight that they have an offer from an approved educational institution. They should be able to support themselves financially during their study in UK and must possess adequate English language proficiency. In totality, students need to attain 70 points to be able to get a student visa.


Once you have your acceptance and other documents in order, all that you are left to do is get packing. Figure out your travel itinerary, accommodation and other COVID protocols that you need to adhere to.


To ensure that your steps to study in UK are smooth sailing, get in touch with Edwise.


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