Monday, 12 July 2021

Covid 19 relaxations for study in UK and study in USA

With the world finally turning a new leaf in its battle against COVID 19, countries across the world are making provisions to lift restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the virus. In about to restore normalcy and allow economies to recover from the aftermath of the virus, countries like UK and USA have announced new relaxations that will come or have already come into effect for their populations. For students who have secured admission in UK, this is a big relief.

Here are country-wise relaxations that students enrolled at universities abroad can look forward to:

United Kingdom

As of July 5, 2021, the United Kingdom is sticking to its 4 Step Roadmap created to ensure a systematic unlocking of the country to help its citizens adjust to the new normal and facilitate normal life, amid rising infections in the country.

In the Step 4 section of this roadmap, premises, and establishments, like clubs, gyms, non-essential shops, etc., whose operations were curbed till Step 3, will be allowed to open and function normally.

People will be allowed to meet and interact socially without the limitation on the number of individuals and households. However, they are encouraged to meet in outdoor settings rather than indoors

While social distancing is not imposed, people are advised to maintain a 1-meter distance among themselves in public and avoid crowding.

While wearing masks is not mandatory, the decision to wear masks is left to the individuals.

While vaccinations abroad have been ramped up, the people are encouraged to take their jabs whenever it is made available to them. International students enrolled to study courses in UK and have not been vaccinated can receive their jabs on campus by registering on the NHS app.

Students will also be welcomed to study their courses in UK on-campus in face-to-face classes and lectures.

United States of America

As cases in the USA see a downward trend and the vaccination drive continue to vaccinate a large population of the country, it was announced that from June 2021, the compulsory mask mandate will be lifted in the USA along with the indoor mask mandate.

Many states across the country have announced that they will be relaxing other curbs imposed to control the virus. New York will be removing its midnight curfew and will allow establishments to remain open at night. In Massachusetts, all business-related restrictions will be done away with, which will allow businesses to function at their full capacity. This will help students, during their study abroad at US colleges and universities, to find part-time employment during term time.

Gatherings will not see a curb, and restaurants and dining establishments will also be reopened to the public. Social distancing and wearing of masks in public will be recommendations to the general public but not imposed upon.

The country has not made it mandatory for students traveling to the USA, for their courses abroad to be fully vaccinated, but however, it is has given autonomy to universities abroad to mandate the same for their students. Students can also receive their vaccination jabs on campus, mostly free of cost.

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