Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Why you can still study abroad in 2021?

With the previous year being a burden on study abroad aspirants, 2021 looks on the brighter side. With positive news of vaccines and lifting of travel bands, students looking to study overseas have better prospects this year. Universities along with the support of the government are doing everything in thing in their power to restore society to normalcy. This can be witnessed from the shift from online classes to hybrid ones and even a few starting on-campus classes.

Taking into consideration the regulations in place, students find it gruesome than usual to make their study abroad applications. As study overseas education consultants, Edwise is here to ensure that your process is smooth. Our association with over 725 universities across 16 countries ensures that we bring to you the latest updates from the top universities and study destinations. Thus, if you are seeking to study abroad, don’t hold your plans and get your applications for the 2021 intake in.

The situation at Study Abroad Destinations

Whilst some countries are handling the pandemic better than others, the majority of the popular study abroad destinations are showing positive signs of recovery and are encouraging students to visit campus. Destinations like the UK and the USA are welcoming international students provided they follow the quarantine norms.

Student Visas

Revered study destinations such as the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland to name a few are issuing student visas. Whilst these are subject to certain conditions, they can be viewed as a positive sign for the times ahead.

Online Courses

If you face any travel or application concerns, students are still permitted to commence their classes online. While this isn’t the ideal form of education for most, for the time being, it is the best alternative. It would be unwise to put your study abroad plans on hold because you don’t want to attend online classes since, even in the home country and majority of students across the world are studying online. With online classes, you can ensure that your academics aren’t put on the back burner. Apart from this, attendance of online classes also comes in handy when making applications for student visas.

Attending Classes on Campus

Some study destinations are opening their campuses to students as well. The UK for instance is set to commence face-to-face teaching at some universities in Summer/Spring 2021. They also expect a full return to in-person classes by Autumn. Universities in Ireland on the other hand, are aiming to open campuses by September 2021. The autumn term at some universities in USA and universities in Canada is also expected to be in-person. These are positive signs for the times ahead and thus, students should commence their applications to study abroad in 2021 on a war footing.

Kickstart the Economy

A considerable proportion of the majority of revered study destination’s economy runs on international students. Thus, they require students to return on-campus as much as you. Thus, it comes as no surprise that universities abroad are doing everything in their power to ensure that the health of the student and their education prospect isn’t compromised.

To say the least, thus, study abroad in 2021 is an achievable prospect and simple with the aid of Edwise.



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