Wednesday 8 September 2021

Documents Required for Overseas Education

Upon one's decision to pursue their higher education in the country and university of their choice, one is required to submit a number of documents as required by the Admission Committee for the said course. Failure on the part of the student in submitting these documents can result in one's admission being rejected. The documents required during the admission process having utmost importance are as follows: 1. Application Form from universities/colleges • Pre- required form applicable to the university or college that a student is applying to. • Contains all your personal and professional information and therefore, it is the most crucial document. • The student is required to fill the application form very carefully and provide all the correct information. • One should always double check the information provided before submitting the form. • The information needs to be typed in before forwarding it to the concerned college/ university. 2. Educational transcripts • Along with the application form, one needs to submit all the past education records. • Educational certificates- academic record is the same as the consolidated mark sheets that students receive in India. • One can obtain the same easily from one's respective university. This document includes all the courses you have opted for along with the grades obtained, credits received and your degree. • Students wishing to pursue postgraduate programs should submit their Senior Secondary Certificate(SSC), Higher Secondary Certificate(HSC) and the Graduation Degree Certificate, along with the required marksheets. 3. Test Scores • One needs to appear for the following tests upon one's decision to study abroad viz. IELTS, GMAT, PTE, GRE, SAT or TOEFL etc. • Majority of the universities require you to submit the English language proficiency test scores like the IELTS or TOEFL exam scores as this is a medium by which universities can obtain information about your ability's to speak, read and write in English besides your ability to converse in the language. • These examination scores vary across universities. • Depending on the country and university of your choice, one may have to appear for other standardized tests like GRE or SAT. • These test scores will greatly determine one's chances to obtain admission into the university/college of their choice. Therefore, students are required to submit their test scores along with the application. • The test certificate, having validity, one is required to apply to their preferred college or university within the time period. 4. Curriculum Vitae • One of the most important documents containing information about your educational background, internships, work experience, degrees, extracurricular activities, skills etc. • One of the most important documents to be submitted. • This document is used to secure a new job as well as to seek admission. • Curriculum vitae or Resume provides an all-round insight into the academic and professional profile of students. • The presentation skills as well as the way in which one performs during interaction over a video conference call is taken into consideration by the university or college. Based on the resume provided by the applicant, this discussion takes place. 5. Statement of Purpose • The most crucial document of one's application. • Statement of Purpose is a brief essay written by the student that describes their background, the reason as to why they wish to pursue the course, their preferred university of interest and their future prospects. • The university wants to know the reason why the student has chosen their campus to study the said program. • To make your application stand out among the rest, one should invest a lot of time in writing the essay. • The SOP is used as a measuring rod to evaluate the capabilities of a deserving student in terms of aims, critical thinking, interests, analytical abilities and future goals. • Known by various names viz. "Letter of Intention", "Statement of Intent", "Goals Statement", "Personal Statement", "Statement of Interest", "Application Essay", etc. • Each university prescribes its own regulations to accept SOP Form, but generally, majority of the universities accept 1–2 pages of SOP. The SOP, however, should be crisp, short and ideologically clear. 6. Photo Identity and Passport size photos • Photo identity documents include Driving License, PAN card or Voter's ID. • These documents are required for the purpose of identification as well as the proof of residence. • In terms of photo, students are required to send a clear picture with the specific background as asked by the college/university. All instructions given by the institute, should be adhered to. 7. Work Experience Certificate • One's relevant work experience certificates, if any, have to be submitted. • This plays a key role in making the student understand the program better and the experience acquired, adds more value. • One wising to pursue MBA, should submit their work experience details along with the required documents. • The work experience documents include:  1. Latest Joining Letter  2. Latest Salary Slip  3. Employment Certificates from previous Employers or Companies   8. Letter of Recommendation • Also known as a Reference Letter, written by someone else i.e. one's Professor or Manager, as requested by the person wherein the writer assesses the characteristics, skills, experience and qualities of the person he/she is recommending based on the individual's ability to perform a given function/ task. • The writer also testifies the character and contribution made by the individual in his/her college or professional organization. • The Letter of Recommendation relates to admissions to higher education institutes, employment or scholarship eligibility. • Through the Letter of Recommendation, the Admission Committee is provided with an insight into the individual's life and can decide one's admission accordingly. 9. Travel and Financial Documents • The student should possess a valid passport and study visa in order to travel to their preferred destination. • One should also show proof of funds stating that he/she is capable of taking care of himself/herself in case of any unforeseen circumstances. • A few of these documents are required to be sent within the given time period as put forth by the college or university. For further assistance or queries students can contact us, Edwise International, and avail for our wide range of services for students on destinations like Universities in Ireland, study in Ireland, study in UK, study in USA, study in Canada, study in Australia, study in New-Zealand, study in Singapore and many other countries.

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